October 20, 2013

Survivor Blood vs. Water: High Steaks

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Survivor: Blood vs. Water - Week 5

Tadhana is still in shock over what happened at Tribal and Hayden's nervous the bros are totally screwed.  John joins Redemption Island to interrupt John and Candice's spooning to beg forgiveness.  Monica gets all weepy when she sees her husband in the arena, but he tells her not to take his spot (phew).  The truel is to use planks to create a bridge and then use those planks again to solve a puzzle.  John finishes first, leaving rivals Candice and Brad to battle for safety (well she hates him for).  Brad beats Candice, eliminating her to a lot of cheers from Galang who clearly know nothing about Brad besides Monica's praise.  John gives Monica the immunity idol clue again and, with another shout from her husband, tosses it in the fire. BOR-ING!

Laura tries using her massage powers to gain an ally in Aras, but she's still on the outs.  Other Laura AKA Rupert's wife still doesn't feel connected to her tribe, her the newbie and them the hardened veterans.  Bur Brad's win against Candice, and their bond, raises a teeny flag with her tribe.  Tadhana is busy basking in their actual wounds, like toenails falling off and extreme bug bites.  Vytas is still playing the game while finally being chill with Brad gone.  Vytas is concerned about Caleb being a loose canon, maybe flipping to the girls.  But without Brad maybe Tadhana can become one less stressful tribe.

In this week's Immunity Challenge, the tribes get to slide down a bitchin' water slide and play ring toss.  First tribe to get five rings wins immunity and steaks, veggies, spices, and a wok.  A tribe united, Tadhana finally kills it in a challenge and wins immunity! And steak!  That's right even given the option of fishing gear for a long time they're like "STFU Probst, we want MEAT."

Now comes the part of the game Colton was begging for, but he's a quitter so he misses out on Galang's first stab at turning on each other.  Laura B is nervous for her first Tribal Council ever since she's definitely the outsider.  First strategy is to keep her eyes open and mouth shut, but Laura tells Kat how the girls who sat out (Monica M, Laura B) were bitching about her on the bench.  Kat brushes it off because desperate people say whatever to stick around.  But she's the most annoying on the tribe and the top candidate to go, but it's also really easy as Aras points out.  Aras and his bromance Tyson start some whispering about voting off Laura M instead to knock out Brad at Redemption (and remove Monica's loved one ally).

Tribal time! Galang lights their torches for the first time ever and get the fire represents life spiel.  Gervase talks about how different this game is 13 years later, having to hustle immediately or you'd go home first.  Tina reiterates this sentiment and adds in how hard the Blood vs. Water twist is.  The loved one partnerships is something everyone is pondering and while some will embrace their loved ones, others will dump 'em (Laura M).  Probst gets in his asshole question asking Laura B if she deserves to be there.  She makes her defense, to which Kat rolls her eyes (HA!).  An all Laura vote blindsides Laura M who is voted off to Redemption, while Rupert's wife Laura is still in it.