August 18, 2013

Big Brother 15: Wake Up, It's 3AM Running It All

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Big Brother 15 - Week 7
Before we can move on with our lives, the show rehashes the entire Thursday double eviction. Holy redundant except for a little commentary.  What I mainly get out of this is confirmation of GinaMarie's scumbaggery, taking her feud with Candice to ultimate lows.  Considering this was live, there seems to be A LOT of time to duck into private whisper sessions.  Aaryn's intent was to send Jessie to jury but a last minute suggestion by Helen to take a threat out, and a vow of safety, gets Aaryn to nominate Judd.  He's completely heartbroken and crushed, pleading for his housemates to save him.  The whole house cries over the betrayal of Judd and he wasn't pleased, denying goodbye hugs from Helen and Elissa.  And to think he let them wear the bear shirt!

But the power is switching again as it's time for another HOH competition.  In a head-to-head tournament style competition, players need to tilt a "cherry" down a banana to land it on top of a sundae.  If they're hellbent on making this a cherry, why make the balls green?  I see one player red, what about pink? (UPDATE: learned that canned cherries come in green for fruit cakes. Eww)  But props for the cool 50's diner setting for the competition. It makes me crave a trip to Johnny Rockets.  Surprising everyone, Andy wins the title of HOH and names Aaryn, GinaMarie, Helen and Elissa the Have Nots.  House BFF Andy is now going to have to hurt some feelings.

Amanda cries after the competition because McCrae didn't throw it to her.  "I don't win anything," she whines over and over because she's annoying.  Then her friends have to pacify her like a spoiled child.  Woe is Amanda.  The house (AKA Helen) would love to nominate Amanda and McCrae, not knowing that Andy is actually in tight with them and afraid to burn bridges with either of his alliances.  It's all fun to chase the HOH win so you get a basket of snacks and a private toilet to shit in, but when you're in a good spot and have to betray people near the end it's not so great.  And so Andy takes the boring nomination route, nominating Spencer and Jessie for eviction.

Jessie is Andy's target, but he makes sure to her she's not his target so he comes out clean and so it's a blindside.  Helen is surprised that Andy didn't nominate "McCranda" and wonders where Andy's true allegiance lies.  It's with Amanda, McCrae, and Aaryn who make a solid final four deal, naming their alliance 3AM.  Fearing Helen targeting them, Amanda recommends McCrae and Andy making a final deal with Helen to protect their group.  Helen buys into it all, especially since McCrae says no one could beat Amanda in the end.  It's true.  I mean, she's annoying as hell but she's played a mean game.  I thought Helen was smarter than this but I guess not.

Because Big Brother recycles competitions, the superfans deduce that a counting competition is likely this week's competition. The house makes a strategic decision to throw the veto and fold every hand to Helen until Helen eliminates Jessie. That's how you abuse the repetitive game system of this show. At the Big Brother Movie theater, there are three B-movie sets from "Blood, Bolts, and Bandages" with a bunch of stuff to count like plastic scorpions, hanging fake bats, chains, and other stupid hokey shit.  And so the plan to throw it to Helen begins to help keep nominations the same, with everyone smirking except Jessie who looks like she crapped her pants from stress.  Spencer decides Helen isn't bossing him around and starts playing for real, eliminating Helen right before her guaranteed victory.  Everyone has to actually compete, I get bored, then Andy wins the veto.

Spencer's lack of compliance sets off a red flag, wondering if he's more expendable since he refuses to go with the pack mentality.  Jessie tries to sway Andy to instead nominate a much more powerful player.  In most cases, so wise, however Andy's in a decent spot of having a solid secret alliance yet playing the other sides enough to last.  Helen oversteps her trust in McCrae, suggesting removing Amanda earlier then planned so now Helen's on blast.  So basically, everyone wants each other out. Duh.  Andy doesn't use the veto, leaving his nominations the same.

Jessie thinks Helen is being shady, blowing her off and then making it known that Jessie tried to get Amanda out before.  Jessie isn't having Helen's shenanigans and lies, fighting with Helen about putting the blame on Jessie when Helen did try to get out Amanda.  Later Jessie eavesdrops on everyone laughing about her being the target, so she goes on a rampage.  Jessie tells GinaMarie how Aaryn talks shit about her, which sprawls a whiny bicker-fest fight I truly want to mute so I can't hear GM's grating voice.  Jessie succeeds at being annoying, yet she'll never surpass Jessie "Mr. Pektacular" as most annoying Jessie ever.

Dressed in what we're debating is a potato sack, prison uniform, hospital scrubs, of a Phyllis Nefler homage, Julie questions the house about safety.  For once, the Twitter question is good, asking why everyone in this house is drinking the "it's for the house" Kool-Aid and not playing the game for themselves. Helen gives an awful answer because Helen is always blabbing.  And so the eviction plays out as it obviously will, and Jessie is unanimously evicted.  Jessie tells Julie Chen that she wishes she could've flipped the house but at least she left some seeds of doubt, especially against Helen.  At least she goes out in a dress riding up, nearly exposing her hoo-ha to the world.

In "Way Off Broadway," the houseguests face off in head-to-head rounds hearing a horrible song about what competitions happened this summer and guessing if it was for HOH, veto, or Have Nots.  Whoever wins the round also gets to name the next competitors, leading to a interesting knock-out battles.  After enduring many awful songs and poorly constructed taplight buzzers, Aaryn wins another HOH.  Aaryn's got a tough choice to make in the house, while blissfully unaware of the new twist: a juror will return to the game through a competition.