October 13, 2013

Survivor Blood vs. Water: The Legend of the Coconut Bandits

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Survivor: Blood vs. Water - Week 4

Candice is surprised to see her hubby joining her at Redemption Island, almost as surprised as John was after being blindsided.  Going into the arena for battle, Candice flips off the crowd and wishes it was someone for her/Marissa to take out together (like Brad).  Candice, Brad, and his wife Monica get into a squabble.  With that out of the way, this week's challenge is maneuvering a rope to retrieve a key, which unlocks the pieces to a Puzz3D.  John is nailing the puzzle, and Brad even tries to help from the sidelines to smooch butt.  Candice finishes her puzzle second, which eliminates Marissa and keeps the married couple around to brawl another time.  As a last item of business, John gives the immunity idol clue to Monica (per Candice's suggestion) to make her a target. Monica burns it because "our tribe's not interested."  And because she's in a dominant alliance. But it's hitting her that her husband sucks big time in this game.  Then Brad and Candice go play grab-ass while catching fish.

Brad's strategy is to keep around guys in his alliance with a loved one still around for a mega alliance come merge.  Colton's fiance Caleb is like "sheeeeeeeit," because sure enough Brad is thinking that.  Plus no one will shout at him for another 3 days, so it's win-win.  The other bros don't want to get "Johnned" but also know they have to keep Brad because he's a huge target that shields them for a long time to come.  Brad's wife Monica is all mopey at camp because everyone hates her husband, who she's sure is just being the best guy ever and making life heavenly for his tribe.  Gervase asks her to think of his as Brad on Survivor and not Brad her husband from Tampa, because it's a game and someone has to be the dick running things.  Meanwhile, Gervase and Tyson sneak off to drink coconuts and use a crowbar to poke holes instead of chopping. The tribe finds empty coconuts but without machete slashes, they blame crabs.  When in doubt, blame crabs.

This week's immunity challenge is for the tribes to paddle out to retrieve crates from the ocean, stack the crates to make stairs, and then solve a puzzle/combination.  Along with immunity, the winning tribe wins tea, coffee, croissants, and more breakfast goodies.  Despite being injured, Tyson participates in the challenge because they want to win and Tina and Kat are mediocre.  Tadhana really steps it up this challenge, until the puzzle where Galang sweeps in and wins. BREAKFAST PARTY!

Tadhana does their usual downtrodden loser trek back to camp to bask in their poor performance.  The bros ask Brad to come "get water" but he declines to stay and tell the women to vote off Caleb.  The other guys want to vote off Ciera since she sucks at puzzles.  By blowing off the bros, Brad raises suspicion with the other guys.  But he's a mega target to shield them, so Ciera still seems like a better option.

Tribal Time! Probst brings up the obvious: you don't dream about coming on Survivor and always losing.  Ciera kinda admits she sucks at puzzles, but says she has benefits to keep around (do tell).  Brad passes the blame about running everything, then accidentally outs that it would be easier to get rid of someone who doesn't have a loved one to shout at him.  Well this tribe is fractured with trust being lost bit by bit.  And since Brad outed his thoughts, Caleb turns and openly says "I'm voting Brad now and you can too."  He baffles the tribe who is completely torn how to vote now.  Caleb stirred shizz up in the best way!  The votes come in as a 3-3 tie for Brad and Ciera.  A re-vote happens, where Hayden has the hardest time ever making a choice.  Holy awesome, the re-vote results in a 3-1 vote to eliminate Brad.  He leaves far classier than he played, but the Twitterverse is cheering at Brad's demise.