February 18, 2013

The Bachelor: Hometown Date Boredom

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The Bachelor - Week 7

Tonight, Sean begins to travel around the US to meet the families whose daughters he'll crush in the coming weeks. Let the fun begin!

It's a home state advantage for AshLee, as Sean's also a Texas guys. AshLee is nervous to introduce the man she's "fallen into love with," as they are both preachers, and AshLee is wayyyyy in love with Sean.  Upon meeting the parents, they get grilled about what they've done together these past few weeks.  AshLee gets all emotional and deep about that stupid polar bear plunge again.  They don't seem to care until "romance" in St. Croix is mentioned and there's the "hey are you banging my daughter" grunt.  Sean gets into the deep talks with her parents about her abandonment issues (there's also a serious moment of explaining the love they instantly had for AshLee when they adopted her).  Dad asks Sean if he loves AshLee, but again can't say if he's in love with AshLee because hello sir haven't you seen this show?  Sean does get the OK to propose should he pick AshLee in the end, so this boring-ass date reaches the inevitable conclusion of "You've dated a month, go get hitched!"  

Next stop: Seattle, Washington with Catherine!  It's not a normal start to a date: they get to catch fish at Pike Place Market (just like the opening credits of The Real World: Seattle, you guys!!)  Sean is surprisingly awesome at catching fish; Catherine is not ("It's slippery!" "I know, it's a fish").  The two then do fun touristy stuff around the market and these two are kinda great together.  She makes Sean interesting.  Hopefully after a shower or a major spritz of Febreeze, Sean meets Catherine's mom, grandmother, and sisters.  Catherine gushes about Sean to her sisters, but it turns more into defense as they're taken aback that she's into this whole experience.  Her sisters don't really help her cause with Sean, explaining she starts off really into relationships, then gets bored if she settles down or doesn't follow her dreams.  Also, she's messy and has bad moods.  Great work, sisters!  Mom doesn't completely give a blessing, which makes Sean a little uneasy too.  Rut-roh bad hometown date!

Sean flies to Missouri to meet Lindsay's family, which is pretty intimidating because her dad is a two star general.  Well don't show dad all that open mouth kissing.  They walk around the small town hand-in-hand and while it's realistic, it's boring.  Sean asks Lindsay what to call her dad, afraid of addressing him wrong, and even more intimidated having to ask some powerful dude the ol' marriage blessing question.  Lindsay then dresses Sean is some army duds and gets into sexual harassment commander mode.  He meets the parents and they laugh hysterically at Lindsay's night one antics of showing up as the psycho bride.  Mom asks if he's falling in love with Lindsay and he dodges the question by basically saying he's not at liberty to say it- HA!  She respects that he isn't love love-bombing everyone.  Sean gets some intimidating dad time and his main concern is Lindsay getting hurt.  Dad seems genuinely surprised by the marriage blessing question because again, does anyone watch this show, and after a long rambling speech I didn't pay attention to Sean is given a yes.  Before leaving, Sean is gifted a set of dog tags as a little remembrance gift then makes out with Lindsay in the driveway.

It's back to Los Angeles for Sean's final hometown date with Desiree and she greets him with a monkey jump.  They meet at a canyon for hiking and obvious kissing, but this is boring.  Des brings Sean to her house, where her family will meet them for dinner.  There's a knock at the door, but it's not her family: it's guy.  This guy pretends to be surprised by the camera being there, asks them to turn off the camera, asks where she's been, and professes his love for her.  It's all a joke LOLOL except the actor is truly terrible in his faking.  The shitty actor leaves and her parents and brother arrive.  Des' parents love Sean but her brother is more skeptical and pessimistic.  Her brother takes Sean aside for some bro time, as he doesn't sense a reciprocation of feelings.  Sean is surprised by this "accusation" and tries to defend himself a bit.  "I think you just a playboy having fun with the circumstances," cackles brother.  It's awk-waaaaaard.  The night gets pretty weird and uncomfortable, with conversation digressing to the weather. Des is pretty heartbroken at her brother's actions, ruining the entire date.

Sean returns to his rented LA house to hang out in his closet shirtless and ponder his four ladies.  He's confident in AshLee and Lindsay, but Catherine and Des are his two unknowns.  Sean vents to Chris Harrison about his shittier dates and being offended at being called a playboy.  Chris gives Sean some time alone to gather his thoughts before the rose ceremony.  Sean comes out to begin the ceremony, unsure of who he is even sending home, but thanks them for having welcoming families (except Des' brother and Catherine's sisters).  Just as he's about to hand out roses, Des asks to speak to Sean really quick and apologize for her brother.  The ceremony begins, Lindsay and AshLee get roses, leaving it down to Desiree and Catherine.  Sean picks up the final rose, then puts it back down on the table and leaves the room to go stare at the pictures again.  Sean's soooo torn between the two women and doesn't know which way to go.  It's Des' final plea that's tugging at Sean's heart strings, and we know Sean loves a good mercy rose.  Ultimately Sean gives his final rose to Catherine and of course Des thinks he's made a huge mistake.  Of course you think it's a mistake, you got dumped.

Tomorrow: Sean tells ALL.


Robin said...

Someone got their SAG card!

Isn't it a rule that they are supposed to jump in his arms and straddle them when they bring him home?

Mel Got Served said...

That's why this season sucks: not enough straddling monkey jumps.