November 4, 2012

Reality Rundown: Always Clean Your Pockets Before Laundry

The Amazing RaceSurvivor: Philippines

The Amazing Race - The first clue is a Roadblock to weigh out wood on a balance scale, constructing the scale and then having to balance the wood against rocks.  Yaaay fun times.  James and Abba had a considerable lead thanks to the Fast Forward from last week, which is the only positive thing happening since James gets word that his father's cancer is stage four.  The twinnies really rock the task, which surprises the others considering it's a girl.  Struggling the most is Brent who is so far behind others pass him, leaving him the lone person at the Roadblock as he begins to stress out and dehydrate.

Once the Roadblock is completed, there's a Detour.  The choice is to untangle jute to put into a machine to manufacture a bag or collect and deliver bamboo.  Most teams choose the bamboo, though Abbie and Ryan tackle the jupe.  Natalie and Nidya almost take out a few locals with the long bamboo poles.  The only interesting thing that happens is Chippendales forgets a few bamboo poles, so they get screwed and have to go back. That's the only interesting thing in this extremely boring episode.  I fast forwarded through a lot because it was such a snooze.

Because they were hours ahead, James and Abba are team #1.  They also win a trip to Malaysia, so good news for a team that got some crappy news that day.  Abbie and Ryan come in second, which is great but disappointing to them as they wanted to beat Rachel and Dave's victory leg record.  Eventhoug Jaymes and James, the Chippendales dudes, have their bamboo falter they are not the last place team.  Josh and Brent are the last to arrive but, as my mom pointed out, there hasn't been a non-elimination episode yet and they are spared.

Survivor: Philippines -  Boats come to deliver news to the two tribes: merge! They hop onto the boats after getting ten minutes to ransack camp for stuff and get on the ship of destiny.  A feast awaits at the new camp as the tribes celebrate coming together.  It also gives everyone a moment to ponder backstabbing their current alliances as soon as possible.

On a new beach the men get to building the shelter so Lisa decides to do women's work and hang the laundry out to dry.  When Lisa goes to hang up Malcolm's flannel, she notices it's preeeetty heavy because there's an immunity idol in it.  Malcolm realizes Lisa's discovery so they have a private chat.  She assures him she truly didn't mean to do it, but since she knows Malcolm decides to bring Lisa into the fold with him and Denise.  Malcolm's concern isn't trust, it's that both women could beat him.  Lisa is happy for the promise but also knows everyone is acting on this island.  Speaking on acting, Penner also recognizes that Lisa is a former Facts of Life star.  Lisa is actually loving this undercover "star" thing because people are liking her for her and not for being a fabulous bitch character with bouncy hair.  On the outs of their former tribe, Michaek Skupin and RC consider making new alliances, perhaps with Penner.  Jeff Kent is on the other side rallying the troops to get rid of returning players, so the idea is to split the votes evenly between Penner and RC, hedging the bets with the immunity idol.

The new big ol' tribe meets up with Probst to catch a glimpse of the new individual immunity idol.  In this challenge, they'll hold a handle attached by rope to a bucket in an endurance battle.    BTW, Probst is rocking a teeny dirt 'stache.  Skupin drops firsts, followed by Pete (but I think he dropped out intentionally).  There's male and female immunity, with Denise snagging the lady prize first.  Finally a tribal where Denise can semi-relax.  Artis, Jeff, and Carter are the final three fellas holding on.  Once Artis drops out, Jeff whispers he'd owe Carter one if he (Carter) would drop out.  Instead Jeff drops and Carter wins immunity.

RC is blissfully unaware of her status within former Kalabaw, thinking her and Mike are part of a solid six (LOLOLOL U IDIOT).  Skupin, on the other hand, knows he's screwed because he's not close with Kalabaw and he's a returning player.  Skupin approaches Jeff about an alliance, but Jeff's hesitation is keeping Penner around and Penner outlasting him.  Jeff Kent is really the swing (since he controls Carter) as he has the choice of joining Tandang and take out Penner (but they're the bottom of the totem pole) or keeping Penner and Skupin against his no-veterans policy.

Tribal time!  Tandang lights their torches for the very first time, which is impressive and record-breaking.  Denise also gets props for being someone who has been to literally every single Tribal Council which is a kinda more awesome thing.  So RC brushes off the tiffs previously had at Tandang, until Abi Maria openly says RC betrayed her trust and they've moved along from trusting her.  Abi tells all about what shenanigans went down with that stupid immunity idol clue thing.  Other topics include past tribe alliances and numbers, returning players, and the potential shifts that the outliers could cause in alliances.  The tribe votes and Probst drops his usual immunity idol question.  It's usually left with a lingering pause that ends with nothing, but Penner decides to play his idol.  It's a completely wise move because the votes come pouring out for Penner, with the other votes for Pete and RC.  But as we know, the votes were split and RC becomes the first person on the jury.