January 1, 2013

About Mel Got Served

1/01/2013 Posted by Mel Got Served
Mel Got Served is a blog dedicated to recapping reality TV shows.  From  Survivor to The Bachelor to Big Brother, Mel provides humorous recaps of  your favorite reality shows.

Founder Melissa Sullivan started her blog as a creative outlet to snark on her favorite things: reality TV, pop culture, movies, and even more TV. She is currently a contributor at Beamly covering Big Brother and other TV and movie related fun. Previously Melissa was a contributor at DigBoston with her weekly How You Queuin' feature, exploring the great content available for streaming on Netflix, Hulu, and more.

People always ask, "Wait, what does Mel Got Served mean?" Well it's a combination of my nickname + one of the best dance movies ever: You Got Served. So no, I've never been sued - I just have a love for dance movies.

Is there a show you'd like to see recapped? Tweet your suggestions to @melgotserved or send an email to melissa at melgotserved.com.