July 6, 2012

Big Brother 14 Pre-Show Winner Prediction

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I'm going into another season of Big Brother and I think there's a huge expectation in my pre-show winner prediction and it's is not if they will win, but if I could go a FOURTH summer in a row where my prediction goes home week 3.  I go into this really shooting for the win, but this whole week 3 thing is sort of fascinating and a moment of unintended glory for me.  So it has been win-win for me in a way.

Anyways, this summer we've been introduced to 12 new houseguests with a twist coming.  Said twist?  Four former players are returning (giant eyeroll) to play a game of their own.  The interwebs is saying these four returnees will be mentoring the houseguests.  We'll see what happens but just know I WILL break something if we get Rachel a third summer in a row.  I spent my Thursday night reading the CBS.com bios and then watched their Superpass pre-season interview videos to get to know each houseguest in depth.  Now it's time to declare who I think will win Big Brother 14 (or goes home week 3).


Frank will win Big Brother 14

The CBS.com bios were helpful this year, but the in-depth Superpass interviews were pretty fantastic.  Usually I'm making a pre-show prediciton based on a three minute video.  Superpass instead has 13 minute pre-show interviews, tackling everything from their game strategy, personality, how they'll handle slop, and life outside the game.  These videos were so insightful and made me like people better than the initial CBS.com bios allowed.

Now onto the important thing: why did I pick Frank?  First he's a superfan who doesn't appear to be afraid to really play the game (ahem BB13 Adam, a total letdown).  He seems to have a good gameplay idea in line, but also knows to win this game you're going to have to lie and backstab.  Most houseguests want to play a truthful game and that 99% of the time doesn't work.  But I've gotta say, his personality and humor could be his downfall in that he might be too friendly that it might annoy people (like maybe week 3 level annoyance).  He also blinks a lot.  But at least he wants to keep up live feed folks happy.  I also really liked Ian, another superfan, and while he's super likable, I just don't see him winning.  I see him getting used and abused.  Kara is my wildcard, runner-up.  She's a former Playboy Playmate of the Year, seems athletic, friendly, cute; she could be a strong physical player, but her desire to be friends with everyone making me think she could be a floater (maybe the ultimate floater?).  As I said in a message to a fellow Big Brother superfan @ChitownBB, my favorite players aren't necessarily who I choose to win.  I liked quite a few people, but I don't know if they'll win the show.  Based on the videos, my actual favorite pre-show houseguest is Jodi.  She's keeping up with the trend of casting true Big Brother fans, and I like her because she's such a lover of the game and feeds.  I definitey think Jodi could last a long time, close to the end, but I just can't call her the actual winner.
So there you have it. I've made a pick again which hopefully won't bite me in the butt as it always does, but I'm trusting my gut.  Gut, don't fail me now!

Who do you think will win Big Brother 14? Leave your prediction in the comments or tweet it to me @melgotserved. Picks are due right before the east coast airing of the premiere on July 12th.  At the end of the season you could win your name on a picture of a trophy.  And if I get a job soon, I might throw in a prize - we'll see!


Kara_Malinczak said...
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Kara_Malinczak said...

No. Frank is going to be out before jury. He's freaking annoying. He may be out week one.

Also, if you want people to comment, might want to remove captcha. Speaking from experience here.

Mel Got Served said...

Thanks for the tip Kara. I removed captcha.

Make sure to let me know your pick to win too. Mine might be totally wrong, but that's definitely the fun of the game :)