March 7, 2013

Reality Rundown: Show Me Your Tata

The Amazing RaceSurvivor: Caramoan

The Amazing Race 22 - Last week, Dave popped his Achilles tendon while racing to the pit stop.  He needs to seek medical attention and for some reason the show doesn't do this in the 12 hour pit stop and makes them eat into their racing time.  True to their word, Jessica and John their Express Pass to Dave and Connor which helps the disabled team out (but strategically helps because maybe they can beat a strong team).  The doctor confirms Dave's torn Achilles, but because this race is a once in a lifetime opportunity and your health means nothing (ok well they survived cancer, so they're both kickass dudes), Dave makes the choice to keep racing around the world in a boot on crutches. The puns I can make when they get eliminated will be boot-licious!

Teams take what seems like TV travel time forever to Christchurch, New Zealand, with the redneck couple (Chuck/Wynona) falling behind at the Auckland connection.  The teams drive some product placement Fords to the Rakaia River Gorge and grab numbers for their boats the next morning.  The teams camp out until their respective jet boat departures, which essentially equalizes everyone to a certain extent (shocker).  Finally something on this race happens besides airport shenanigans and it's a Detour.  The choice this week is between drive through cones in an allotted time or catch a twelve inch fish.  Dave and Connor are the first team and make the choice for the car, until they find out it's a clutch and the busted foot won't help so they retreat to the fish.  It's a slow task and their patience wears thin so they bust out that Express Pass and move on.  Chuck and Wynona catch two fish after being patient, showing it's not impossible.  The car racing is tricky with the clutch, muddy track, and 83 second time combined limit.

After repeating 150 times the next clue is at Mount Hutt Station, the teams eventually get there though pretty much after getting completely lost and going to actual Mount Hutt instead of the station.  The Roadblock is a Shemozzle race which is an absurd obstacle course with a dog that also requires them to wear a burlap sack.  They trek thru molasses and feathers, collect chicken eggs, slip 'n slide into a manure pond.  It's... ridiculously odd.  And they have to collect a dozen eggs which means running the course several times and enduring the drudge over and over.

Dave and Connor check in as team #1, thanks to the Express Pass, and win a trip to Bangkok (Oriental city!)  The big surprise is this leg isn't over and Phil hands them the next clue.  But the question is, will Dave quit the race and heal or keep running in that boot? To be continued...

Survivor: Caramoan - There's two challenges this week!  First is a reward challenge to transport members from platform to platform, using planks held by other tribemembers as steps.  To win the entire tribe must fit on the top of the platform, huddling together with all the might.  The winning tribe gets a visit from a local bushman to pick his brain and get some grub in the form chicken, fruit and vegetables.  I hope the bushman has advice for tolerating shitty nicknames because the Favorites win yet again.  The best moment is Shamar shouting "That's what we're talking about!" not realizing his tribe lost.

Phillip gives Brandon, Eric, and Brenda all Stealth R Us nicknames (The Conqueror, The Silent One, and Serenity) to bring tribe cohesion to win challenges.  The teeny bushman, Tata, visits camp and teaches them how to cook rice and food inside bamboo which is kinda badass.  Malcolm calls him a "Filipino Gollum" which is amazing.  Filipino Gollum even fixes the shelter to be less shitty and then gets to dance with some favorite ladies.  Tata is a far more interesting person than any person in this season's cast.

Eddie hates his tribe for voting out hot Hope and keeping weak Laura, yet as a reminder there were no Laura votes and rather Shamar votes.  Laura's case isn't helped when she sucks at the reward challenge, but she's in the alliance with numbers and not the two jocks out.  Shamar does what he does best which is just sleep in the shelter all day and demand others bring food to him; this is his demands if they want him to stay in the game for numbers.  A stormy night rolls in with hurricane winds and Shamar's eye gets scratched, so medical comes to check out his eye.  Turns out the scratch is in a bad place and medical recommends pulling Shamar from the game to get it truly evaluated.  Shamar starts to cry (with his eyes shut) and he doesn't want to quit (ehhh), but he wants his vision.  Shamar is medivac'd from the game and we viewers breathe a sigh of relief to not deal with his childish tribe behavior anymore.

Immunity challenge!  The fans are shocked to see that Shamar is gone from Gota.  The latest immunity challenge is to race across floaties to leap and slam tiles to retrieve keys, which opens a chest of bags to throw at wooden blocks.  So yeah, another carnival game toss challenge.  The favorites begin their bag toss first while Laura continues to struggle with the locks for the fans.  Reynold continues his role as go-to for tossing and makes up major time, but it's not enough.  Phillip knocks all the blocks off and wins immunity for the favorites again.  Oh fans... what a bunch of losers.

Gota gives Reynold credit for being great at the challenge and giving them a fighting chance.  Reynold has his idol to play, but Eddie isn't as safe.  Matt, the ginger beard guy, tells Michael it would be a better move to keep the tribe strong and vote off Laura.  There goes the alliance?  Reynold fears Matt is setting him up to con him into not using the idol, but he also wonders if he should be safe and play it, but maybe get hosed a lose it.  Decisions!!  Sherri is concerned about the idea to vote off the weak because that means women and if Laura goes she's probably not far behind.

Torchs in-hand, Gota heads into Tribal Council for another night of fun.  While tension at camp is down without Shamar, he was a strong dude and they could always use that.  Sherri admits she only misses Shamar as being part of the alliance, meaning a number.  Eddie and Reynold try to make their case for strength, while Laura's argument is trust and loyalty to an alliance to get them far.  Sherri points out that even with Reynold and Eddie on the tribe they lose, so why keep them?  Reynold decides to play his immunity idol just in case (don't be a James, amirite?).  Reynold does get a vote, but Laura actually gets the majority and is eliminated from the game.