May 28, 2012

Reality Rundown: Unlucky Number Cheven

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Around the World in 80 Plates

Around the World in 80 Plates - The chefs take a bus to Barcelona to pick up the clues for The Course and of course someone pronounces Barcelona with a lisp to be super (thuper) authentic.  Bartalona!  The teams must find the Teleferico de Montjuic (clock tower) where they will find Curtis and the exceptional ingredient.  The teams are:  men are red, and black are the women + Nookie.  At the clock tower, Curtis explains the challenge which is to to sort, pack, and prep three types of seafood worth different amounts of money, with only 25 minutes to do so.  Gross-out alert: squeezing out inksacks into little vials.  Nookie's speedy skills help bring the behind black team neck-in-neck with the red team.  The team that makes the most money when the truck arrives wins the exceptional ingredient.  Red team wins with 386 euros (over black's 356) thanks to the sepia ink; their exceptional ingredient is red prawns.  Both teams budget for this week is their fish money.
This week, the teams will take over one restaurant together instead of competing bistros.  They will still compete as teams to create a three course seafood menu using all the gross shit they cleaned at the port.  Teams head to a famous popular marketplace to shop where, surprise, Cheven and Jenna are still really annoying.  Chaz flips out when Cheven wastes time in a wine shop and they leave with lots of items but not a true shopping list of necessary items.  Later, Jenna poses the idea of making alliances to survive and Nicole rejects it.  Cheven tries the same thing. Isn't it funny the two annoying people are the ones trying the hardest to make this a game?  Then they both end up being the loudmouth presence as front of the house.

The courses are served head-to-head together for both teams.  The first course is the red team's merluza crudo with gambas rojas (the red prawn) and the black team's tapas trio.  The black team's tapas is much preferred to the botched, uncooked prawns which one of the famous chef dudes says has the texture of baby food.  For the second course, the red team serves monkfish with white beans, liver mousse, and chorizo; the black team's dish serrano wrapped monkfish which is a little overcooked.  The meal is finished off with dessert: cava sabayon, cake crumbs and fresh fruit from the team team, and bruleed custard with macerated fruit.  Liz botched the dessert, unable to brulee the custard, so it's not what was listed on the menu and Jenna moans a bunch.

A difference of only two diner votes made the decision between this week's winner.  Chaz takes credit for a fish that wasn't his (again), Nookie was the brains behind the black team's menu, and Liz had brulee issues but the dish was still good.  The locals choose the black team as their winner and Nookie is the most valuable chef.  Red team voting is gonna be a shitshow.  Cheven's lack of front-of-the-house presence may have contributed to the diner's opinion and experience.  Chaz ruined the prawn and then throws another fit about it should never have been called a ceviche.  The red team returns to Curtis and Cat to vote.  Gary gets one vote for not having a larger role in a dish, one for Chaz, but three for super-annoying Kevin aka Cheven.