August 5, 2012

Reality Rundown: Roll the Footage!

8/05/2012 Posted by Mel Got Served , No comments

The Glass House -  The viewers are vote on who plays certain roles at a theme party and when Gene gets selected to go on the date, it's assumed Joy will be the other half. Not so!  The viewers don't care for Joy and make her a busser.  Instead Kevin is voted as Gene's date, which will be super sexy especially because they're forced to wear ironic thrift store hipster clothes all day.  After their romantic date, tensions get high when Gene says the viewers have his back.  Then Joy interjects, OF COURSE, and says Gene is arrogant but Andrea is manipulative.  Joy calls out Andrea for the conversation they had a couple weeks ago when Andrea says she was forced to be on the unpopular alliance and she wanted to get off the sinking ship.  Andrea keeps saying "Roll the footage!" like it'll help her case, but it keeps proving she did say the disparaging statements.

Kevin and Andrea laugh at Jeffrey's and his alliance's stupidity of voting himself into Limbo, thinking Andrea rates so low with the viewers.  Except Jeffrey voted himself in to guarantee he can't be a team captain next week.  Kevin and Andrea insist the viewers will vote him out, but the others argue he's playing a majorly strategic game.  Mike and Jeffrey come up in the tubes and learn this was the closest vote yet: 51% vs. 49%. Mike's tube drops down and the strategy worked... barely.  Jeffrey acknowledges his ballsy move was stupid.  Really risky and stupid.

When asked about what he didn't expect coming into the Glass House, Gene says to actually like someone on a personal level (meaning his kinda-showmance with Joy).  In a parrot voice, Erica makes a snarky comment about Gene's tweet about not falling in love in The Glass House means that was his plan the whole time.  It turns into a tiff with, you guessed it, Joy who wonders if Erica trusts alliance member Gene or Kevin more.  The answer is Kevin.  It's much more enjoyable to watch than read it since Erica does everything in a pirate voice.  Later, Joy and Gene talk about her past of being bullied for having sex with some cool, popular dude in high school and doing drugs with 30 year olds.  Wowww.  But Gene overlooks Joy's past because he likes her.

Joy and Stephanie are named team captains, with Joy being the lowest vote getter.  This week's challenge is this crazy skee ball slope to get balls into holes: score four and win.  There's also prizes too if you get a ball into the prize hole.  Kevin wins $5,000 and caricatures of all the players drawn by a fan (they're really good).  Gene players his hardest to keep Joy in the house, but Joy is horrible at giant skee ball.  The yellow team (Stephanie, Kevin, Erica, and Jeffrey) win the challenge and it solidifies Joy's spot in Limbo.

Joy asks her fellow alliance members to note vote Gene into Limbo with her, even if they don't trust him.  Erica tells Andrea what is going down, which leads to a discussion of the showmance or maybe faux-mance of Gene's part.  Erica gave her word to not send Gene to Limbo, but she'd rather send him.  Joy begs Erica not to go against their word, but Erica says Joy and Gene are apparently a package deal and she'd rather have solo Joy around.  Andrea's family gets to come into the house to deliver this week's fanswers, which give Erica and Jeffrey the confirmation they need to justify getting Gene sent to Limbo.  Jeffrey is torn between his heart and gameplay, but chooses heart for the time being.  The votes are split 3-3 (Erica did vote for Gene), which gives Joy the tie-breaker of who joins her in Limbo.  Duh, she chooses Andrea.  Gene gives Joy a hug, whispering he really does like her, and it's a nice departing word since Joy is probably not coming through those glass doors again.