July 28, 2013

Big Brother 15: Froyo Grossout

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Big Brother 15 - Week 4
Jeremy is gone and Judd reigns as HOH.  GinaMarie thinks her and the mean girls can flirt their way to safety with Judd, but he's not a moron.  Besides, America is the MVP this week (unbeknownst to the house) and it's quite possible the assholes with the bad edit will be nominated.  Amanda starts her domination right away suggesting Howard/Candice or Aaryn/Kaitlin.  "If you want an HOH, win one yourself," Judd tells us.  But he's definitely still torn on who to nominate.

A romance might be blooming between Candice and Howard, but it's sweet and more like a growing friendship.  You know like not having sex on camera in three weeks.  However, the babytalk has gotta stop.  Meanwhile, GinaMarie sucks at the English language but we've known that since she said "fallin' ta pizzas."  GinaMarie and Aaryn start bickering because Aaryn's negative about nominations and then brings up Nick for the hundred thousandth time.

After much time filling this episode, the Have/Have Not competition commences.  The backyard is now the Big Brother Froyo Shop and the teams need to eat as much froyo as possible.  While there's a treat in a chocolate/vanilla swirl, there's a torturous taste of anchovy habernero and everyone has to indulge in both flavors.  The goal is to gain the most weight and whichever teams gains the least from the ice cream will be the Have Nots.  GinaMarie is killing it because she has no taste.  Everyone holds back their vomit by McCrae just can't do it and ralphs right before weigh-in.  The orange team, Andy, Spencer, Candice, and Jessie are Have Nots.

Still pondering what to do, Judd consults Amanda to get bossed around a little and ultimately disagree with her thoughts.  She feels strongly about nominating Spencer, Howard, or Candice as they are a strong trio, particularly Howard.  Amanda's hard-up on Howard because he's onto her and targeting Amanda and possibly McCrae.  Amanda is pushing too hard and she's about to get caught, bad.  Judd and Elissa talk and she doesn't think this week's twist will screw him over.  She gives him some honest consult, like nominating GinaMarie is a total waste.  Elissa thinks Aaryn needs to go because she just fights with everyone.  Judd caves to the whims of the house and nominates Aaryn alongside Kaitlin.  No brainer, but if America voted Aaryn for the MVP nomination this week, who will be next in line to be the third nominee?

Aaryn's not mad about her nomination, but took what Judd said to heart and worries about things she's said and drama started.  Judd assures Aaryn she is just a pawn.  Howard just hopes he's no nominated by the MVP because strong dudes have been sent out the door all three weeks.  It's all Amanda's praying for in case you haven't heard her yelling about it.  Howard and Spencer whisper about creating a new alliance with Judd, Kaitlin, and GinaMarie to take out the main alliance the house.  Elissa sits around all day awaiting the Diary Room to call her and let her know she's MVP, but they never call and now Elissa's pointless without being able to use her.  America is MVP and a few speculate this could happen, but it's still a shitshow when it goes down.  You see that's because Rachel Reilly supporters don't listen/read and Elissa is nominated as MVP. Now it's possible people hate Elissa, but really isn't the idea that a bunch of sheep voted willy-nilly far funnier?  A couple wonder if Elissa nominated herself in the ballsiest move ever, while Elissa accuses the mean girls of doing it.

Andy hosts the Power of Veto competition where the backyard is hosting the "Veto Election" complete with voting booths and a mud pit, like all polling stations.  They players need to trudge through the mud to find ballots with points, keeping a maximum of four ballots to get the highest score.  Some of the ballots include punishments or rewards so here comes someone who's like "Screw this, I need some cash."  That person is McCrae who initially plans to win it but finds the cash all too tempting.  Helen takes a two night 8pm curfew for a measly 10 points towards her final 29.  Judd has 38 votes, 18 of which is a punishment to stay in solitary confinement.  Elissa uses a 20 point ballot that makes her sit out of next week's veto, but she wins this week's veto with 40 points and means the next most-hated person by America is taking her place on the block.

Judd is sent nearly immediately to solitary confinement which is the lounge with a little toilet, some slop, and an alarm clock that will go off every nine minutes the entire time (snooze button is for losers).  Helen gets a child's bedtime while the house  continues to scheme in her absence.  The rest of the house celebrates McCrae's 24th birthday with a sexy one-piece swimsuit and a whip.  "Who wears a one-piece?" Elissa asks, and then constantly shits all over Amanda and her body.  Amanda heads to the toilet to cry about her supposed alliance member being a total bitch about her.  Judd is eventually freed from solitary confinement, leading into the veto ceremony.  Elissa removes herself from the block with her veto and the MVP (America) nominates GinaMarie for eviction, the next in line for votes for most-hated.

On Thursday's episode, the Chenbot gives us the downlow about America as the MVP.  America overwhelmingly voted Aaryn (no shit), but Judd nominated her so the nomination went to second most votes (Elissa), and once Elissa saved herself the third most (GinaMarie).  GinaMarie is shocked to be nominated as she thinks she's well-liked and it hurts how much I roll my eyes at this.  Aaryn campaigns hard to stay in the game, pointing out that Kaitlin is actually a strong competitor and GinaMarie is a negative turd.  Judd likes the idea of keeping Aaryn, as she'll continue to be a target, but Elissa is insistent to eradicate the Aaryn problem.  To win Elissa's trust, Aaryn makes some bold promises like throwing HOH or give the others nomination power.  Oh you are total idiots if you buy this.  

Judd decides to ditch the alliance he made earlier in the week, but out all the others to put them in the fire.  As Helen always does, she blabs this news to anyone she can re: Judd's alliance - first stop being Elissa and Amanda.  Elissa quietly asks Kaitlin in the kitchen and tips her off enough that the blindside plan might not be so shocking come eviction.  Aaryn's pissed that the deal might be off, so she tells Helen who is also annoyed that Elissa is ruining shit.  Nearly the entire house end up meeting to address this supposed alliance, with Judd keeping veeeeery quiet for outing them.  Bicker, bicker, catfight.

After their speeches where the studio audience cackles when GinaMarie thanks Nick, Kaitlin is unanimously evicted from the Big Brother house.  She's pissed that everyone lied to her but a true fan of this show would know the pawn always goes home.  Kaitlin also learns the at-home audience dubbed her and her house pals "Mean Girls."  Julie Chen is basically trying to telling Kaitlin that Aaryn is getting the title of house racist in so many words, which is fun to hear Julie talk about in circles.  Kaitlin's heading off to Vegas but in terms of Jeremy?  It's a whatevs to her.  GURL POWER.

America is the MVP again this week so hopefully Elissa's fans actually get a clue and listen to instructions.  "Roulette Me Win" is the Head of Household competition this week where each houseguest rolls a ball to land onto a big spinning roulette wheel.  Highest number wins and for any roulette addicts like me, the wheel has only one zero (double zero = the worst).  Aaryn sucks but it's fun to see the house in disarray when the season villain wins HOH.  Looks like they're all idiots for thinking she'd simply throw a competition.  And for some reason they interview Jeff Schroeder- WHO CARES.