February 14, 2013

Reality Rundown: Goodbye Francesca on Day Three, The Sequel

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Survivor: Caramoan - Premiere

A new batch of ten castaways get dropped off on an island to see that hunk Jeff Probst wait for them.  Probst tells them it's Fans vs. Favorites 2 and in come the favorites via helicopter (HREAM!!), which is so badass.  And they get right to business: challenge!  It's a battle to retrieve a ring and bring it back to the starting point, all while getting the shit beat out of them and avoiding drowning.  Everyone gets shocked when new guy Shamar shouts "Break her wrist!" which is a great moment of Probst getting shocked.  For us ladies, Malcolm loses his shorts in his battle and sadly it's blurred.  While the fans scored the first point, the Favorites dominate and win reward in the form of beans and flint (hooray fire!).

The Fans, AKA Gota, arrive at their new home, complete with a machete and rice (traditional island housewarming gift).  The tribe gets right into building a shelter as recommended by ginger-bearded Matt, but Shamar thinks they're wasting their energy and need a fire.  First spat!  Some survivors do start a fire-making attempt, and Shamar sits aside watching until he can swoop in and save the day with the right advice (he's a Marine).  Sure enough the noobs make fire and clean water can be had.  Eddie and Reynold, the alpha males, know their status as top targets and recruit cute girls to make an alliance that looks straight out of a high school cool table (btw, I wrote that before Eddie made the comment).  The problem is, these alliances are more showmancey and everyone notices when you start rubbin' in the shelter.

The Favorites shall hereby be known as Bikal (well Probst will probably use lamens terms), and don't worry Philip is as weird as ever and rocking the pink undies.  They build a shelter without fights, but they show their veteran status by having people sneaking off into the woods to make alliances.  Francesca has a plan to align with everyone so that she doesn't go home the first Tribal Council again, even trying to be nice to Philip.  Francesca threatens to eat a rock if she goes home first again- oh boy this will be good.  Philip dreams to run it all and begins to recruit an alliance, that's basically every person on the tribe and Erik doesn't care for his you're-with-me-or-against-me crap.  Cochran turns into a sunburned mess, to the point that his feet swell up.

First Immunity Challenge!  Two towers have been constructed, while the teams have to climb up and toss crates full of sandbags.  The sandbags will then got tossed into a little target thing like a good ol' fashioned beanbag toss.  In terms of recent challenges, the towers alone are amazingly impressive and this makes me look forward to challenges this season.  The Favorites/Bikal get an early lead, but the sandbag toss brings the Fans/Gota back into the mix.  Reynold the fan has great aim and wins immunity for his tribe (and flint).

Time for Bikal to eat each other alive.  Philip seems like the obvious choice to go because he's nucking futs, but Francesca is on many-a-radar.  Erik doesn't want to side with Philip, but fears that he does have the numbers.  Cochran and Dawn have a big talk, which initially surprises Cochran as he feared maybe there was resentment from their original season.  Idol talk comes up, so there's a suggestion to split the votes between Philip and Corinne just in case.  It's Andrea that scares everyone because she's buddy-buddy with everyone, playing all sides, so then the choice is made to put all votes towards Andrea.  My head hurts.

The torches are lit in the fire and so begins the first Tribal Council of Survivor: Caramoan!  The tribe agrees there's no official leader, just a well oiled machine.  Philip can pronounce Francesca now, though he says he misinterpreted her name purposely to make a point.  Probst brings up an interesting point of how when returning players come into the game again, there's faster gameplay and more excitement.  Three votes come out of the jug for Andrea, but then the Francesca votes come pouring out.  In a 6-4 vote, Francesca is the first voted out of the game AGAIN.  HAHAHA. It sucks to be voted out first again, but if you're going to come back a second time might as well repeat.


dejota3 said...

Interesting, because I love this show but *hated* this episode. The outcome was obvious (as they kept showing Francesca saying "It would be the worst thing in the world to be eliminated" again) and the decision seems super dumb (and kinda cruel) to me. She looked like a strong member for the tribe while Phillip is an idiot and Andrea a snake. Oh well.