October 6, 2013

Survivor Blood vs. Water: Bro Betrayal

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Survivor: Blood vs. Water - Week 3

The two tribes convene at Redemption Island for the later competition between Candice, Marissa,
and Rachel.  Tyson doesn't take the bait to switch with Rachel (she agrees he should stay), and she openly calls out Brad calling the shots on her former tribe.  Colton puts on the waterworks at Redemption after another morning of not getting his way of playing cutthroat Survivor.  Tyson's cupcake belt buckle? Infinitely more interesting than Colton's lies.  "I don't want to be here anymore," Colton sobs.  Colton hates his tribe and says it's a selfish move.  Probst calls Colton out BIG TIME: Colton feigned appendicitis last time and quit. It was med-evac.  His tribe joins in on calling him out which is since things aren't going his way he quits.  "We brought a quitter back and we got a quitter again," says Probst. God Probst is hot right now.  Colton cries and hugs his fiance Caleb, is denied burning his buff, and leaves.

Duel time (well truel, cause there's three).  The competition is essentially domino stacking across angled platforms, with trip wires around to monkey with their work.  The first two to finish stick around, last place loser.  Candice wins her second duel, giving the immunity clue again to her husband John.  It's weirdly tense considering it's dominoes.  Some fall early and ruin, others aren't falling enough to finish the whole run and set off the ball.  It is SO close, but Rachel's stack stops moving and Marissa's finishes.  Tyson's girlfriend Rachel is eliminated from the game and vengeance will be his (and that belt buckle's).

Tyson is pretty bummed Rachel went home, but he was able to ask if she had fun and she said yes. To Tyson, this is supposed to be a game of fun and if you let it eat you alive it'll kill you AKA Colton.  Tadhana has to reassure Brad isn't a tyrant (he is).  The bros don't care though because they're a solid team.  John sneaks off with his newest immunity idol clue, but decides to open up and share it with Brad to show trust.  John suggests they hunt for the idol separately to not raise any eyebrows, which makes Brad wonder if there is trust.

This week's Immunity Challenge is a brawl, y'all!  They'll beat the shit out of each other for immunity and comfort of pillows, blankets, etc..  Using jousting pillow things, two survivors meet on a center platform for the most violent pillow fight ever.  Tyson gets his shoulder popped, bringing in med to fix it, and tell him to sit out of the rest of the challenge.  It's fun to see Tina and her daughter Katie beat each other around, chasing each other, really going to town; Tina wins her match.  The big match is Aras and Vytas, who dreamt all day of battling.  Vytas plays possum to throw off Aras, but Aras still kicks his ass.  Laura beats her weak daughter Ciera, bringing victory to Galang again.

After recapping the challenge, the guys all talk about how the two girls they kept suck badly and lost to their mothers in a physical brawl.  Katie gets point for cooking the men dinner, but Ciera does nothing much.  But when John heads into the woods to find the idol, Brad has an epiphany: take out John.  Candice is killing it in Redemption and if she were to return, John's loyalty would flip to her instead of annoying Brad.  But Brad's a puss and doesn't want to cast a vote for John himself, relying on the women to make this vote happen (and his other bros to get their hands dirty).  And then they're like, wait a second, Brad is a threat because he's bossing us around and trying to get away with it. Blindside a-comin'!

Tribal Time!  The girls understand they're weak, especially in a brawl, but are embarrassed to have lost to their old moms.  Brad gets feisty about being called out at Redemption Island for controlling everyone.  John having two immunity idol clues makes him a bit more of a target, especially since he hasn't shared the clues with his bros.  No immunity idol is played, so Probst reads the votes.  John is voted out of the game, pretty shocked, and will now have to truel against his wife in Redemption Island.