October 6, 2013

Reality Rundown: An Amazing Lack of Reading

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The Amazing Race 23 - Week 1

Starting at an old west movie town which I'm praying is Bonanza City from Kid Nation, eleven teams meet to begin the crazy race around the globe. This season's pairings include former NFL teammates, theater performers, exes, cousins who call themselves "Afganimals," NHL ice crew teammates (AKA hot girls with cleavage), married ER physicians, father/daughter, oil plant workers, bearded childhood friends, a dating couple, and baseball wives. Man, they really tried to hit all the pro sports this season, huh?  The teams line up and learn from Phil they'll first be heading to Chile for their first destination, and first place wins an Express Pass for them and another team.

The teams meet and greet at the airport before arriving in Iquique, Chile to find their next clue from a fella named Javier.  That clue is the season's first Road Block where one partner follows the other, oh and the other person is paragliding (awesome).  And really isn't the cabbie the one doing the following?  Still, the chance to paraglide over Chile is pretty fantastic.  One of the baseball wives loses her shit about paragliding because someone is always afraid of heights and dying on television.  Once the follower finds their partner back on land, they drive to Muelle Prat for the next clue.

Muelle Prat's by the water and it's a second Road Block for the other teammate (the paraglider).  They have to row around crappy boats and collect fish from three specific boats.  But guys, sea lions are around!  The Afhanimals didn't read the clue properly and the wrong cousin started the Road Block and they have to switch.  After getting fish funk on them, teams get to race over the Pit Stop.  Nicole and Travis, the married doctors, arrive first but incur a 30 minute penalty for taking a taxi when the clue instructed them to"make their way by foot."  This error lets Tim and Marie (the exes) slide into first position and win the Expresses Passes.  The father/daughter team fall behind, then mis-read the clue like the Afganimals and have to switch. They check in hours after everyone in the dark of night, so that's a real downer to go out first and be so far behind.