July 29, 2012

Reality Rundown: Makeout Party in the Glass House

The Glass House - Jeffrey lets Kevin know the stone cast against him wasn't him and it becomes apparent that the lone vote is Gene.  The guys aren't loving Gene's deceptive gameplay.  Jeffrey continues being uber-popular by having a kissing contest with Erica and Joy.  Let me remind you, Jeffrey is a gay, ginger bear.  And if that's not weird enough, the whole house sitting close-up staring at the kidding is awkward as all hell.  Joy wins for showmanship (AKA it being most like a lapdance) and Erica wins for authenticity.  At a high school themed party, everyone plays up the roles given to them (winner is Kevin the jock who talks about getting a full ride from state) and a drunk Erica tries to make a move on Kevin again; it fails.  At yet another party (theme: toga), Kevin and Erica discuss his rejection of her.  Kevin claims it's because he didn't want to take advantage of a drunk girl but c'mon Erica... he's just not that into you.  Then Joy and Mike fight about it.  I feel like every episode has Joy and Mike fighting about everyone else's business.  It gets back to Erica, more bickering.  This is why you don't hook-up on reality shows when you've down a few cocktails.

Andrea and Holly return up the bank tubes from Limbo to get the verdict.  While I can't stand Andrea, it's a huge duh moment when Holly get sucked back down the tube.  Andrea's alliance is happy to see her, the rest... meh.  Kevin gives Andrea the rundown on the hinky vote against him and lets her into the fold that Jeffrey wants Gene and Joy gone next.  The whole house begins to notice his cockiness, especially when he tells Joy the viewers keep her around for his amusement.  "I'm not your concubine!" Joy exclaims.

The viewers vote Mike and Stephanie team captains.  Stephanie being a captain surprises everyone, especially knowing she had the least number of votes.  Stephanie begins to cry, realizing she's at the bottom because viewers aren't connecting with her.  Well her chugging wine straight from the box bladder earlier earned a few cred points with me, but I also don't vote for this shit.

Mike drafts Gene, Jeffrey, and Andrea to his team; skipping over Kevin so both of them won't be in Limbo. Stephanie chooses Erica, Joy, and Kevin.  The challenge is to decode clues to solve puzzles and questions, with teammates also being spun on some giant decoder wheel.  Summarizing Glass House challenges can be so confusing at times.  It's like the Battle of the Sexes episode of Saved by the Bell (yes a Tori episode) where they solve the puzzle "Honor Thy Principal" aka "Honor Thy Bucket of Chicken."  Stephanie's team nails it, but Gene really screws it up for Mike's team and Mike regrets trusting the shady Gene.  Stephanie's team wins the challenge and as the puzzle solver of the winning team, she wins a trip to Las Vegas.

Mike being the losing team captain is automatically in Limbo, which leaves Andrea, Jeffrey, and Gene as the choices to join him.  Jeffrey is confident Mike is going to get eliminated and thinks they should spare Andrea, making her a likely least popular team captain next week.  Jeffrey decides to make a bold move, based on how he's read the viewers votes thus far: he asks his friends to vote him into Limbo.  It's a huge strategic move that could backfire (LOL yeah right, we know Jeffrey is the top contender to win).  Jeffrey receives all the votes and gets into the tube to Limbo with Mike.  Don't worry: we'll be seeing that ginger bear again.

So You Think You Can Dance - The night begins with a bummer: no SYTYCD for two weeks because of the Olympics.  It makes me sad, but relieved.  I'm an Olympics junkie and don't want to miss any of the good stuff.  Joining Nigel and Mary this week is Christina Applegate, always an entertaining guest who knows her dance stuff.

There were some brilliant routines this week.  Like, so hard to narrow them down.  Brandon and Amber, a new partnership, benefited from losing their dud partners.  Their jazz routine about a couple in the sweaty south getting sexy after a long day.  It was hot, sweaty, and full of chemistry.  Lindsay and Cole dance this spectacularly lit contemporary number by Stacey Tookey, where the low lights create spectacular shadows as they fly across the stage.  It was simply gorgeous.  In another moment of spectacular lighting, Witney and Cheon's contemporary routine by Stacey Tookey begins with merely a spotlight following them though the solo part of Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You."  When that high note hits, the lights come on and there's this spectacular jump/lift and it's breathtaking.  I got verklempt; just a beautiful, passionate number.  Stacey Tookey is on a GD roll this week.  Eliana's ballerina skills are used perfectly in a Nappytabs hip hop routine with her partner Cyrus, as he is a robot that brings to life the ballerina inside a music box.  It's amazing and finally some of the grimy hip hop with a dark side.

The middle of the pack for me are Tiffany and George, with a cute hip hop about babysitters with a crying kid and Amelia and Will's black and white jazz.  Ok routines, but nothing special. very stretchy. flingy.

It truly pains me to have to put my boyfriend Sasha's cha cha in the worst, but I had to.  The choreography was good, but the song choice of "Call Me Maybe" was weird for a cha cha.  And it wasn't danced well by Janelle and Dareian; even I noticed their sloppy feet.  Audrey and Matt slip to the bottom this week with a salsa by new choreographer Liz Lira.  The song choice was odd and it made the salsa slow and boring, not fast and sexy.

In the other routines of the evening, Tyce Diorio choregraphs a group number where everyone looks like Charlie Chaplin black and white number with a red umbrella floating the holder across the stage.  I love that everyone, including the girls, has a bowler hat and mustache.  There's also a special group performance by the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, stellar as always.  I need to remember to get tickets next time this company comes to the area as I always want to go and then forget.  The routines are so interesting and the men such powerful dancers.  I know it'd be an amazing live show.

With routines out of the way, it comes to the results portion of the show.  The bottom three girls are Amber, Lindsay, and Eliana.  The bottom three guys are George, Brandon, and Dareian.  Considering that these three girls were in three of the best routines this week, I'm gutted.  Amber, Eliana, Brandon, and Dareian are asked to dance solos one more time for a proper evaluation.  The judges deliberate and send Amber and Brandon home, which is a total bummer because the votes are based on last week's routines, not the fantastic routine performed this evening. Bummer.