September 24, 2012

Reality Rundown: Looks Like America Loves Ballet

9/24/2012 Posted by Mel Got Served , No comments

Finale! So You Think You Can Dance - The finale is at long last here and quite frankly, I'm relieved. Maybe it's the recapping part of it, but I found myself quite uninterested and uninspired by this season. I mean there's a girl in the final four whose name I literally only retained two weeks ago. She's a great dancer but completely unmemorable, in my opinion. Thus my problem with our finale in that the male winner is solely based on personality, since the other one is paint drying. Eliana is the total package, but I'm assuming Tiffany has some massive fanbase considering she's never been in the bottom.

The judges panel is filled with a bunch of actual choreographers that have been sidelined all season as judges to instead have celebrities who just like watching dance and provide decent but not amazing judging. So welcome back Lil' C, Adam Shankman, Debbie Allen, and Tyce Diorio. Glad to see your talent finally used on this show that can't get off the celebrity guest judge teat.

Like all finales, all the top 20 return to perform the best/most memorable routines of the season. There's also some new group numbers so that we don't get bored by the same stuff we've seen all season. In terms of new routines, choreographers Christopher Scott and Sonya Tayeh collaborate on the opener, which Nigel says is the best group routine to open the show ever. Ummm OK? The piece has the top 20 dance against the wind, dragging and pulling them around the stage. It's a great routine, a true meeting of the wacky minds of choreographers, but I also think Nigel is a master over-exaggerator. Instead of picking a favorite hip hop number (yet we suffer through Witney and Twitch's east coast one), there's a whole new routine with Cyrus, All Stars Comfort and Twitch, and choreographer Christopher Scott. It's one heated poker game with a table getting flipped (Giudice style) and lots of pulled suspenders. Pretty cool shizz. However the best routine of the night is by far the the top ten teaming with the All Stars for a battle in the jungle. Set to "The Circle of Life" remix, it's a wild, tribal, African jazz, with the final four closing the number as the top of the pride. It's truly one of the best of the season. Way to save it for the end of the season, show!

The best of the season includes some routines I expected (Audrey/Matthew's Titanic chaise lounge, Cole/Lindsay paso doble, Chehon/Kathryn's Holocaust contemporary number) and others where I'm like UHHH really? There's also the "Turning the Page" danced by Tiffany/George, Amelia/Will has dumpster cats, . Cat Deeley proves she loves glitter and shitty routines, choosing Tiffany and All Star Brandon's disco. NO ONE LIKES DISCO SO PLEASE STOP. Each of the final four gets to pick a dance to perform again. Chehon chooses his Argentinian tango with All Star Anya, Tiffany picks the Mandy Moore "Power of Love" contemporary, Cyrus obviously re-teams with Twitch for last week's re-animation, and Eliana chooses "Bang Bang" with Alex Wong. Unlike every other re-dance of he evening, I rewatch the entirety of Eliana and Alex's hauntingly beautiful number (my favorite of the season).

After two hours of fast forwarding (I gots other stuff to do people), it's time to announce the winners of this season. Yes, a male and female winner this year instead of one overall champion. The ladies are named first which bugs me because in terms of surprises, I think the female winner is more of a toss-up than the obvious male conclusion (OR IS IT?). Anyways, America's favorite female dancer is Eliana and guys I got verklempt. I have loved Eliana since the beginning and am so happy she has won. And for the fellas, Chehon and Cyrus get the results of America's favorite male dancer and in the biggest upset ever Chehon wins. HO-LEE-SHIT. Mind. Blown. Conclusion: America loves trained ballet dancers.