May 5, 2013

Reality Rundown: Second-Time Blindside

The Amazing Race &bull Survivor: Caramoan

The Amazing Race - The race moves onto Edinburgh, Scotland to drive a different product placement Ford. "Caution, U-Turn Ahead," warns the clue. Katie/Max, hockey players, and country singers are aligned and plan to U-Turn Meghan/Joey and the roller derby moms. There's a moment of joy for Meghan/Joey and the derby moms when they get on the early flight, but the others are able to finagle their way onto an even earlier flight. So lots of excitement and hoopla editing for nada.

At a stunning estate named Gosford House (it looks like Scottish Downton Abbey!), the teams encounter their first clue: a Detour to play bagpipes while walking around. It hurts my ears but internally I laugh a lot at all the double entendre of country singer Caroline's inability to blow and tired mouth from blowing. Stop #2 on the race is another classy home, the Craig Miller castle, where they find their Detour clue. This week's Detour is to fill an ox's intestine with other gross organs, seasonings, and oats or roll whiskey barrels. The hockey players choose the barrels because, duh, jocks. They also show off their strength by carrying, not rolling, the barrels. The puddin' stuffing gets even more annoying by some dude in historical garb reciting a poem about haggis. Before the roller derby moms can indulge in their haggis making dreams, they have to play skittles (it's ten pin bowling with no holes in the ball) for the Speedbump for surviving non-elimination.

The U-Turn is finally crossed and the hockey players arrive first. They U-Turn Meghan/Joey, who are unable to U-Turn anyone as they U-Turned another team in a previous leg. Max/Katie then U-Turn Mona/Beth (derby moms), so double shitty tasks for them. I think it's unfair to have Speedbumps and U-Turns on the same leg as it allows a team to be doubly screwed. The Pit Stop is a cobblestone alleyway, which is a cool change of pace from monuments and giant estates. Max and Katie are able to better navigate and arrive minutes before the hockey players. Greeted by Jekyll and Hyde (and Phil), they win $10,000 each so looks like they'll be able to pay off that wedding real quickly. The bottom of the group complete the haggis Detour, then get kicked in the gut with the barrel rolling. Mona and Beth check in as team #4, which means entertaining Meghan and Joey are eliminated from the race.

Survivor: Caramoan - This week's immunity challenge is to straddle a floating triangle, balancing as they move up pegs until you're standing atop a bitty perch. Not only is this an immunity challenge, but Probst also has a little scroll of information for the winner. Eddie and Erik both leap off practically immediately when Probst offers donuts to quit. Eddie is a moron. The guys is in an alliance of two vs. six and on the chopping block. Please vote off this moron. Cochran quits shortly after for some hot dogs. As the survivors end up wearily balancing on their pedestals, the wind kicks in more and begins causing more of a struggle. Andrea and Brenda don't want to quit, promising to share the clue regardless of who won, so they make up their own rule to move to one foot. Brenda falls and Andrea wins immunity and information.

Realizing that Brenda might be a threat, Andrea regrets sharing the clue with her but shares it with her alliance. Erik finds the idol and hands it over to Andrea like a moron. Oh Erik, still so willing to give an immunity idol to a pretty girl. Even with the two obvious sacrifices of Eddie and Reynold around, Andrea brings up to Cochran the idea of blindsiding Brenda. It's quickly off to Tribal at the halfway point of the episode, so yay, two tribals! Probst asks why their tight alliance didn't make a deal at the challenge instead of battling it out. It's all about timing and now is too early to blindside of risk keeping physical competitors around. Reynold is voted off and heads over to the other side of the jury to join the jury.

Erik wins immunity in the second challenge of the week, an obstacle course and puzzle competition.  With the obvious move of Reynold out, it may finally be time for a blindside (because let's face it, Eddie's nothing).  Andrea begins her whispering to blindside Brenda out of the game at Tribal, confident she's got this lined up.  Andrea does have an immunity idol now and she'll play it if things seem wonky, but she's confident she's calling the shots.  Brenda's on the other side planning to vote for Andrea, blindsiding her instead.  Cochran's suggestion is to boringly split the vote AGAIN with Erik being the swing vote AGAIN.

Tribal Time... AGAIN!  Eddie relishes his position as being the odd man out and easily expendable any time, not necessarily tonight.  Everyone agrees with one thing: everyone is lying and everyone is making fake final three deals.  Andrea announces her hidden immunity idol, but everyone knows she has it and has only a couple more chances to play it.  The votes are cast and Andrea chooses to hold onto her idol.  The votes are read... and it's 2 for Brenda, 2 for Eddie, and 2 for Andrea.  "What?!" shrieks Andrea.  The last vote out of the barrel: Andrea.  Blindsided out of Survivor for a second time!