April 7, 2013

Reality Rundown: Hey Guys, It's a Blindside

The Amazing Race - The racers remain in Africa this week, relying on cars to drive themselves to their various locations.  Some racers (country singers, Max/Katie) aren't so keen on speed limits and get tickets that have to be paid immediately.  So much for the "race" part.

The hockey players Bates and Anthony complete the Fast Forward of staying up on waterskiis for a mile in crocodile infested water.  There's no crocs while the ski, but we do see some creeping from the reeds after the task is completed.  The others teams proceed with the other tasks, starting with a Detour to deliver baby boats while paddling a carved out canoe.  And the goats are adorable!  The next clue reveals a Detour to play memory with animal cutouts or to get donkeys to haul firewood.  Even with a speed bump and having to pay their fine at the police station, Max and Katie avoid elimination.  It's BFFs Pam and Winnie who suck at understanding the cutout silhouette of a rhino vs. a hippo that gets them eliminated.

Survivor: Caramoan - Bikal and Gota merge into one tribe, living on Bikal's loser beach now. Their new big ass tribe celebrates with new green buffs, a name Edil Edam (Malcolm's mom's name backwards), and a chest of food and wine. Most importantly, the tribe flag they paint has a helicopter. H.R.E.A.M! Phillip begins his usual annoying scrambling to get his gang together and wipe out the fans first. Corinne and Malcolm whisper together about the awfulness of Phillip, and Malcolm lets her know he's got the Erik/Reynold/Eddie and she's got Michael. Six person alliance on the rise? First week, take out Sherri who no1currs. Second week, blindside the other favorites.

The first individual immunity challenge is something we haven't seen in awhile: a nasty eating challenge! I'm so excited for this classic Survivor throwback.  The delicacies going down the hatch include beetle larvae,  ship worms (ocean termites, basically), and balut (duck embryos).  Balut is so nasty, inside the shell, feathers and beak still on it.  I could vomit just looking at balut.  The final round is Cochran vs. Malcolm chowing down on pig brain which I'm sure is the hotness we all imagined.  Cochran "The Ginger Kobashi" pulls out a victory with a lovable grin and a bit of bragging cause he can get away with it.

Time for the alliance scrambles.  Malcolm and Corinne's alliance seems in place, but there's a few stragglers.  Phillip would like to split the votes between Eddie and Reynold, the two strongboys.  Corinne isn't a fan of splitting votes and recommends taking out Sherri since no one likes her anyways.  Corinne is tired of Phillip bossing them around and urges the other favorites to band together, defy Phillip, and vote as a solid block for Sherri.  Corinne's rage is sort brewing over and she starts maybe talking too much.  Corinne tries to bring Dawn in as their 7th, which gives Dawn flashbacks of her last time playing where she didn't forewarn the alliance of a betrayal.  So Dawn tells Cochran what's going down, who tells Andrea, who tells Phillip and now Corinne is in some major hot water.  Phillip demands Sherri vote with them and while she wants to stick around, Sherri wisely hates Phillip.

Tribal time!  The discussion begins about the fans being considerably outnumbered and likely to be picked off.  The favorites know that at some point they each will be blindsided or as Corinne sum it up "get punched in the face."  All things considered, a quick tribal chat with nothing that important happening.  The votes are cast with 5 votes pouring out for Sherri... until the Corinne votes start popping up, completely shocking her.  With 7 votes, Corinne is completely blindsided out of the game.