April 1, 2012

Reality Rundown: Oil Me Up!

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The Amazing RaceSurvivor: One World

The Amazing Race - Art & JJ are the first to depart at 8:48am to fly to Baku, Azerbaijan. Uhh, where? On the edge of the Caspian sea, once part of the Soviet Union apparently. Everyone gets on the same flight- not surprising.

Teams get off the planes and head to a temple with fire dancing and like horns and drums. My god, it's such a migraine inducer watching it, let alone being there live. The clue is a Fast Forward. The Fast Forward is to unload and stack bales of hay in a specific way. For once, several teams chase after it (Dave/Rachel, Jersey boys) so it's a matter of who finishes first to get the Fast Forward. It's Dave and Rachel who win the Fast Forward, meaning the Jersey boys wasted a bunch of time and are in last place, but more ticked they lost to a girl.

Most, however, take the Route Marker to continue on with the race. The next clue is a Roadblock requiring one team member to escape from an underwater helicopter. HREAM!! Less sexy than a Bachelor date, but I'll take it with the potential element of death. It's a pretty insane task, being submerged and then having to push their way out underwater and it rolls around. Afterwards, teams head to old town Baku to find their next clue at a carpet shop. This clue is, of course, the Detour. Teams need to search an old Soviet car full of apples for one apple with a race flag or creepily wash a local from an oil bath. Because these people bathe in oil. Ew. I don't know if the oil or unibrow is grosser. The obvious choice is to humiliate yourself because it's faster, but Nary/Jamie, Vanessa/Ralph, and the Jersey boys still some opt for the apples thinking it's faster.

Rachel and Dave check into the Pit Stop first and win two Ford Tauruses. Art and JJ are team #2 which really means they are still dominating if it weren't for a Fast Forward. They really are the team to beat. The Jersey guys, already behind, seem to be doomed by choosing apples but do it quickly. Meanwhile, the magic of editing makes it appear that Vanessa and Ralph might be screwed by a bad cabbie. Alas, it's Joey "Fitness" and Danny who are the last team to arrive and get eliminated.

Survivor: One World - The newly merged tribe celebrates but getting crunk. More importantly: opening credits are back!

The group is split back into two tribes for the Reward Challenge, an obstacle course and puzzle. You know, the same old shit. But the puzzle is of a sea turtle and the prize is pizza, beer, and a secret note. I hope it's a love note from Probst. It's a very close competition, with both tribes starting the puzzle at the exact same time. The orange tribe wins the pizza and beer (that's Christina, Troy, Sabrina, Jay, Chelsea, and Alicia). As for that note, of course it's a tip-off that there's a new hidden immunity idol on the beach. While everyone sleeps in, Troy(zan) shoves his arm into some trees and finds the immunity idol.

Despite being merged, the newer version of Salani wants to finish the rewards they won by themselves and not share them with Manano. Tarzan is basically the big annoyance, but he's playing the game and wants to get the guys back together plus Alicia. Michael's not into it, but says yes, and later tells this to Jonas. Jonas had no idea about this plan and is pissed that Tarzan pulled this dick move. Jonas is smart enough to know you don't give Michael two days notice, you tell him right before the vote because now Michael will tell the women. Jonas and Tarzan get into an argument and Tarzan says he is dropping his allegiance from the tribe. It's hard to watch this argument because Tarzan in a speedo is so awkward.

In the first individual immunity challenge, the survivors have to stand on a perch while balancing balls on a wooden disc. Tarzan is the first out and I can only hope he will be the first victim of a merged tribe vote. As survivors drop out, the final two competing are Kat and Troyzan. Kat is really steady but she steps off the perch, giving Troyzan the individual immunity idol. And slowly Troyzan is becoming a player I like.

The jumbled Salani decides to stick together and the question becomes who from Manano goes first? Jonas is considered the strongest Manano tribemember, so he's the target to go. Troyzan isn't too keen on voting off Jonas since he's a provider of food, because Troyzan still uses the season two logic to the game I guess. Jonas is shocked with Troyzan fills him in and with his tail between his legs, apologizes to Tarzan. So desperate! The men's vote will go towards Kat for being annoying and not much of a contributor. And then during laundry time Tarzan offers up that speedo and it's got "dirt" in the butt area. Ewww. He doesn't want to follow the rules of ocean rinse then to the laundry pot boil. Tarzan's annoyingness turns the target discussion around and now Salani wonders if they should dump the useless.

Tribal time and I have no idea what's going to happen. Jonas gets upset immediately for being considering a strong target so throws Mike under the bus and announces he'll vote for Mike tonight. Tarzan pipes in that he is against what Jonas just did, is sick of Jonas, recommends voting Jonas out. Tarzan explains that out of his element (the operating room) he knows he's awkward. Tribal evolves into a useful vs. useless discussion and who knows how the hell these people are voting. I think what I love most is that Tarzan said he'll vote off Jonas, yet Jonas still votes for Mike - not the guy openly gunning for him! Jonas is voted off and tells Tarzan "no hard feelings." Tarzan's reply "hard feelings to you."


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