July 1, 2013

Reality Rundown: So Much Week 1 Talent

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So You Think You Can Dance - Top 20

After a long weekend vacation I'm finally posting my So You Think You Can Dance recap, which already seems dated. But to sum up the episode: talent!  This top 20 is really talented and only one routine of ten was terrible.  The others were all amazing which is why I'm prefacing my favorites/lease favorites but saying these are my favorite routines and not necessarily the best.

Who knew the animators and hip hop dancers would come through in the first week as the best?  BluPrint and Brittany take on this sexy Afro Jazz number that's so Cirque du Soleil/Lion King/Pure Mood Volume 1.  Mary puts them on that oh-so-annoying Hot Tamale Train but it still matters to people so good for them.  Continuing to blow minds, after a crappy intro week in his own genre, hip hop dancer Fikshun nails a Sonja Tayeh contemporary piece with his partner Amy.  There's an angry passion with beautiful movement and chemistry.  It's stunning how good this was week on.  Wrapping up my 3 favorites is Hayley and Curtis' seductive hip hop which totally sums it up.  It was so hot and Hayley really got over her discomfort of not dancing cute but really getting nastay.

Onto my least favorites.  Unfortunately my girl Mariah and her partner Carlos got jive week one, which is just asking for no votes. It was well-danced and cute, just not a routine that gets you to vote.  But truly the worst is Alexis' and Nico's hip hop which was truly abysmal. While it was a fun, light routine, the dancing was sloppy and out of sync.  It was like two non-hip hop dancers challenged each other to the saddest hip hop dance battle ever.  They'll 100% be in the bottom two.

And a quick summation of the others. There's a great Broadway by Jenna and Tucker who are commended about how professional it was.  Jasmine M and Alan peform this gorgeous contemporary piece by Travis Wall totally blindfolded (I'm sure it's on a lot of others favorites list this week).  Malece and Jade, decked out in some old Hollywood glamour, dance jazz.  Makenzie and Paul wonderfully dance their Viennesse Waltz that no one will vote for because it's more boring than others. Jasmine H and Aaron get into this sort of swampy jazz that's very cool and for a big dude, Aaron can really fly.  The whole top 20 performs a big show-opener together that happens both backstage and on the main stage, with cameos by the judges and choreographers. Nigel be tutting, yo!

Man, this is going to be a competitive season!