November 10, 2013

Survivor Blood vs. Water: Merge Time Madness

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Survivivor: Blood vs. Water - Week 8

Laura B. goes to Redemption Island, and John and Laura M. feign interest from their sleep to be surprised it's not Vytas.  But there's a sunnyside here: this week is the final truel and the winner will return to the game.  The duel is a battle of endurance, climbing to the top of a pole and hanging on for dear life.  There's footholes but it's narrow and painful.  John ditches his sneakers for his socks, Laura B. uses no feet, and Laura M. calm as can be.  John drops first which blows since he fought for a long time to stay in the game.  Laura B. starts sliiiiiding down the pole, just a few feet from the bottom.  Laura M. perseveres and re-enters the game to be with her daughter, burns another immunity clue, and joins the newly merged tribe. Yes, it's merge time!

A trunk feast is awaiting the merged tribe, who start snacking and secretly thinking about their next move.  Hayden is just doing anything to be in the numbers.  Laura M. thinks the remaining pairs should join up for a guaranteed six, but Ciera explains she's in an alliance with her tribemates.  "Don't play hard," warns Ciera as she advises her mother on the ways of the game.  Tyson goes hunting for the Hidden Immunity Idol since the other turds didn't care for it, and sure enough digs around a tree and finds it.  Aras and Vytas reunite and make a bro plan of seven, hoping to get Laura M. out again.  Tyson and Monica whisper in the dark, but she's repetitive and talking nonstop which annoys Tyson.  So much strategic whispering by everyone!

Probst corrals everyone into the first individual Immunity Challenge to show off the new immunity idol necklace.  The challenge is memory, repeating symbols patterns back to Jeff with big dice.  Nearly half of the survivors fail out before round one is over.  It all comes down to the dreamboat brothers, Aras and Vytas.  Vytas wins the first individual immunity because he's awesome.

Vytas confidently believes him and Aras will run shit, and they think Laura M. should go because she's a threat. Laura and Ciera wonder if Aras has the Hidden Immunity Idol since he's confident.  Laura suggests splitting the vote between Tina and Aras, but Ciera is like ughhhhh mooooooom you're annoying.  Gervase and Tyson would still like to get rid of "King Aras" but everyone's talking in circles. Hell, I'm confused with all the scrambling in a three minute edit.

Tribal time!  Probst brings up that theirs original tribal bonds, merged tribal bonds, and family bonds in the mix.  Aras is very open about him and his brother needing four others to trust, really showing their playing as a tight pair.  There's a potentially split of individuals vs. pairs, but Tyson says in the end it's about who you trust regardless of pairs.  And so with lots of people doubting their stance in the tribe, the votes are cast in all different directions.  Laura and Ciera get two votes, but it's Aras who takes the hit.  A big blindside for a guy who thought he was riding high.  "Well played guys, well played," Aras says on the way out and into another round of Redemption Island.  GAME ON.