September 9, 2013

Survivor: Blood vs. Water Pre-Show Winner Prediction

Some will call Christmas "the most wonderful time of the year." Not for me.  My most wonderful time of the year is when Survivor is on air and it's back on September 18th.  If you haven't heard, this season is called Survivor: Blood vs. Water and it's returning players versus their loved ones.  Spouses, siblings, children, family, and significant others will get the Survivor experience against the loved ones who have played before (and before and before and before if you're Rupert, ugh).  The great part of these pairs is only 10 bios and videos to watch to make my prediction (9 for me because I skipped Rupert. Are you sensing a pattern yet?)  And so I've got it, I've got my pre-show winner prediction.


Vytas will win Survivor: Blood vs. Water

I feel like most people will pick a returning castaway to win the game, and I was tempted, but I also feel the returnees aren't any spectacular players.  If anyone could shmooze their way to a repeat victory it would be Aras, but he'll be a quicker target because he won before.  I'm instead picking Aras' brother Vytas.  He seems like a calm, smart, physical, likable guy and since he works with people he's able to read people and deal with them.  He explained in his pre-show interview that he's a former addict and knows how to manipulate people, which is crucial in Survivor.  And of the pairing, they'll go after Aras first as a former winner.  From the written bios I thought Laura's daughter Ciera could be a good cutthroat player, but she revealed in videos she's not that competitive so nope, not happening.  I think who could make it far as a pair, once brought back together, is Candice and her husband John but I just don't see them winning.  The diehard fan in me wants Gervase to go far too.

So now that I've made my pre-show winner prediction, it's time for you to tell me yours.  Who do you think will win Survivor: Blood vs. Water?  Tweet your answer to @melgotserved or leave it in the comments.  You could win the [picture of a] trophy with your name on it!