December 8, 2013

Survivor Blood vs. Water: Russell Feathers

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Survivor: Blood vs. Water - Week 12
Caleb joins the Redemption Island crew with Tina and poor-sport-give-answers Laura.  Caleb isn't happy that Tyson and Gervase turned on him, but Gervase reminds the group Caleb was going to do the same. Touche!  The challenge this week is stacking cards and the tallest two stick around (or if you get to the top).  Laura wins yet again (ugh), leaving Tina and Caleb to battle.  Tina drops a few, but Caleb's tower is at an angle impossible to last and fall. So Tina stops what she's doing, counts, and sticks around. Ciera is given the immunity idol clue but wisely doesn't burn it.  The cluemaster rejoices!

Ciera shares her immunity idol clue with her alliance, a group effort.  Seeing the others hunting near the well, Hayden and Katie take a shot at looking too.  For once the idol is high up in a tree instead of just another tree hole and Tyson found it, hiding it in his underwear bulge.  Tyson's far more at ease now since Hayden threw a major target on his back earlier when he told the tribe they were playing for second place behind Tyson.  Eventhough Hayden's declaration riled him up, Gervase is still planning to stay loyal to his bro and not flip-flop with Hayden.

This week's immunity challenge is balancing a ball on a pole through an obstacle course, then throwing sandbags at some targets.  Plus the winner gets an ice cream buffet at camp and OMG best reward ever.  The challenge requires patience and balance which is a snooze to watch.  Monica does phenomenal again and I give her credit, but she irritates me to no end.  It's Gervase who wins immunity, knocking the crap out of the targets.  And he brings Monica and Tyson to share in the treat with him, so yay! More Lady and the Tramping snacks!

The totally tight alliance of three get a visit from the ice cream cart.  Hayden tries his hardest to pitch Ciera to flip because she's gotta see she's the bottom of the four.  He urges her to make a big move, the kind that could win her the game.  Ciera is skeptical to force a tie, so they'd need Gervase to make it a majority to blindside Tyson.  They won't do it, Hayden even tells Tyson they won't turn.  Hayden knows it's hopeless so he's going balls to the wall to maybe, just maybe survive again.

Tribal Council time!  Hayden answers Probst
right out about it being four vs. two, with Tyson controlling them all.  Ciera wasn't offended she didn't get picked for the challenge, saying she's had reward before.  Gervase says it's from their first tribe bond, which is so telling about where loyalties lie.  Katie mentions "political whatever" which blows Probst away that she's so far-out from the cutthroat game.  After Monica mentions four, Hayden reminds her in that alliance she'd be guaranteed the final three because there isn't anyone else.  Gervase gets super defensive that no one is switching and Hayden is heading to jury.  Hayden encourages Ciera to make a tie and force rocks.  Then Hayden says "russell feathers" instead of "ruffle" (he insists he said "rustle") for the best LOLZ all season for me.

Come voting time, Gervase makes his speech loud and clear for all to hear and writes "HAYDONE" (get it?)  Tyson whispers for Ciera to stick with their group, but she's hesitant to scrawl something on her parchment.  Probst heads back to tally the votes and the votes come to a 3-3 tie for Hayden and Monica.  There's a re-vote and a tie remains, and the group can't come to a consensus, which means WE'RE DRAWIN' ROCKS Y'ALL.  I have goosebumps.  What this means is the two who did have votes are immune, as well as the immunity idol holder, and the other three will draw random rocks from a bag and the white rock goes home (I wish it was purple). It's ridiculous and only happened once before (in my college Survivor lapse because, hey, Thirsty Thursday).

Ok so everyone draws rocks, pulls out their palms and reveals their hand: Katie has the white rock.  It was worth a try even if it was a meh removal.  "That's your chair over there. One of those." Tyson whispers after a nice send-off moment.