February 19, 2013

The Bachelor: Sean Tells All (The Obvious, Boring Stuff)

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The Bachelor: Sean Tells All

It's the week before the Fantasy Suite dates, or what in past seasons I'd call the bone zone (more of that later).  This special is a one-on-one bro chat between Sean and cylon Chris Harrison to talk about what transpired and his feelings for the three.

Chris talks about the "fan favorites" but how would he know that if this season was mid-airing? Ohhh because it was filmed recently.  Anyways, back to the show.  Sean was given a little warning about Des' brother, but didn't know what was coming and wanted to deck him.  And this altercation did slightly affect his decision to dump Des.  Speaking of dumping people, Chris brings up one-armed Sarah who America loved.  They did?  Not addressing how it was cruel for production to send a one-armed girl to a roller derby date, they talk about the actual dumping.  Sean wanted to take her aside after a lackluster kiss and give her a proper dumping with explanation instead of the rose ceremony heave-ho.  Sean was depressed after seeing her heartbroken TV response, but he and Chris are sure she'll find love (Bachelorette set-up?)  Chris respected Selma's wishes to not kiss on TV, but did still try to circumvent the rules with Eskimo and butterfly kisses.  Sean "appreciated" Selma's kiss but it was too late.  Despite having the world record for longest screen kiss, Sean and Lesley got to be goofy together which is why he liked her.  Unfortunately she was dumped for not expressing herself and had she said something maybe she would've made hometowns.

Talk turns to the biggest topic of the season: Tierra.  Now that he's been able to see the show (wait, I thought this was filmed one day after dumping Des? Revealing your hand, Bachelor!), Sean realizes he was duped.  He finally sees everyone was right, as always, and she was picking fights with everyone.  He says Tierra was not cut out for this show and can't get along with peers.  When will the lead of this show ever listen to the people in the house?  Keeping Tierra around strained his relationship with the other girls, really messing up the house dynamic.  We also find out that Tierra and Robyn's fight actually lasted for hours with all the girls jumping in and Tierra fighting back.  Chris Harrison calls her "a cancer to the other girls" which is a pretty big hyperbole but that's how Chris Harrison roles.

There's nothing America loves more than blooper reals and unseen footage, which we're "treated" to.  The Fifty Shades girl wouldn't stop saying her mom was in love with him (booze will do that to you).  Catherine passed Sean nerdy notes, like pointing out he has hairless arms.  She also bunches herself up so tiny that she can fit into a wheel-well of that snow bus.  Daniella does a mediocre Chris Harrison impression and every giggles, even harder when Chris Harrison interrupts.  HA LOL GOOD TIMES!

Now the juicy stuff.  Next episode in final three it's fantasy suites and viewers love to imagine what's going down in those rooms.  You'll know I fondly call the fantasy suites the Bone Zone.  However, Sean's expectations are a bit different: it's alone time with no cameras, plenty of talking time.  Chris is like hey this is when you should get physical, and Sean's like well I say it's none of your business.  And then I say then don't go on a reality television show.  But Sean is humbled and honored to be in this position and ultimately ready to find his future wife.  The episode ends with a preview of next week's dates and ugh, what a waste of an episode.

Next week on The Bachelor: Thailand! Caves! Titanic references! Declarations of love!  Eating bugs!