September 26, 2012

Reality Rundown: Some Slap and Tickle

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Survivor: Philippines

Survivor: Philippines -
Rain traps our castaways in their shelters, washing their warm fires away and leading to interesting developments (and a lot of whining about being cold and wet). Angie and Malcolm start cuddling over at Matsing, creating a new target for Roxy and maybe the tribe. This lets Russell say the greatest line ever, saying "I don't blame Malcolm for wanting some slap and tickle." Roxy, despite her hardcore gaming to take out the couple, can't deal with the weather and starts weird chant praying. RC finds the immunity idol clue at Tandang and shares it with Abi-Maria, but Abi doesn't fully trust RC and the developing friendship of RC and Michael Skupin. Blair Warner AKA Lisa feels isolated from her tribe and cries alone in the woods (but her tribe thinks she's searching for an idol). At Kalabaw, Penner finds the hidden immunity idol, which is the top of the rice box which held the clue. His tribe is too busy hiding in caves and gullible enough to believe a man ransacking camp is searching for his glasses.

After 31 minutes of rain moping, the immunity challenge happens. The challenge is to pair up and pull sleds stacked with puzzle pieces, which they will then solve. Some people have to run twice which leads to more Roxy moping because she's drank less water. It's been raining for days and you didn't think to drink the GD rain? You're dumb. Tandang finishes the challenge first and wins immunity along with blankets and a tarp. Kalabaw is second, so they get a tarp along with their immunity. Matsing fails again and gets another week at Tribal Council. Russell is pissed and goes on a tirade about losing and people giving up and his tribe beats everyone (yet keeps losing). Maybe save it for your confessionals and not a blow-up in front of everyone, k?

Matsing returns the camp annoyed. Russell hates that Angie doesn't think she can contribute and that Roxy says no because she didn't have water. No one ever has enough water, it's Survivor you idiot. Russell does think keeping Roxy around is smart because she's his mole, relaying everything that happens in camp. Roxy hates Angie's game which is look pretty and do nothing. Malcolm and Angie feel the same way about Roxy. Denise is caught in the middle of two obvious pairs: she doesn't trust Roxy, but doesn't like her alliance member Malcolm bonding with someone else.

Tribal Council time! The first question is of course about Russell's post-challenge semi-blow-up. He wants to win and Denise understands his pain, even if it felt accusatory. Roxy thinks they suck at challenges because of doing work at camp, but Angie's response is even worse.
Probst: Angie, finish that same sentence. If I could change one thing about this tribe...
Angie: That we couldddd... have cookies?

SHOCKED FACES GALORE.  Well except Malcolm who will let anything happen with Angie's boobs in his presence.  And soon the discussion of Angie and Malcolm's nighttime snuggles comes up with Roxy getting worked up and Malcolm just blushing.  Malcolm says Angie is like a little sister to him and even she's like "Really?"  Roxy thinks it's gross which is basically her hating Angie, though Angie does little to defend herself.  But the tribe votes out Roxy and the good news is I bet she can drink tons of water now.