June 23, 2013

Reality Rundown: Let the Dancing Begin!

6/23/2013 Posted by Mel Got Served , No comments
New! So You Think You Can Dance - Another summer of dancing, people!  I for one am very excited given this season's top 20.  I wasn't that into last season overall, but this season they've cast some great diversity in genres that should make for entertaining personalities and dancing.  As usual, I skipped recapping auditions because that's boring to cover.  But this week is the wrap-up of Vegas week and the introduction of the Top 20 dancing in their specialty.  Everybody let's daaaaaaaance!

The night starts with hip hop, featuring krumper Mariah and lovable personality Fik-shun.  Mariah was one I wish made it last season but is on now and will be kickass (I know it).  Fik-Shun has an amazing smile and captures your eye, but his dancing skills will definitely be tested.  There are three tappers this season, Alexis, Curtis, and Aaron (who is an alternate who took over an injured hip hoppers spot).  Their tap routine is the best this show's ever had and made me enjoy tap, a style of dance that admittedly ain't mah fave.  The first four contemporary dancers perform a beautiful routine and Makenzie stands out as an early frontrunner (also in this number is Jasmine H, Nico, and Tucker).  There's a contemporary trio of battling 50s housewives choreographed by returnee Mia Michaels and I loved the dancing by Carlos, Hayley, and Malece but the emotions weren't fully there yet.  Amy and Jasmine M round out contemporary, though the show avoids naming their specialty since it's a shitload of female contemporary (as usual).

The ballroom number is fun, even after having to see two brothers compete for the final spot on the show.  The ballroom dancers of the season are Brittany, Alan, Jenna, and Paul.  Louis van Amstel from Dancing with the Stars did the choreography and I need to say the best thing Lisa Rinna ever did was convince that man to cut his hair.  And the biggest "risk" of the season, as Nigel reminds us over and over, is having two animators in their cast: BluPrint and Jade (he's tiny, adorable, and my early favorite).  Their routine of mannequins come to life kicks ass.  I'd much rather seeing two unique dancers who might struggle learning choreography than an overload of contemporary dancers doing the same leaps and hands-in-the-air-to-the-lord move.

Once the top 20 are announced, the girls all dance together in a mediocre routine set to "Let's Have a Kiki."  I found the moves unchallenging and the routine uninspired.  It felt like a cheerleading routine without stunting.  However it's hard to watch the girls after the boys routine blows the fucking roof off.  Choreographed by Christopher Scott, the boys used sand as props.  It's like a Bellagio Hotel water show with dance.  It's awe-inspiring, one of the best routines in recent memory.  And then the top 20 come to together for one big ol' Sonja Tayeh routine with this sort of futuristic boys vs. girls battle.  After this top 20 introduction, I have a feeling we're in for a great season of dance.