September 8, 2013

Big Brother 15: Cluck This Game

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Big Brother 15 - Week 10

A new week in the house begins where we left off, with the excruciatingly boring bunny hop and move eggs thru chicken wire competition.  It's the whole house against Amanda and McCrae, though they have no idea because they're drunk on power and delusion.  GinaMarie and Andy are the two best at the challenge, which is good for the Exterminators alliance.  After a lot of egg breaking bloopers with a weird fart/squish noise sound effect, GinaMarie wins Head of Household (and immediately shouts about it being for Nick - FML).  Spencer and Judd collect the least amount of eggs and win the low-stakes punishment of wearing a chicken suit.  Listen, it could be a Clowneytard.

Spencer and Andy receive their chicken suits and get into the groove, clucking and dancing.  GinaMarie's HOH room comes complete with lingerie and a Big Brother cast photo of Nick.  Ugh.  Amanda gets annoyed at Elissa being so happy for GM's HOH basket.  Elissa comments to Andy/Spencer that she's tired of Amanda and how horrible she is.  Amanda confirms she's horrible by being confrontational and overly arrogant.  Elissa laughs in her face because Amanda just has not a single clue.  Oh another uncomfortable moment in the Big Brother house, courtesy of Amanda.  The best? That Amanda thinks Elissa is the crazy bully.  McCrae tells Amanda to shut her mouth to avoid becoming targets (LOLZ).  Andy tells Elissa something similar but moreso, don't say anything to show she's the bigger person.  Amanda skulks around the house and cries about Elissa picking on her alllll the time.  Gurl, don't dish it if you can't take it.

There's a shitload of time this episode, so the house gets filled with balloons for a Luxury Competion.  There is $10,000 hidden in the balloons so the houseguests need to pop balloons to retrieve 3 chips to spell "10K."  Popping the balloons is hard so people use strategies, like shaking the see if there's a chip or pretending it's Amanda's head and stomping it with all your might.  Spencer finally wins something and is walking out of this house with an extra $10k in his chicken wing.

Amanda spends as must as her post-competition time kissing GinaMarie's ass, swooping in to tell GinaMarie now she can get vengeance on Elissa for sending Aaryn home.  Only because a miracle happened and Amanda actually won something in the necessary time.  Amanda is so overconfident yet so oblivious to the clear signs that McCranda are this week's target.  It's nonstop rants about hating Elissa and trying to coerce GM into beckoning to Amanda's every wish.  GM plays along with Amanda, which will make the nomination ceremony soooo sweet.  "You should nominate two people the house won't care about losing," Amanda says, unaware that the house hates her.  Come nomination ceremony, Amanda and McCrae are totally blindsided by the nominations.  After multiple attempts to take "dynamic," GinaMarie changes her speech to call them a power couple that needs to go.  She says Amanda is kiiiinda crazy and McCrae lost his fire once Amanda took over for him.  Tears abound for Amanda.

McCrae and Amanda moan about their nomination before Amanda goes into fully bitchy accusation mode against everyone.  Instead of taking the nomination with some class, Amanda gets pissy at GinaMarie for lying to her and not nominating Elissa.  GinaMarie is dumb but she's not dumb enough to let a showmance stay in the game.  Amanda is delusional enough to think everyone would save McCranda with the veto and that the game should be handed to them. Hoe, have a seat.  And so Amanda cries in the pizza boys arms because this is real love.  Then cries to Andy. She cries a lot because she's a poor sport.  Everyone else laughs because she's a delusional jerk.

The Exterminators come up with a weird pumping handshake and vow to get all the others out of the house to get to the final four.  And so the Exterminators and all the other jerks put on tutus for the bowling veto competition. Oh yeah, that makes sense.  What the players have to do is hold onto a rod and spin a bunch of times to move down a plank blocking the pins, then bowl to knock down the pins while resisting the urge to projectile vomit.  So it's dizzy bat with bowling.  Since you get to pick who you battle, everyone battles Amanda over and over to wear her out yet she's doing kinda awesome.  The Exterminators + Elissa use all their energy trying to eliminate the showmance but they can't.  McCrae and Amanda fight it out in the final round, with the pizza boy coming out victorious in nearly a photo finish.  Puking galore!

Amanda and McCrae continue their mopefest as they won't be able to makeout and do hand stuff under the covers while cameras film them for much longer.  "My game is over," cries Amanda. The house secretly cheers.  Since McCrae is coming off the block and Elissa nicely didn't nominate her once before, GinaMarie asks the Exterminators to rock, paper, scissors to see who is the replacement nominee.  The show cuts to the veto ceremony where Spencer is named the replacement nominee and sets the record of most times nominated in a season (seven, seven GD times he was a non-entity that never went home).

Eviction night is actually Double Eviction night and Big Brother's 500th episode. But before we get the good stuff, we need to see what happened the rest of the week between the veto ceremony and now.  Amanda believes she is nominated out of jealously because her and McCrae get freaky in the house and GM is solo.  Desperate, Amanda begs Elissa for a vote and it actually works, with an idea of a final four of Amanda, McCrae, Elissa and Andy. Exceeeeeept Andy isn't with McCranda anymore and this revelation will finally out his floating.  Andy chooses the Exterminators over his previous alliance and there's a tie between Amanda and Spencer. GinaMarie casts the tiebreaker and evicts Amanda with a "get ta steppin'."  Amanda tells Julie Chen she's not a bully but a speaker of the truth.  She seems to have no regrets and doesn't understand the more subtle attempts by the Chenbot to say we see/hear everything and hate ya.

And then the fast forward begins with the HOH competition.  It's the usual fast forward competition which is to race and retrieve a couple items and run back and forth. Instead of clown shoes, this time it's dog bones.  McCrae wins HOH which doesn't surprise me as the scorned always take home the victory.  He nominates GinaMarie and Elissa, which surprises me as I thought McCranda was pro-Elissa lately.  All the houseguests then compete in the veto competition of navigating a car through a maze.  Judd ends up winning the veto and everyone runs inside to bicker about something/blame Elissa for whatever (I think it was backdooring Judd previously).  Judd doesn't use the veto and the voting goes down predictably: Elissa is unanimously voted out.  She's dense enough to think McCrae voted out Amanda over Spencer (jeez), but explains she wanted to keep Amanda to keep a target off her.  And now two strong ladies are out.