June 24, 2013

Big Brother 15 Pre-Show Winner Prediction

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Summer is here and while the majority of the world is thinking beaches and barbeque, anyone reading this looks forward to summer for one reason: Big Brother!  Season 15 of Big Brother starts this Wednesday (the 26th- set your DVRs) and is lasting even longer this summer.  And because it's a favorite game of mine, as I love failing, it's time to make my god-awful Pre-Show Winner Prediction for Big Brother 15.  You may recall last year my pick Frank should've gone home week 3, keeping my curse alive, but some lame-ass twist ruined in.  In my mind though, I succeeded.

And with that, ladies and gentlemen, non-houseguests, Chenbots....

Melissa predicts....

McCrae will win Big Brother 15

As it always happens, I hate most cast pre-season.  Having St. Jeff Schroeder didn't help their case, but as usual it's a bunch of attractive people who just want to bang on closed circuit TV.  There are a fair amount of actual BB fans this time, people who would actually understand the game.  Someone like Spencer could do well, but when he described himself as "polarizing" it's a red flag in a game about sorta making friends.  Helen seems like the best female candidate to go far and that's just because I didn't watch her video (it didn't work) and therefore she didn't irk me like the other women.  David's picture is the ultimate derp face and I won't be surprised if he lasts a long time.  Truth be told I was really considering Jeremy who is one of the better looking guys (not great male eye candy this season) and strong enough to last, but I also actually wanted a person to route for.  

That's why I picked McCrae.  Some thing he'll go fast because of the Ian effect, but some of these dummies won't even consider that.  I see the true fans maybe getting together to protect each other because the hotties they cast definitely never watched this show.  McCrae seems like a fun, laid back guy who knows the game well enough to play under the radar.  And his job as pizza delivery guy will have everyone thinking he's a non-entity.  And given he's a huge BB fan and this season is going to ask for fan interaction, I feel like the BB boards will throw him their support.  I've got my metaphorical money on you McCrae so let's bring home a victory!

...or week 3 elimination.

Who do you predict will win Big Brother 15? Tweet me @melgotserved with your pick to hopefully claim the glory others have felt before.