February 6, 2012

Reality Rundown: Pancakes for Peewee

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The Biggest LoserTop Chef: Texas

The Biggest Loser - After voting out that rando lady last week, the night continues with the two teams meeting Alison in the gym. Alison brings in the brother/sister aqua team, Adrian and Daphne, that didn't make it on campus but worked out at home for a chance to return a month later. Together, the aqua team needs to lose 50lbs to re-enter the game. Daphne gets on the scale and loses 26lbs; her brother Adrian loses 34lbs. Both siblings want to train with Bob and rock-paper-scissors to choose the trainer because they didn't want to debate. Daphne ends up on Bob's black team, Adrian to red, and both of them have immunity this week. Welcome to the ranch. Prepare for the wrath of this group of a-holes and by that I mean Dolvett's team of miserable shitheads.

I wish the red team weren't such turds because Adrian's backstory (his child was born pre-mature and died, which led to him gaining weight) in heartbreaking and he needs this experience. Adrian and Daphne are thrust into the true Biggest Loser workouts and as painful they may be, they are happy to be on the ranch but worry about their outsider position. Cue the red team talking shit about Adrian in the kitchen, saying Adrian has said things that tick them off. My guess is that it's because Conda and Kim are nasty bitches.

The teams are escorted in vans to the beach for a challenge. The challenge is to bounce medicine balls off a trampoline to the other side of a wall which then goes into a team bin; the balls and different points and the team that makes 100pts first wins. The winning team gets to pick one player from each team whose weight will not count at the weigh-in. Not only are medicine balls hard to bounce, but running back and forth in the sand is exhausting. The red team wins the challenge but not all is well. Back at the ranch, there's a team meeting about certain people being assholes. It's so dramatic that Dolvett gets involved.

At the weigh-in, the red team decides Megan from the black team and Nancy of the red team will sit out of the weigh-in. Megan has a big week (9lbs) so the red team chose wisely; red's Nancy doesn't drop big numbers but gets below the 200lb mark. New-to-campus Daphne is a huge disappointment with only 1lb lost; the black team is not pleased. It's a mediocre night for the black team with team loss of 1.72%. Adrian's first impression on campus is only a 2lb loss, which is bad since he's a big dude too. Adrian and his sister insist that the change in diet affected their weight loss. The red team must lose 32lbs to defeat the black team and it comes down to big mouth Conda; her 2lbs fails the team.

Adrian is immune, much to some of his team's chagrin, and Kim has the highest weight loss so she's safe too. In the team talk, Adrian tries to apologize but he's accused of playing the game (throwing the weigh-in). I guess in case they want to torture Adrian (AND ME) they keep Conda around and vote out Nancy. Adrian wins himself no fans when he claims voting Nancy out is "playing the game" (no, that's what your Mark vote is) and the team is offended because they've bonded with Nancy and are sad to vote her out. Nancy interjects and tells him he's ruining the moment.

Top Chef: Texas - In the kitchen are tons of stacks of pancakes- it's like Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs. Into the kitchen rides Pee Wee Herman on a bicycle, tooting the horn; he is the judge. The cheftestants have twenty minutes to make an inventive pancake. Sarah immediately wins me over when she makes funfetti pancakes because that's what I shouted when Padma told them to get creative. The winner of the Quickfire (and $5k) is Ed for making the best pancake Peewee's ever had which is pancake bits with fruit and bruleed marshmallows. I want to eat it.

The Elimination Challenge is to make a family style lunch for Peewee and the judges. Easy right? No twist galore: they'll be give a bike, a map to the Alamo and money and they need to buy food and find a kitchen to cook in on their own. So you can't just have them chill in a normal kitchen and make some sort of childish, delightful food? No, ok, let's let this dumb bike thing happen. It's pretty awkward seeing them begging random restaurant owners to use their kitchens. Conflict arises when Lindsay finds a kitchen, leaves to get more food, and comes back to see that Sarah has claimed that kitchen.

Sarah makes a summer vegetable egg salad and the judges think the eggs were perfectly cooked, though a little under-seasoned. Lindsay makes a stuffed zuccini and there may be too much goat cheese. Ed make grits and gravy but the chicken has a weird, almost undercooked texture. Grayson makes chicken stuffed with spinach and egg yolk but the fresh salad stuff doesn't work. Paul's red curry gastrique is good with a combination of heat and sweet on the roasted chicken. Lindsay wins the challenge, with Paul close behind her. Packing up the knives this week is Grayson because her portion was gigantic and her butternut squash and tomato combo doesn't go. The final four cheers but Padma calls them back to the judge's table to announce that someone is returning by being the victor of Last Chance Kitchen aka Redemption Island. So who is back next week: Beverly or Grayson? Don't know, don't care!