November 11, 2012

Reality Rundown: Every Crack is an Opportunity

The Amazing RaceSurvivor: Philippines

The Amazing Race - This leg of the race sends all the teams to Istabul, Turkey and when booking flights at a travel agency Long Hair Don't Care leaves all their American money out in the open. The twinnies snag all of it, unbeknownst to them (they assume it fell out in a cab). A wonderful woman gives the rockers the money they need to get a cab to the airport, showing good deeds done around the world. The twinnies split the money with Trey and Lexi to split the guilt. And so all the teams hop aboard the same flight, therefore causing little issues for Josh and Brent who dodged elimination last week. They'll just have to deal with what'll be a lame speedbump that barely puts them behind. Yawn.

Istanbul is actually partially in Europe and partially in Asia. The teams land on the Europe side, but their first clue sends them on a ferry to the Asian side to retrieve their next clue (which leads them to another clue). That clue is Detour to transport Turkish bagels (simits) on their heads or get cleansed at a Turkish bathhouse. Now before Josh and Brent can begin the Detour they must endure a grueling Speedbump: eating Turkish ice cream. Are you goddamn kidding me? I don't care if there's laughs, or that the vendor takes forever because he's a show-off, this is ridiculous. But they get lost carrying their bagels which is even less interesting.

After getting cleaned or toting bagels, the teams make their way to their Roadblock. One teammate has to get decked up in Turkish clothes and serve 40 cups of Turkish sherbet. It's not ice cream, but I guess the first soft drink and I'm picturing the sherbet punch we used to drink every Christmas. Holiday flashbacks! Lexi is very peppy, which is both helpful and annoying (one guy buys to shut her up). Since no one will buy from Ryan, he makes a deal with a local guy (like a broker) and gives him commission on the sales to get to the 40 cups. Smart!

The sherbet leads to success for Trey and Lexi who check in as team #1; they win a trip to Australia. Chippendales, Beekman Boys, and Monster Truck are battling each other out trying to sell their sherbet in a fight to not be last. There's then cab chaos, forcing Beekman Boys to get out of their cab to make the traffic move. Josh and Brent, despite that insaaaane ice cream eating task, beat Kelly and Rob to the mat. The Monster Truckers are eliminated from the race.

Survivor: Philippines - Penner is alive in the game, idol-less, and pretty ticked off that his alliance turned against him. Skupin encourages Penner to not give up because there are cracks; they need to take advantage when the time is right. The good news for them is most hate Abi, Pete and Artis so things could be changing.

The teams meet up with Probst for the reward challenge where they'll split into two teams to collect fishtraps from the ocean that contain, what else, puzzle pieces. As a person who always enjoyed a good mindgame or puzzle, I resent them so much now. It looks like Skupin might blow it for his team of players no one likes anyways, but they re-catch up fast. In an intense battle of building the final flag puzzle, the yellow team (Penner, Malcolm, Jeff, Lisa, and Denise) win an afternoon picnic in the jungle. With ribs!

While the others are feasting and having fun, Skupin is on the sidelines which the others legit talk about being in alliances with everyone else but him. In front of him. Abi speaks so brazenly, leaking crazy information to Carter that she should shut up about. Pete pulls Abi aside to talk game and she gets pissy, per usual. The reward group talk about the "evil three" and that maybe they should take out that group of douches. While Lisa likes this, in theory, she also knows she could beat any of those jerks. And Lisa decides to get sneaky: she suggests to Michael Skupin that they take out Penner next, then essentially force Pete to keep Michael in the fold because Malcolm has the hidden immunity idol (and Tandang can blindside him).

And so comes time for the Immunity Challenge, which Penner needs to desperately win. Survivors will need to retrieve puzzle pieces (I KNOW) as the weave up and down and untie ropes in an obstacle course. It's one of those tiered ones that only the top three from the main round move on. Pete, Jeff, and Penner move to the final round of putting together the stupid snake puzzle. And so, of course, the guy who needs immunity the most wins immunity as it always happens on this show. I swear to god Blair Warner, you better not ruin my pre-show winner prediction yet.

Penner's immunity obviously throws a wrench into everything, so it's time to make a new plan. Michael Skupin is the easiest and most obvious choice for them since the plan is get rid of a returning player. Desperate to save her buddy Michael, Lisa tells Pete about Malcolm's idol and pleads to blindside Malcolm. Pete confronts Malcolm about having the Matsing idol, which he denies but clearly makes a face when Pete says Lisa told him. But Pete buys Malcolm's acting ability, suggesting instead to take out Jeff. Malcolm also heads to camp to deny to all he has an idol and rally the troops for Jeff. Lisa gets wind of the Pete/Malcolm meetup, worried that Pete dimed her out (he did, but denies) and to get more info. Aw Lisa, you tried. Pete has a little interview talking about masterminding, but maybe he's not in the know. When Jeff gets wind that his name has been thrown out, he approaches Malcolm to form a group of six to take out Pete instead. Malcolm isn't even confident so he scrambles to pack up his idol just in case. Ahh tribe disarray!

Tribal time! Malcolm brings up Lisa throwing him under the bus, surprising Probst who is holding back everything to not reveal she was a teen star. Lisa blabs it all about the entire plan about Penner, trying to save Skupin by taking out Malcolm. So much for mystery. Tandang is upset that Malcolm was apparently not in their alliance, which means Abi blurts out too much as she always done. Lisa openly tells all Malcolm does have the hidden immunity idol and since he's tired of the chaos, pulls out his idol. Malcolm is safe and playing it tonight so deal with it. And when probed again about idols, Abi just whips hers out too. Because she doesn't think at all. "This is awesome," chuckles Penner. Penner makes one last plea to the potential six about creating an alliance. Lisa also tries to show her loyalty, put the past behind, and make a majority. But Pete is like, "It's probably me!" Then Jeff says he is, pointing out so are Malcolm, Lisa... everyone! WTF is going on? The votes are cast. Malcolm doesn't play his idol (brilliant psych-out!). It's a crazy tight vote too but Jeff is elimination with 5 votes (4 for Pete, 1 for Abi). Oh man, shit's cray!