November 3, 2013

Survivor Blood vs. Water: Reformed Bad Boy 4 Lyf

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Survivor: Blood vs. Water - Week 7

Kat joins the Redemption Island crew to give all the details about her downfall.  She's really worried Hayden will be disappointed in her.  "No one wants to date someone who doesn't make it to the merge." Then Kat cries the next day before heading to this week's truel, where she cries when she gets there and demands a hug from her boyfriend.  When Hayden says his relationship is more important than the game, ol' Probst gives Hayden the lecturing chance to stand up and prove that point.  A real meeting of the minds as Kat and Hayden decide if they should switch, but it's obvious he's the good player and she's a clunker.  And ain't that the truth because Kat stinks at the puzzle and gets eliminated.  John gives his immunity idol clue to Monica, who throws it into the fire again.  Some poor clue writer wasted SO much time on riddles this season.

Now that Kat's gone, Hayden laments the choice he made for his kinda-dumb girlfriend.  But now he can play his own game with all the bros, and Aras is sure Vytas will be back with them come merge.  Tyson is sure the merge is happening soon and knowing Aras wants to pair up with Vytas, Tyson suggests getting out Aras (or Vytas) stat.  A deal of Tyson, Gervase, Ciera, Caleb and Hayden is solidified.  Over at Galang, the ladies are warming up to Vytas.  Tina's even swooning over the idea of Katie dating Vytas.  Vytas plays up his "newly reformed bad boy" status to show he's a trustworthy guy.  But he's still a guy and the women are all "Girl power without any physical power!"

In this week's immunity challenge, the tribemembers are chained together, then maneuver obstacles as an eight-legged team to retrieve baggies.  The baggies are ball and chain bolos which they have to toss.  Plus, they'll win fried chicken, biscuits, corn-on-the-cob, mashed potatos, iced tea, lemonade.  It's not a giant KFC ploy which shocks the product placement lover in us all.  "Immunity, fried chicken on the line!" shouts Probst in the neck-in-neck battle between Tina and Tyson.  Tyson wins it for Tadhana and it's going to be a big bro feast (plus Ciera).

Tadhana eats the most delicious feast that makes my mouth water, while Galang basks in their loss.  Immediately Laura B. opens her big mouth and tells Vytas, in front of the tribe, that he's going home and doesn't deserve to be blindsided.  He's not happy and doesn't find knowing a relief either.  Monica can't believe Laura B. ran her mouth without counseling her alliance.  Tina tells Vytas it's not him, so he decides to trust her and the other women.

Tribal Council time!  Laura B. lets Jeff know
how she so wonderfully gave Vytas the bad news already that he's going home.  Monica and the others wish their cover wasn't blown.  Vytas points out it doesn't matter how many girls are in the alliance, but trustworthy people.  Vytas would like to move forward, especially to bond more with Aras who he's had a fractured relationship with.  Well reminding people you have a super powerful brother on the other side isn't helpful.  Laura B. talks about how she's come out of Rupert's giant, irritating, tie-dyed shadow.  In a moment where I literally throw my hands up in praise, Laura B. is voted off and Vytas is safe. WAHOO!