July 13, 2013

Big Brother 15: Creepy Clowns and a Bunch of Racists

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Big Brother 15 - Week 2

When we last left off, the Head of Household competition just began to work in pairs to transport BBQ sauce to the jug with the ball.  The only person who would needs this explained to them is someone who has never seen this show before because we've seen this competition every season, just a different liquid.  Everyone slips and falls (except Amanda who scoots like an itchy butt dog) and there's BBQ sauce all around.  Nick and Judd are the first team to complete the "big scoop" jug, followed up by Howard and Jessie, which means they'll be able to transport more sauce.  The big scoop definitely lets the pairs catch-up to frontrunners Elissa/Andy and Aaryn/Jeremy.  Jeremy and Aaryn retrieve the ball first and decide to give Aaryn the title of HOH.  To choose the Have Nots, Aaryn asks who voted out David (no one answers even after GinaMarie obnoxiously says, "Don't be scrubs, raise ya hands") so she then gives to last week's Have Nots (Elissa, Helen, Andy) and Candice.

Aaryn is on a pissy rampage to get to the bottom of who voted out David.  Spencer covers his tracks by conversing with Candice before votes and saying to vote out Elissa.  Andy comes clean to a teary Aaryn that he voted David out, hoping his honesty can cover his ass.  Once Aaryn gets her HOH room and creepy clown doll, her group of turd alliance plots of who to nominate alongside Elissa and seek vengeance for David.  Aaryn even threatens to cut of Nick's penis if he was the mastermind.  Cover your junk, Nick!  Cue creepy clown zoom in.  Jessie, who seems to give two shits about the game, will protect Nick's junk, stalking him around the house desperate for a showmance.  But it's Candice who is the wisest in the house who begins to piece together the potential that there's an all-guys alliance going on.

The show FINALLY goes there and addresses the racism in the house.  Howard tells some of the houseguests he's overheard Aaryn say some derogatory remarks.  The show then proceeds to show all the awful, hateful things Aaryn and GineMarie have said (Spencer, Jeremy and Kaitlin are off the hook in this edit).  Howard explains this is the kind of thing that makes him want to get angry, but this is a game about keeping your cool.  I'm glad CBS aired these comments as not address them falsified the game, giving a limited and skewed edit in a season that largely depends on America's influence.  While the show didn't fully address all the HGs using these slurs, I'm glad at least a big chunk was shown.

Helen tries to make a deal with Aaryn, suggesting a partnership to get them further than no one would suspect.  Helen is a top contender for a nominee against Elissa, but Spencer would prefer keeping Elissa.  Spencer's recommendation is taking out a stronger female, Amanda, who is all over McCrae and whispering to everyone.  Jeremy heads up to HOH and tells Aaryn that Amanda masterminded taking out David, thus deflecting the blame from the secret Moving Company, so nominate her against Elissa and either way you lose someone the house doesn't want.  Aaryn decides to nominate Elissa for making waves and Helen for being friends with Elissa.

Elissa is not shocked by her nomination, Helen cries but still tries to keep that deal she recommended to Aaryn (who also thinks it could be good).  There's a good chance for Helen and Elissa to be safe because, shocker, Elissa wins MVP again thanks to the Rachel supporters.  Elissa now gets to nominate a third houseguest for eviction and she chooses strong house jackass Jeremy.  He now gets to play in the veto competition along with the other nominees and the selected players (Nick and Amanda).  Elissa offers Nick a two week deal of safety if he throws the POV, he hesistates and sorta says OK, but she warns that she'll nominate him if she crosses him.  What he's not safe from?  The awkward advances of GinaMarie who can't read the "he's not that into you" signals.

Dressed a big trampy baby, GinaMarie introduces a video of past houseguest Brittany all preggo (congrats gurl!).  Everyone competing gets costumed in bright colored footie pajmas and gets into their crib.  The competition is to retrieve stuffed animals and hang them onto beams to create a balanced mobile.  It's pretty tricky to get the animals to balance without it immediately slipping to the ground.  Cue a baby cry and some honks whenever the mobile falls.  Jeremy figures out the ideal balancing strategy and wins the veto, ripping off his onesie in the process.  And then refusing to take off the veto all night even in the hot tub.  Arrogant turd.

Jeremy and Kaitlin celebrate his victory by smooching and then Kaitlin getting paranoid she'll be up on the block.  Cue the porn music, kiss, worry about nominations, kiss again.  Wait, Jeremy has turquoise parachute pants?  Jeremy works to protect his womun and gives the Moving Company an ultimatum to vote or Elisse or feel his wrath.  Careful Mr. Bossy Parachute Pants, the bros aren't here to take your orders.  Candice and Elissa talk and they'd love to take a strong guy out because there's suspicion of the all-guy alliance.  When Elissa learns Jeremy and Nick are aligned, that's a great reason for Nick to be a bigger target except she made that deal.  So Elissa approaches Nick to see if she saved him and nominated Kaitlin who he vote her out, but he won't give an answer which means "Nope, still voting you out."  And with that MVP Elissa gives Nick an F-U and names him the replacement nominee.

There isn't any major sweating about Nick's nomination because they have the secret Moving Company alliance to protect him.  Their one weak link is McCrae who is being seduced by busty, bossy, strong player Amanda who really wants to keep Elissa and have the MVP vote locked up.  Candice wants to rally together to take Nick out so that a boy's alliance won't dominate the game.  Jessie, who's a big unknown spending most of this game trying to find a boyfriend and get the cool kids to like her, is a major swing vote and Elissa's persuasion, and Helen's corny poker metaphor (two pairs vs. a royal flush) seems to get her to the other side. This big move will show where house loyalties lie since several people are playing everyone.

After Julie interviews the house and sorta gets a dig in at Aaryn, the show takes another segment to focus on the racial remarks in the house.  It's headline news now that the show can't avoid like they'd hope.  Amanda approaches Aaryn to sort of give her a warning that while she knows she's probably joking, others don't see it that way.  "That's the most obnoxious, annoying thing I've ever heard," Aaryn responds.  She compares it to people calling her Barbie and being blonde which, c'mon WTF you moron.  Oh Aaryn, you are in the deepest of shit and have no clue.

The nominees make their last plea which includes an annoying, loud shoutout speech from Nick and Elissa urging them to want to win Big Brother not just evict Rachel's sister.  Jeremy, Kaitlin, GinaMarie and Howard vote to evict Elissa, but the rest of the house blindsides Nick and votes him out of the house.  He's stunned and Gina Marie is a sobbing mess like they stabbed Nick and left him to die outside the Big Brother doors.  "What is going through your brain right now?" Julie Chen asks Nick.  He thinks Spencer flipped and was influential enough to sway the votes.  He's surprised that both Spencer and McCrae voted him out, then they make GinaMarie wisecracks.  "I think you should've kissed Jessie, she might've give you a vote!" snarks Julie and I love it.

Heading into the HOH competition, we're shown a video from the wee morning hours when the houseguests find a luggage terminal in the backyard to memorize.  The competition "Overnight Delivery" is true/false quiz about what they saw on the carousel.  After narrowing it down to five, there's a tie-breaker question about the number of cans of "BB Cola" delivered and four of those people get it exactly right.  The final tie-breaker is about Jeremy's time to win the veto competition in seconds and Helen wins Head of Household.  Helen is being a contender, y'all.