April 14, 2013

Reality Rundown: Bro-Down and Out

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Survivor: Caramoan

Survivor: Caramoan - The tribe splits into two teams of tribe for the reward challenge, which is to try to throw balls into a net to score (with one tribe member being a defender).  I think my favorite part is everyone's running start to throw while leaping into the water looks like the goofy throw I enjoy doing while shouting "Hooooops!"  Erik, Eddie, Cochran, Reynold and Michael win the reward to rapell down a waterfall and chow down on a picnic lunch.  A real bro-down full of open-mouth chewing, which excited Reynold who gets off on this jock stuff.  The guys pitch Cochran the idea of an all guys alliance, taking out the women who keep getting to the end (and winning) every season.  Thing is, Cochran is no bro and hates morons.

Eventhough ally Corinne is gone, Malcolm still feels strong. The fans like him and he's packin' an immunity idol.  Phillip brings Sheri into Stealth R Us because every goddamn person is in this fake alliance (she's OK with it because she tolerated Shemar).  Malcolm tries to finagle Sheri and Dawn to his side, who tell Andrea, and now Malcolm's on the radar.  Stealth R Us tell Malcolm they'll split votes between Reynold and Eddie, but in actuality they'll blindside Malcolm.  A lame love connection seems to be brewing between Andrea and Eddie.  While both are playing each other and hoping the other gets them farther, there's apparently an actual attraction. Yawn.

This week's immunity challenge is to get in the water under a steel grate.  The tide will come in and the water will rise, decreasing their space, and it's a matter of endurance.  Or drowning.  The water comes quickly so faces are pressed against the grates, hands are used to make snorkels to keep breathing.  Is this torture?  Brenda and Andrea are the final two, legs draped through the grates to keep them sturdy.  Andrea is gurgling but Brenda is motionless, not even noticing her victory unless someone moves her.  No one was voting for her anyways.  Honestly, I forget she's still here.

Malcolm feels this is the week to make a big move, so he tries to make good with the ladies.  Except they sense his lying.  Malcolm doesn't want Phillip out because he's a joke; he wants the actual leader, Andrea.  Dawn claims she'll be down with Malcolm if Reynold shows his idol, but Dawn points out Malcolm is dumb enough to listen to her again after she is the one who tattled on Corinne.  Reynold shows Dawn the idol and tells her not to screw him.  Except Dawn doesn't care for a threat.  When word gets around that the votes may be split between Eddie and Reynold, Eddie confronts Andrea about what's going on.  She won't say the final plans and Eddie warns her that if Reynold plays his idol, he's going home.  Then Andrea believes she's going home, so she caves on the plan and recommends a safer choice of Michael because he doesn't have an idol.  Dawn begs to vote Malcolm, whining that he doesn't have an idol.  Oh this editing is killing me!

Enil Edam arrives at Tribal Council and I have no idea what's going to happen.  Except the women are wearing Buddy Bands ("Hey, they work").  Phillip blabs about Stealth R Us and announces openly that Sheri has been brought into the crew.  Michael points out that their alliance is breaking because they took out a favorite before eradicating all the fans.  Andrea mentions that this is a game changing time, Phillip comments on it, and Malcolm begins to come-to and realize what could be going down.  Malcolm votes for Reynold based on confusion.  The tribe votes and Jeff tallies the votes.  When probed about playing an idol, Reynold stands up to play it.  Malcolm asks Reynold to "hold up" because he's sure all the votes are for him, not Reynold, and he needs that immunity necklace.  And Reynold does it.  Malcolm's votes against him won't count... except he gets no votes.  Three votes for Andrea come in, one for Reynold (that was Malcolm), and the rest pour in for Michael.  Michael is eliminated and Malcolm got played. BUT... it's Reynold's idol that's gone, not his.  Pretty sneaky, sis.