February 28, 2013

Reality Rundown: No One Peed on the Rice

The Amazing RaceSurvivor: Caramoan

The Amazing Race - It's another leg in Bora Bora and all the build-up in time doesn't matter a lot since water taxis don't begin until 7am (and the first team departs at 2:15 am).  Jessica and Jon tell second place team Dave and Connor that they'll give them the Express Pass, as promised, but urges them to keep that alliance secret because they want the other teams to kiss ass.  And kiss ass the other teams do.  The only teams not equalized by the water taxi are the quitters from last week, who had to take a four hour penalty for skipping the Roadblock.  They end up being only an hour and a half behind (major eyeroll to equalizers).

Fresh off the water taxis, the teams bolt to a chapel to receive a blessing and their first clue.  It's a Detour to either harvest pearls or construct an underwater picnic at the bottom of the sea.  Most teams opt to harvest the big fake red pearls instead of wearing the big oxygen helmets.  The twin OBGYNs can't swim, so having a Detour that makes them swim either way is troublesome and argue about taking the six hour quitter penalty.  Maybe they should've just set the damn table to begin with because it's painful to watch, especially when last week's losers (Max/Katie, Caroline/Jen) pass them.

After the Detour, the teams take jet skiis and a shitty child made map to find Motu Tapu, the most photographed isle in the South Pacific.  Once there they encounter a Roadblock to kick a coconut across the beach while wearing stilts.  This challenge goes remarkably fast for some, which ends in a foot race to be team #1.  Suddenly Dave the dad yells that he's ruptured his Achilles, which is the worst thing ever.  Bates and Andy, the hockey guys, are team #1 and win a trip to London.  Max/Katie and Caroline/Jen make an impressive comeback and pass best friends Pam and Winnie, who struggled at the Detour and Roadblock.  They check in as team #9, so Idries and Jamil the twin OBGYNs are eliminated from the race.  Moral of the story: read clues more to know there is usually a non-swimming option. Or learn to swim.

Survivor: Caramoan - Reynold and Shamar get into another row since Reynold is pissed his alliance got screwed.  Eventhough Reynold is the one who got hosed, Shamar is the one going the most crazy.  Screaming and shouting in people's faces for no reason.  Reynold and Eddie know they are screwed numbers wise, but Shamar's tantrums might catch up to him and the tribe might snap.  Sherri begs Shamar to simma down now.  Shamar doesn't want to be this season's angry black man and wants to quit, opening up about his past battle with alcoholism and experiencing combat.  But his tribe talks him into staying, saying he's sticking around for loyalty.  Ugh, please.

Over at Bikal (the faves), Phillip continues to play up to the cameras, but Cochran loves it because it's like living in the 8pm Survivor episode instead of just playing the game.  Corinne and Malcolm find the hidden immunity idol and now are paired up.  Where did they find it? IN A TREE HOLE.  Way to hide it, staff.  Cochran and Andrea don't know where Corinne's loyalties lie, and notice her bond with Malcolm, and would love to get her out.  If Corinne's out, Brandon has been elected to take her place in Stealth (he's skeptical).  Brandon lets us know that if they plan to take him out he'll pee in the rice, pee in the beans, and burn down the shelter. Dear god please do this.

This week's immunity challenge is another mix of land and sea.  The teams need to scale a cage in the sea, together carrying/pushing a treasure chest across the ocean floor, onto a track, and carrying the chest to the victory platform.  Along with immunity, comfort comes with the prize in the form of a tarp, chair, blanket and pillows.  Oooh a pillow, mama like.  The favorites make it over the cage first, but the fans are close behind.  The fans are able to undo the knots, taking a slight lead before the favorites follow suit.  Once to the beach, the teams and tied and it's pretty exciting. In a close and tense battle the favorites pull out another victory, leaving the fans to self destruct a smidge more.

The Gota tribe return to camp for a post-mortem on their performance and - shocker- Shamar gets pissed that no one gave him goggles.  It's childish behavior, the kind of shit no one should put up with but they will because Shamar is strong and a number.  Laura fears her position because she sucks at challenges, so the ideal choice would be Reynold/Eddie's other girl, Hope.  They need the guys for challenges, but they worry about the idol so suggest splitting the votes just in case (three for Eddie, three for Hope).  Sherri requests Shamar shut his mouth, which he promptly ignores and hints to Hope some ideas to turn on her guys.  Word gets back that Shamar blabbed the entire plan to Hope, shocking his alliance.  Laura's fed up and whispers to Reynold that she can get Julia to flip and they'll take out Shamar.

Tribal time!  Probst wants to know if there was any drama after last Tribal Council because he loves obvious answers.  Shamar claims he's the scapegoat and everyone lies about him.  Hope outs Shamar's earlier conversation where he said she'd be going home unless she considered turning on her alliance.  Everyone's tired of Shamar's shouting tantrums.  Only Sherri seems to get Shamar but it's because she's used to being around jerky kids.  Hope, Eddie and Reynold are definitely going Shamar, especially since Eddie and Reynold have been delegated to a no-talking list from Shamar.  Jeff tallies the votes and reads the results: a three way tie between Hope, Eddie and Shamar.  REVOTE!  Hope, Eddie and Shamar sit out while the rest of the tribe revotes on those three.  Jeff retallies the votes and Hope gets eliminated.