October 27, 2013

Survivor Blood vs. Water: Let's Poorly Shuffle Up the Tribes

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Survivor: Blood vs. Water - Week 6

Galang rehashes their surprising vote and Aras realizes he's becoming an unintentional ringleader which means target.  Tyson and Gervase are worried Aras and his brother come merge and know maybe sooner rather than later they'll have to ditch their buddy.  But first: Redemption Island truel! Ciera gets a little teary when she sees her mom but had a gut feeling something bad happened.  The competition is to collect numbered tiles from a balance beam and then place them in order from 1 to 100.  So a pretty damn easy challenge except for poor balance.  Laura M easily wins, as they expected, and John comes in second. Brad is gone! America cheers!  "You're free," Brad tells his wife Monica.  Laura M. gives the idol clue to Vytas to make him a target, so he burns it.  Go Vytas, don't be a target!

BUT, twist time!  Before leaving Redemption Island, Probst announces a tribe shuffle.  Through mystery pulls, Galang is Monica, Tina, Katie, Kat, Laura B, and Vytas; Tadhana becomes Gervase, Caleb, Aras, Tyson, Hayden and Ciera AKA stacked tribe.  The newbies on Tadhana spill all the beans about their prior eliminations excitedly, not realizing it was a ploy to get info.  The newbies are more concerned about the veterans eating all the food, but Tyson is doing this just to be an awesome because he's a coconut bandit.  Plus he's comically planting seeds to make Aras look like the man in charge and the first target.  At Galang, Tina is so excited to be on a tribe with her daughter while Vytas is pretty pissed as he's the odd man out for sure.  Knowing he's possibly screwed, he uses his powerful story of redemption to bond.  Meanwhile, I'm panicking because Vytas is my pick to win and my actual favorite this season. Save Vytas!

The newly shuffled tribes compete together for the first time in this week's Immunity Challenge set at the ocean.  The challenge is to swim in pairs to unlock fish traps from the bottom of the ocean and, of course, those traps hold... puzzle pieces!  The winners get immunity and a picnic with various meats, bread, brownies, and a big ass watermelon.  Tina and Laura are idiots who don't bring back the trap, which totally screws Galang.  There's like 2 things to do: untie and swim back with the trap. You're dumb.  For a hot second it seems like Galang does a puzzle miracle, but no. Tadhana wins immunity, reward, and ugh, I think I'm totally screwed for my pre-show pick now.

Tina apologizes to her tribe for sucking so hard. Vytas can't say a damn thing because he's the only man on the lady tribe and already screwed.  But Kat is annoyed that Monica never shuts up, always strategizing.  Tina wants to be girl power gung-ho so she tells Monica about Kat turning on her.  Monica and Tina talk about this right in front of Vytas, admitting he is going home.  Monica confronts Kat, who denies all.  If Kat's coming for her, Monica's coming at her first and it's all a tizzy.

Tribal Council Time!  Monica and Kat's beef is front and center.  Vytas even points out why he should stay over Kat, since he's more trustworthy.  Vytas hopes everyone will see the kind of person he is and the ability to trust him, while Kat says she has and always will have their back.  In a vote where I cheer on my couch, Kat is voted off her tribe.  She scrunches up in the her hoodie, then gets up to have her torch snuffed.