April 29, 2012

Reality Rundown: Pig > Survivor Castaways

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The Amazing RaceSurvivor: One World

The Amazing Race - Six hours before departure time, my beloved Bopper gets examined by a doctor after twisting his knee. He is given a leg brace and thankfully Bopper and Mark aren't out of this race.

Teams fly 2,900 miles from Tanzania to India early in the morning, making reservations at travel agents in the wee hours of the night. The only interesting part of this is Art & JJ coming face-to-face with Dave & Rachel, who they feel betrayed by because of the U-Turn pact. And nothing happens except ignoring each other. Vanessa & Ralph arrive a smidge earlier than the other teams, but it's nothing at all once everyone lands right after basically. Teams hop on buses to get to the next clue, which is just a honkfest through Indian traffic. Mark gets carsickness sans vomit, but with a barf bag on hand.

The first clue is a Road Block where one racer from the team will need to learn a choreographed Bollywood dance. Jai ho! Rachel, Vanessa, JJ, and Mark all do the dance, though Bopper/Mark start a bit behind the other teams. Tough day for them, for sure. Motion sickness and a bum leg. Blonde Rachel nails the dance on her first attempt, but most others require a couple takes to get it right. Of course, Big Brother Rachel throws a fit when she isn't perfect on her second try. These multiple attempts allow Mark to get back into the race, but it's really hot out and he's sweating like a mofo. Mark really struggles to get the dance, breaking my heart because I love him, but Bopper's an amazing teammate cheering him on and every telling him to forget about the money.

The next clue is a Detour to play cricket or learn to drive a rickshaw. I've wanted to drive a three-wheeled vehicle ever since my days of playing Cruisin' World on N64 so I'd totally opt for the rickshaw. Well ahead of the other teams, Dave and Rachel drive the rickshaw and check into the Pit Stop first. They win a trip to St. Lucia. Next to check-in are Brenchel and Art & JJ, who did the cricket task. Then Vanessa and Ralph check in. Bopper and Mark are still at the Road Block and Mark insists he can get it, but Bopper wants to keep their friendship in tact and says it's OK for them to stop now. Mark quits the task, but Bopper encourages Mark after a long rest to finish up. This break clears Mark's head and he finishes the dance- yay! And all the back-up dancers cheer and hug, oh it's so wonderful. Bopper and Mark make an emotional landing on the mat, expressing their emotions, and the best news ever: it's a non-elimination leg. OMG I have never been so happy.

Survivor: One World - The episode starts off with a Reward Challenge, which is a majority rules trivia challenge to knock out the other survivors. The best part is seeing an effigy of the survivors buuuuurning. The winner gets an island picnic and a helicopter (!!!) ride, which is worth it. The challenge itself is quite revealing: the majority says Christina doesn't deserve to still be in the game, Kim is trusted, Kat unanimously needs a wake up call to life, and Troyzan is a poseur. Kim wins the reward and brings Alicia and Chelsea along with her for the reward, betraying Kat.

As the three stuff their faces on their reward, they realize the tides could turn because Kat and Christina got fucked in that challenge. Sure enough, back at camp Kat is pissed and Troyzan tries to explain to Kat hunger meant nothing; it was a sign of loyalty. Kat is too dense to comprehend this, but Troyzan is 100% correct. Sabrina asks Troy what his big plan would be, actually using this a way to gauge who would jump ship and it's Christina who is game for a flip. Kim returns and her first task is to smooth things over with a pissed off Kat. They make sorta amends. Oh and then a wild pig invades camp and they chase after it with a rope at ax, mouths watering at the prospect of bacon. They fail to capture the pig but the pig still sticks around camp, straight chillin'.

The Immunity Challenge is to go across a Slip 'N Slide and play ring toss head-to-head, pretty much. Troyzan gets knocked out and the women go crazy with joy; Troyzan stares bitterly at the ocean. Everyone gets lubed up and slides and waddles to advance to the final round. Kim defeats her bestire Chelsea and wins immunity, which is a good call in case a mutiny did happen.

Troyzan is disappointed in his loss but convinces himself to stay strong because it might not be all over, afterall they'll probably split the vote thinking he has an idol. He's right on: Kim proposes everyone vote for Troy, but two people will vote for Christina just in case. Sabrina tells Christina what is happening so that she's not completely shocked come Tribal. Christina is OK with her name going down, but also wary of the girls so discusses with Troyzan the prospect of voting off Chelsea, then stupidly tells Troyzan that she's the other name being written down tonight. If Troyzan can get one more person to write down Christina, it could change it up.

Tribal Council time. Probst asks if there's talk about who are members five and six on the lady totem pole. Christina is too dense to ever get that she's not part of any of the future numbers. Alicia laughs when Christina says she's still in the game because she's lucky. Troyzan keeps spittin' the truth about the ladies and the fact that their are deeper alliances are deals. Discussions go back to Troyzan's post-reward challenge comments because again, Kat can't see past the first level of obvious. The votes are cast and after one vote for Chelsea, three in a row pour out for Troy, but he's not phased. Suddenly, it's a bombarding of Christina votes, but it's just not enough. Troyzan gets the last vote, whispers to Kat "Do it," and then gets his torch snuffed.

April 22, 2012

Reality Rundown: Auction Time!!!

The Amazing RaceSurvivor: One World

The Amazing Race - The teams drive on a safari through the Ngorongoro Crater all the way to Safari Junction. The interesting news is that a Double U-Turn is ahead so Brenchel beware because Dave/Rachel and Art/JJ made a pact weeks ago to U-Turn Team Big Brother. But the safari ride is gorgeous and I'm so jeal. It's the rare time most of these racers have personalities and seem likable, but the safari it short-lived and asshole time is back.

In Safari Junction they need to find Hilary Clington (a shopping cart) to retrieve their next clue, the Detour. Vanessa and Ralph, never the cleverest, cannot find the Hilary Clington sign and get into their usual kerfluffle that no one cares about. The teams have a choice of filling and supplying water or repair a bicycle's tire using their procedure. Most of the teams go right to the bike tires. Art/JJ choose to fill the water but are startled when they see how long the water fill-up line is. They agree to stay and wait (impatiently) and they get perspective of what these people have to do everyday just to get water. Hey, at least they're not hours behind like Nary and Jamie.

Bopper and Mark finish the bikes first and make their way by foot to the next clue at a pub. The ominous Double U-Turn kiosk is there; Bopper and Mark decline to use it. Dave and Rachel, despite their earlier agreement with Art/JJ, also decide to not use the U-Turn. BOOOO. Art and JJ finish their water and U-Turn Brendon and Rachel and hope that when Dave and Rachel arrive they'll U-Turn the "teachers." Oh they will not be pleased. Brenchel discover they've been U-Turned so they U-Turn Vanessa and Ralph in turn. I don't think it's fair that a team that has been U-Turned can then U-Turn someone else back. At the same times, it doesn't fucking matter since Nary and Jamie are hours behind, kinda catch up, and still have to do a Speed Bump (set up an art stand).

The next task is a Roadblock for one team member to put on a bee suit and harvest honey from a swarming hive. Bees are my legit spirit animal based on name interpretation so bring it. Mark and Bopper were able to pass Dave and Rachel in the cabs, getting their through the Roadblock first. Despite a bad knee, Bopper and Mark check in as team #1 and win a trip to Hawaii. Art and JJ check in third and are pissed and feel betrayed that Dave and Rachel broke the U-Turn pact. Brenchel are fourth, Vanessa/Ralph fifth, and Nary and Jamie check obviously check in last and my pick to win is null. Meh, whatever. Bopper and Mark FTW.

Survivor: One World - Troyzan is bummin' after the vote and confronts Christina for where her voting allegiance lays. Alicia jumps in to half defend Christina and half to shut Troyzan up. He later bitches that he shouldn't be eliminated before four other horrible lazy messes (Tarzan, Leif, Alicia, Christina, obvs). Chelsea urges Troyzan to take it like a man and don't be a whiny bitch about it. Troyzan vs. the One World.

After seasons, NO YEARS, unseen, my most favorite thing ever returns to Survivor this week: the auction!!. Everyone is given $500, bids in increments of $20, and no money pooling or sharing. Because I love it so much, I am giving it major coverage. First item: donuts and iced coffee. GIVE ME NOW. Chelsea wins it for $160. Sabrina buys chips, guacamole, and margaritas for $400. A boring ass protein shake is sold to Leif for $100; I guess it's something. Kim spends $40 to shower in front of all her tribemates. A BLT and iced tea is sold to Cat for $180 and god, I am getting sooo hungry. A bowl of peanut butter and chocolate is apparently a favorite (I say NEXT) and Kim wins it because Alicia's a dumbass who won't spend free fucking money. Alicia instead uses her full $500 bank to get a letter from her dad. Alicia's letter and tears inspires Tarzan to cash in on the letter from home for himself too. Looks like his at-home car repair isn't as important. Troyzan moans about being alone more and gets in a bidding war with Christina (edged on by the women) to win an advantage in the next challenge. Cat spends $160 on a hidden mystery item which is revealed to be a whole fucking cake to share with the entire tribe and it has to be consumed in 60 seconds. GROSSOUT BINGEFEST.

Troyzan's advantage is that he automatically moves to the second round of the immunity challenge. The women, pissed that Christina didn't outbid Troyzan for the advantage, go idol spying on Troy; he pretends he has it. The immunity challenge is a rehash of prior challengs this season: untangle roapes, everyone's favorite backyard game coconut trampoline bounce, and then slingshot coconut tile break. It's a battle of shitty jungle themed nicknames in the end: Tarzan vs. Troyzan. Because you should never openly target someone because it'll backfire, Troyzan wins immunity.

Back at camp even Tarzan is like Troyzan stop actin' a fool and calm down. The women are wrapping about their next step and fretting that Troyzan could have an immunity idol in-hand too. Tarzan and Leif are the obvious choices for elimination; Troyzan wants to pitch to Tarzan, Leif, Christina and Alicia to vote off uber-strong Kim. Oh and there's a weird moment of Tarzan washing Leif's face in the ocean, like father/son bonding moment looking stuff. Awk-ward!

Tribal time! Troyzan's victory smugness is the jump-off point. I honestly can't keep track of what happens but it's Sabrina talking, Troyzan yelling, bickering. Oy, just vote. Troyzan makes sure to explain that anyone from that jumbled Manano is gone and it takes Kim being eliminated. Kim brings up a valid point which is everyone making assumptions of where loyalties lie. Alicia's struggle is when to make her move and pick a final side. What's going to happen, ahhh!! The women split up their votes in case of an idol, and it's Leif who gets snuffed.

April 15, 2012

Reality Rundown: Wing Ding

The Amazing RaceSurvivor: One World

The Amazing Race - This week is an exciting destination: Kilimanjaro, Tanzania! I guess that beats the ride at Disney's Animal Kingdom. The other teams are tired of Team Big Brother, who doesn't do anything themselves and relies on following other teams, so having Rachel hover over Art & JJ while working with a travel agent doesn't help. Art & JJ reveal to Brenchel and Mark/Bopper that Nary and Jamie aren't teachers based on their knowledge of cop stuff. On the layover, Brendon starts shoving to get ahead and throws a middle finger up at Ralph because Brendon is so superior to everyone. This gives Brenchel another reason to argue with the other teams. Vanessa wins everything when Rachel says "Aren't you 38?" and Vanessa retorts, "Yes I'm 38 and somehow I still look better than you" and advises Rachel to get a nosejob. CUE THE ZINGBOT!!! And since everyone is testy, Art and JJ decide to keep the fun going and confront the ladies about their true occupation; they stick to the kindergarten teacher lie.

After so much airport coverage, the teams finally get to Tanzania to drive to another airstrip to get on one of three charter flights. The charter flight is stunning, showing the hills, mountains, animals, and even a volcano. I want to go there. The teams get off their charter flight to pick up a safari vehicle to drive to their next destination (they need to ask locals for directions to guide their driver). Shocker, Brenchel tell their driver to follow Art and JJ's car. The clue is a Detour, which all teams must bike to: master a Masai weapon for marksmanship or perform a courtship jumping ritual which is just to jump for a minute non-stop. Is it that hard to jump that long?? Brenchel have one redeeming moment and advise Mark and Bopper to do courtship as they are leaving. Anything that gets Mark and Bopper ahead is OK with me. Oh yeah, Vanessa can't ride a bike and turns into a wreck.

Dave and Rachel, who were in third, are able to get to the next clue first which is to unload a truck and set-up their campsite. Once the camp site it complete, they can check into the nearby Pit Stop. Seems Art/JJ and Brenchel took a wrong turn somewhere, though Art and JJ are waaaaay off whereas Brenchel just a little behind. Assembling camp is kinda tricky too and guess what? So boring to watch. Fast forward. Dave and Rachel check is first and win a trip to Costa Rica. My boys Bopper and Mark are team #2- yesss. Nary and Jamie are exhausted and hungry, allowing Vanessa and Ralph a chance to catch up and surpass them. Nary and Jamie are the last team to check-in and because they know this, they take a moment to pull over their car to see a herd of elephants. The good news for Nary and Jamie is that it is a non-elimination leg so spending all those hours putting up a campsite is not a total waste.

Survivor: One World - Troyzan and Tarzan meet to discuss the inevitability of them getting picked off by the women. All they need is an immunity idol and Christina to flip to the guys. Troyzan reminds us he has an idol and he'll play it if things get weird with Kim and Chelsea.

The reward challenge is one of the do-it-yourself challenges that they haven't done in forever. In teams they'll throw some tennis balls on strings to wrap around numbered bars to earn points. The winning team gets escorted via boat for a barbeque fest. The winners are Jay, Alicia, Kat, Troyzan and Tarza, who gives us to get a speedo victory dance. They get in the boat, get crunk on rum, and head to an island for some BBQ. At the BBQ, Jay and Kat talk and he admits he didn't want to send Mike home and wishes they stuck with Salani as originally planned.

Back at the beach, Kim and Chelsea chat and the next target will be Jay or maybe Troy. Kim hopes that she can keep pulling the strings while laying low and being forgettable, getting her to the end and leading to victory. Alicia and Kat are there too and while Chelsea is having a guilt trip, Alicia tells her to drop the emotions. Kat scurries off to tell Sabrina, who can't believe there could be a crack when they need to stay strong. Jay and Troyzan chat and they think the women need to pick off a woman to prove they are still a team; they want Alicia out. Jay wants to trust Troy, Chelsea and Kim til the end. Because they are dumb and can't take signals. Jay asks Kat to come into their fold to have five, but she's hesitant to follow her heart and she needs to use her brain and asks for confirmation. That's right: Kat is making sense while usually-smart Chelsea is getting all sentimental. WTF. Jay and Troy keep being gullible and think the girls won't betray them and will out Alicia- HA!

Immunity challenge! It's a classic endurance challenge: stand on a little perch with their arm above their head, attached to a big ass water bucket. Drop your arm, water falls, you're out. Oh and Jeff will offer temptations to quit- yesss! Tarzan drops out before Probst can even start the challenge because he quits. Christina drops just as Probst was going to give out cookies; Sabrina drops out for the milk and cookies. For cupcakes, Kim and Kat step down. Sight unseen, Alicia drops off for the food under the basket and claims it's all for Chelsea. It's a bowl of candy. Bitch, ya just ate. That leaves Chelsea, Leif, Jay, and Troyzan fighting for immunity. Troyzan falls off on his own and Jay steps off for wings and beer, eventhough he doesn't drink. He's a damn idiot for thinking his "alliance" has got his back. The things we do for waaaaangs. To tempt the final two down, Probst offers burgers and beer. Chelsea doesn't care, even if she's starving, because she wants to redeem herself. Leif steps down for Chelsea and share his grub with Chelsea.

To be ready for an idol in play, the women prepare to split the votes between Jay and Troy; the target is Troy. Troy and Jay begin to realize they could be in trouble, so he admits he has an idol and gets Tarzan and Christina together to talk. Jay tells Kim that Troy is going to play that idol and she's his target. Kim doesn't have time to scramble to re-arrange her votes. WTF is going to happen?

Tribal time! Only three people admit feeling worried about their game status this fine evening. Who has idols is a topic of discussion as everyone is speculating. Alicia notes that Troyzan is rocking a new pair of shorts, potentially idol holding shorts. Tarzan believes his alliance will come out strong tonight should they keep their word. Voting time! When asked if anyone has an immunity idol, Troy decides to not be a dumb moron like other seasons and plays it. Two votes for Troy are read and null, then votes come for Kim, Jay, and Alicia. Thanks to the women's vote split, Jay is voted off and none too pleased.

April 9, 2012

Reality Rundown: 7UP Yours

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Survivor: One World - In tree mail holds a message in a bottle but not just any bottle: a 7 Up bottle. It's a clue to their Reward Challenge which has two big ass water slides to slide down, retrieve puzzle crates from the ocean, and the assemble said puzzle crates. The reward is a 7 Up oasis, being swept away for a BBQ of steak, lemon meringue and key lime pie (oh I see what you did there), and all the 7 Up they can vomit up. The slide is pretty kick-ass, really whipping the survivors down and into the sand. Blurred asscracks everywhere. The winning team is the slow and steady yellow team, not the green team who was so close. Yellow and green teams? Oh I see what you did there.

So Sabrina, Kim, Christina, Leif, and Michael chant "BBQ!!" in victory, pissing off the other team. But fuck them because their Oasis has food, comfy chairs, and a pool. While the men pig out, Sabrina and Kim chat and decide they need to axe all the men. Pretend the revised Salani still exists, but take out Mike to make it 6-4. This could be a huge move so obviously someone will ruin it. Cue Kat to say to the losers that Mike would be a good choice to go after it's expressed that Christina would be an ideal next elimination.

While the losers get to suck down some extra 7 Up the winners brought back, the weather turns to shit. The men decide to fortify the shelter but that moron Tarzan decides to take a chunk for the shelter to make firewood. Tarzan insists it wasn't from the wall and gets into it with Chelsea. Tarzan wonders if Chelsea hates him because he's a plastic surgeon and she had a bad experience with a plastic surgeon. Uhhhhh. Everyone hates Tarzan but he'll stick around a long time because he is such the easiest person to defeat. Kim continues to be a master strategist, telling Troyzan that Mike was telling everyone Troyzan will be a lock to win. LIE and Troyzan laps it all up. Goddamn Kim, I'm regretting not making you my pick to win.

The Immunity Challenge is, you guessed it, a puzzle! Cross a ladder bridge to retrieve puzzle pieces attached to a rope; the first four finishes go into the final round to piece together said puzzle. The top four are Kim, Jay, Troyzan and Alicia (whose boobs fall out during part one). The puzzle is actually pretty insane as it's a 60 piece puzzle that will lay flat in the end. Thanks to the pieces needing to be flat in the end, there's a bunch of errors where it seems won and done but it's not. This allows a dead last Jay, the tortoise, to come from behind and win. I'll say it: I didn't think this dummy would ever solve a puzzle. Jay has proved me wrong and pre-show I thought he'd be goddamn terrible but I really like him now.

Time to start the shit show at the Tikiano beach (I only just noticed their merged tribe name tonight). Jay thinks since Jonas was eliminated last time, it would be fair to eliminate a girl and even out the numbers. Kim continues her awesomeness by warning Troyzan she wouldn't be surprised if Mike tried to pull a fast one and vote out Troyzan tonight. God she is awesome. Kim knows there is only one way this could fail: Jay discovering the plan. And sure enough, Chelsea fucks it up by asking what Jay thought about eliminating Mike, right in front of Alicia and Christina - not members of the jumbled Salani alliance. Damage control time to make sure Mike doesn't find out and blow up. Before Jay can even tell Mike what Chelsea said, Kim pipes up, "Christina!" Kim is torn because tonight is a crucial point of no return as this will cause a shitshow against the remaining men, someone of which think they are safe.

Tribal Council time and I can't waaaaait! Probst brings up blindsides and everyone says they'd be completely surprised and no one even brought their bags. Kim says that some people think they are in alliances that they are no longer in, but since Kim is in two alliances who does she mean? Tonight's theme is where does loyalty lie in the tribe and we won't know until those votes are read. Oh and there's more Tarzan craziness spewing from his mouth. 2 votes for Christina, 2 votes for Tarzan, and then the Mike votes come pouring out. Mike is totally blind-sided and becomes the second member of the jury.

April 1, 2012

Reality Rundown: Oil Me Up!

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The Amazing RaceSurvivor: One World

The Amazing Race - Art & JJ are the first to depart at 8:48am to fly to Baku, Azerbaijan. Uhh, where? On the edge of the Caspian sea, once part of the Soviet Union apparently. Everyone gets on the same flight- not surprising.

Teams get off the planes and head to a temple with fire dancing and like horns and drums. My god, it's such a migraine inducer watching it, let alone being there live. The clue is a Fast Forward. The Fast Forward is to unload and stack bales of hay in a specific way. For once, several teams chase after it (Dave/Rachel, Jersey boys) so it's a matter of who finishes first to get the Fast Forward. It's Dave and Rachel who win the Fast Forward, meaning the Jersey boys wasted a bunch of time and are in last place, but more ticked they lost to a girl.

Most, however, take the Route Marker to continue on with the race. The next clue is a Roadblock requiring one team member to escape from an underwater helicopter. HREAM!! Less sexy than a Bachelor date, but I'll take it with the potential element of death. It's a pretty insane task, being submerged and then having to push their way out underwater and it rolls around. Afterwards, teams head to old town Baku to find their next clue at a carpet shop. This clue is, of course, the Detour. Teams need to search an old Soviet car full of apples for one apple with a race flag or creepily wash a local from an oil bath. Because these people bathe in oil. Ew. I don't know if the oil or unibrow is grosser. The obvious choice is to humiliate yourself because it's faster, but Nary/Jamie, Vanessa/Ralph, and the Jersey boys still some opt for the apples thinking it's faster.

Rachel and Dave check into the Pit Stop first and win two Ford Tauruses. Art and JJ are team #2 which really means they are still dominating if it weren't for a Fast Forward. They really are the team to beat. The Jersey guys, already behind, seem to be doomed by choosing apples but do it quickly. Meanwhile, the magic of editing makes it appear that Vanessa and Ralph might be screwed by a bad cabbie. Alas, it's Joey "Fitness" and Danny who are the last team to arrive and get eliminated.

Survivor: One World - The newly merged tribe celebrates but getting crunk. More importantly: opening credits are back!

The group is split back into two tribes for the Reward Challenge, an obstacle course and puzzle. You know, the same old shit. But the puzzle is of a sea turtle and the prize is pizza, beer, and a secret note. I hope it's a love note from Probst. It's a very close competition, with both tribes starting the puzzle at the exact same time. The orange tribe wins the pizza and beer (that's Christina, Troy, Sabrina, Jay, Chelsea, and Alicia). As for that note, of course it's a tip-off that there's a new hidden immunity idol on the beach. While everyone sleeps in, Troy(zan) shoves his arm into some trees and finds the immunity idol.

Despite being merged, the newer version of Salani wants to finish the rewards they won by themselves and not share them with Manano. Tarzan is basically the big annoyance, but he's playing the game and wants to get the guys back together plus Alicia. Michael's not into it, but says yes, and later tells this to Jonas. Jonas had no idea about this plan and is pissed that Tarzan pulled this dick move. Jonas is smart enough to know you don't give Michael two days notice, you tell him right before the vote because now Michael will tell the women. Jonas and Tarzan get into an argument and Tarzan says he is dropping his allegiance from the tribe. It's hard to watch this argument because Tarzan in a speedo is so awkward.

In the first individual immunity challenge, the survivors have to stand on a perch while balancing balls on a wooden disc. Tarzan is the first out and I can only hope he will be the first victim of a merged tribe vote. As survivors drop out, the final two competing are Kat and Troyzan. Kat is really steady but she steps off the perch, giving Troyzan the individual immunity idol. And slowly Troyzan is becoming a player I like.

The jumbled Salani decides to stick together and the question becomes who from Manano goes first? Jonas is considered the strongest Manano tribemember, so he's the target to go. Troyzan isn't too keen on voting off Jonas since he's a provider of food, because Troyzan still uses the season two logic to the game I guess. Jonas is shocked with Troyzan fills him in and with his tail between his legs, apologizes to Tarzan. So desperate! The men's vote will go towards Kat for being annoying and not much of a contributor. And then during laundry time Tarzan offers up that speedo and it's got "dirt" in the butt area. Ewww. He doesn't want to follow the rules of ocean rinse then to the laundry pot boil. Tarzan's annoyingness turns the target discussion around and now Salani wonders if they should dump the useless.

Tribal time and I have no idea what's going to happen. Jonas gets upset immediately for being considering a strong target so throws Mike under the bus and announces he'll vote for Mike tonight. Tarzan pipes in that he is against what Jonas just did, is sick of Jonas, recommends voting Jonas out. Tarzan explains that out of his element (the operating room) he knows he's awkward. Tribal evolves into a useful vs. useless discussion and who knows how the hell these people are voting. I think what I love most is that Tarzan said he'll vote off Jonas, yet Jonas still votes for Mike - not the guy openly gunning for him! Jonas is voted off and tells Tarzan "no hard feelings." Tarzan's reply "hard feelings to you."