December 15, 2013

Survivor Blood vs. Water: Pizza, Burger, and Obvious Elimination

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Survivor: Blood vs. Water - Week 13

Tina is bittersweetly happy to see Katie, who explains they had to draw rocks and she got screwed.  Now it's a mother-daughter redemption battle and Tina's willing to sacrifice herself.  And so Probst plays therapist before the duel, before explaining the challenge of using a long self-constructed poles to reach keys and unlock their gate.  Laura wins again, DUH, and gives her clue to Ciera.  Katie is such a clunker and Tina isn't.  Tina beats her daughter and stays in the game.  They hug and cry just in time for a Probst soliloquy about mother/daughter relationships in a competition.

Back at camp, everyone can't believe they actually drew rocks because it's so ballsy.  Hayden says they would've done the same, anything to stay around and Tyson agrees.  It's all cause of Gervase reminding Hayden he was constantly the next to go, which made him a loose cannon willing to go balls to the wall.  The idol is still a concern, but Tyson admits to having it to shut Monica up.  Ciera has the clue to the idol, but her and new ally Hayden find nothing (duh).  Gervase is still paranoid something could muck up the plans, so checks in with Monica about her trust level and her allegiance is to the dude who was willing to draw a rock to save her.  But Tyson and Ciera want to change that.

This week's immunity challenge is a water/land hybrid including, what else, a puzzle.  The survivors start out by weaving buoys through obstacles, then unlocking letter tiles to spell out a common Survivor phrase.  The winner also gets a choice of some grub like steak, burgers, and other things that give malnourished people the runs.  Unfortunately the common Survivor phrase isn't "Don't pee on the rice" or "Shambolicious."  So everyone is together trying to come up with this infamous saying and suddenly Ciera gets it, "You are doing to have to dig deep."  Hayden joins Ciera for their hand-picked meals: Ciera a burger, Hayden a pizza. Hayden rules.

With Ciera and Hayden chowing down, the other three swear to stick together and get out Hayden.  Ciera/Hayden decide to tell Monica that they're voting out Gervase, hoping they'll get her to crack.  Ciera tells Monica that Tyson talked trash about her, being an easy vote in the finale and a puppy who will do whatever he says.  This hurts Monica a lot who knows you have to play the game hard, but it doesn't have to be mean.  Monica's ready to snap.

Tribal council time!  Probst asks about the tribal division, the most obvious question to ask.  Hayden says they knew to talk to Monica because it's the truth: Tyson and Gervase are a solid two dragging Monica for an easy win.  Tyson and Gervase deny it, and Tyson lets Monica know Ciera also way back said she could beat her too.  Ciera says she doesn't want to see Monica lose and be humiliated later when she watches.  Gervase mentions they're only saying it because they're desperate, then gets a wee bit heated.  Ciera admits she jumped in on the Monica jokes, but her supposed friends did too and hardcore mean shit.  Both sides are trying to persuade Monica as to why they're her necessary ally until Probst has them vote.  In a three-two vote, Hayden is voted out of the game as Monica sticks with her guys.