September 29, 2013

Survivor Blood vs. Water: So Colton Didn't Learn Anything?

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Survivor: Blood vs. Water - Week 2

Marissa walks head-down to meet Rupert and Candice at Redemption Island. She's pretty pissed that she was voted off, especially since it's not because of her performance but her uncle's. Candice points out that Marissa called out Brad, challenging the irritating packmaster. But enough of their talk, Redemption Island battle time! Probst brings out the contenders and Marissa gets pissed at her tribe and tells her uncle why she's gone. Gervase promises more salt in Tadhana's wounds. The competition is to use a long pole to move spools through a wobbly puzzle and also stack those spools on top. Candice comes in first, getting to stay in the game and receives the honor of giving an immunity clue to one player (her husband John). Marissa finishes second meaning she stays in the game and Rupert is eliminated after bad spool placement knows them all over. Rupert has no regrets, "I love Survivor, but I love my wife more." A buff in the weak fire, and out walks Rupert.

Galang is loving life, giving each other massage chains while Colton rolls his eyes at this happy family moment. He wants to play dirty Survivor immediately while the rest of the tribe doesn't see the need to start whispering in the bushes until they lose. When Laura expresses relief almost that she can play alone without the caveman shadow of her husband, Colton's whining to camera again about it being so boring. Colton begins his scheming by whispering all sorts of lies to everyone and hardcore strategizing, stirring up annoying drama as he always does. A new alliance of Tyson, Aras, Gervase, Monica, and Tina forms out of their disdain for Colton and the pissy behavior he brings.

This week's Immunity Challenge is for three tribe members to be tied together and push a player through a barrel to collect balls, which are then rolled skee ball style into holes. On top of immunity, fishing gear! Damn, I was hoping for Mountain Dew. How the person being rolled into the barrel into projectile vomiting the entire time, I do not know. Gervase kills it in the skee ball portion, does a "That's for you!" shout for his Redemption Island trapped niece, and wins immunity for Galang. Ugh, Colton survives.

Brad seems to hate Gervase back at Tadhana camp, hoping for a future challenge to I guess physically brawl with him. Rachel seems to be their choice to go because maybe Tyson will switch with her. John doesn't love this idea because Tyson could defeat his wife at Redemption Island. John's hesitance doesn't go unnoticed, plus he could have the hidden immunity idol. Could six days be what it takes to destroy the five guys alliance?

Tribal Council time! Probst immediately brings up the 5 guys vs. 3 girls and could the tribe be split. Hayden gives a lousy answer that basically says of course we bonded and probably aligned. They address the fact that whoever goes home tonight is going to compete against John's wife, which is weird for John since he kinda wants his wife to stick around.  There's talk too of weakening the other tribe thanks to the swap-with-a-loved-one twist that probably went over most head's too busy staring at the fire.  For a brief second it looks like the guys turned on John, but nope, it's Katie and Ciera.  Instead Rachel is voted off and the big question is will this maneuver pay off?