February 6, 2012

The Amazing Race 20 Pre-Show Winner Prediction

2/06/2012 Posted by Mel Got Served , No comments
Whoa- it's the 20th season of The Amazing Race? That's pretty amazing. I commend the show for lasting this long but truth be told, I'm not totally excited (starts Sunday, February 12th at 8pm EST). While I think the cast isn't terrible, none seem like incredible racers. The show itself is static and stale and I want to be optimistic and excited for the new season but I just know the race will be the same shizz as usual. But I'll at least try to invest myself by making my usual pre-show winner prediction.


Nary and Jamie will win The Amazing Race 20

I was seriously close to picking sisters Misa and Maiya only because I loved their different take on the generic team photo. I actually think they could do well too but I felt their ages may be an eventual hindrance (do the young'ns ever win?) I know Brendon and Rachel of Big Brother will be tough competition and I expect a lot of people to predict their victory, but I think butting heads might be their downfall. While they were never even a consideration for me, I give a shout-out to Joey and Danny for best how they met backstory: in a Jersey Shore club dance battle. But in the end, I decided to pick Nary and Jamie, the federal agents, as my predicted winners. I think based on their occupation they should be physically tough and smart. They seem level headed and not like Bickersons and they aren't too old or too young. I also feel like a woman team has a high possibly of winning this season.

Who do you think will win The Amazing Race? Leave your prediction in the comments. Get it right and you'll get a shout-out at the end of the season.

Photo Credit: CBS