August 12, 2012

Reality Rundown: What's the Emoticon For Crying in Limbo?

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The Glass House

The Glass House - Gene continues his path of lies, apparently before the Limbo results claiming the house told him they were all voting for him.  Stuck speaking in British accents all day thanks to a viewer vote, shit goes down in a hilarious way.  Erica would prefer based on honesty rather than previous agreements (AKA Gene), but Jeffrey gets called out for playing both sides.  It's a great debate, creating some good BFF tension, and also hilarious because Jeffrey's British accent is a hot mess.  Meanwhile, Kevin is ridin' solo and pow-wows with his alliance (himself in a mirror) hoping they're on the same page.  Kevin hopes Andrea returns, while I think the rest all want Joy (especiall Gene).  Andrea and Joy come up the tubes and I'd vote off Andrea just for her lame fedora, but the viewers voted off Joy.

Ah love (or lust) is really making a mess of the Glass House.  Gene sheds a single tear for Joy's departure, wishing he gave her a kiss goodbye.  Erica's begun to separate herself from her alliance/friends, instead following her attraction to hot cop Kevin.  All Erica does is talk about Kevin, but she clearly can't read that he's just not that into her.  At all.  But the best love of all is the love of money.  Orie gives the remaining players the chance to take money to leave the house.  If they do leave, someone returns to the game (Mike or Joy).  Gene refuses to participate, saying no amount of money is worth it; he instead puts on his Joy shirt and talks to her between the glass.  Stephanie, who has been voted a team captain a few times, wisely knows she's got a slim chance of winning the show (especially with Mike reminding her that she's not popular).  And even Jeffrey is pondering leaving for the money since his last shot at Limbo was so close.  For $37,600 Stephanie smashes the glass, gets her money, and immediately is forced to leave the house.  Well worth it for someone who would definitely lose.

Since Stephanie took the money, one player returns to the game from viewer votes.  And that player is... Mike.  Kevin's bad day turned right around with Andrea and Mike back in the game.  Kevin gives Mike the lowdown which is Gene is the prime target and Erica/Jeffrey are starting to split.  Gene claims that he would've pushed the button earlier if he knew for a fact Joy would have a fair shot at returning.  Kevin thinks he's full of shit and playing up the showmance for votes.

The team captains this week are Jeffrey and Gene, pleasing everyone in the house that the viewers are over Gene too.  There are three giant TVs in the yard with marionettes of different emoticons: cool, crybaby, and happy.  Using the marionette, they have to move emoticon discs across the TV into a tube.  But there's a twist that you can either put it in a team total tube or a tube that gives you $500 per disc anonymously.  Jeffrey, Kevin, and Andrea are the red team and while it's Jeffrey's ass on the line, he does cash in a bit (the others do not).  Gene, Erica, and Mike make up the yellow team and in the biggest LOL moment Gene was voted to get the emoticon "boring."  Mike doesn't want to throw the challenge necessarily but the tube for the team is soooo far away.  Erica just plain sucks at picking up the discs, period, so the yellow team loses.

Gene is definitely going to Limbo and he knows his team threw it, sure someone took money as well.  Mike admits to Kevin, Andrea, and Erica that he took the money temptations.  Erica's pissed because she's in jeopardy being on the same team as him.  Mike was surprised because he assumed everyone would take a few bucks, but a lot of people in the house live by the no-throwing-challenges code.  Kevin is afraid if Mike goes to Limbo, Gene could return.  Kevin thinks Erica stands a better chance beating Gene in Limbo since she's a fan favorite and didn't throw the challenge.  Ultimately, Kevin has to give Mike a vote because of his hypocritical actions.  However, in a shocking 3-2 vote, Erica goes into Limbo in tears.  Jeffrey voted her in!  This episode was nuuuuts!