December 1, 2013

Survivor Blood vs. Water: Safety or Sausage? SAUSAGE

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Survivor: Blood vs. Water - Week 11

Katie is surprised to survive another night, not to mention Ciera turned on her own blood.  Ciera's alliance is blown away by the move of solidarity, but it goes to show she's playing this game harder than they assumed.  Even the Redemption Island crew is surprised (after Laura pretended to be Katie for LOLZ).

So Laura, Vytas, and Tina come trailing in for the latest Redemption Island puzzle, I mean truel, I mean duel.  But first, Laura getting weepy over being voted out by her daughter.  The challenge is navigate boxes through a mesh net tunnel, which then stack in a puzzle-esque fashion.  Laura finishes the puzzle first, then decides to give Tina all the answers to take out Vytas.  It's really lame and a low move.  Vytas loses by one second and my pre-show winner prediction is gone. UGH.  Laura gives the immunity idol clue to Ciera to either keep or burn, so Ciera burns it.  Well at least one clue wasn't burned and that was last week.

The game is ticking down and the way to move along easily is taking out Katie, who Tyson insists has three jury votes. Do we really think Aras and Vytas wouldn't award good game play? I think they would.  But Hayden and Caleb are more worried about Tyson who would kill at the end with great moves.  Ciera tattles to Tyson, which only validates the people he trusts most (Gervase, Monica).  The Katie target turns to Caleb now, a likable dude that's made some moves to get him the end prize.  And the guys sense something's up which means maybe the plan has to change again. Oh boy, y'all are playing sloppy!

Immunity is up for grabs again with another semi-endurance challenge.  Everyone has to hold onto a pole tied to a bucket with 25% of their body weight.  Twist alert! Cocky people can choose to site out and feast on some barbeque grub instead.  Tyson, Gervase and Ciera decide to eat which has got to be your most telling moment ever.  Tyson prays they hold on for hours so he can continue to gorge himself on ribs and wings, while also Lady and the Tramping loaves of bread.  Monica wins immunity again as part of her quest to show her kids that dad isn't the only strong one (is he the only asshole though?)

After congratulating Monica, Tyson recaps all the food they ate and how it was cooked to perfection.  Hayden finally gets a clue that maybe Ciera is working with Tyson/Gervase given her overconfidence by choosing to eat.  Caleb's suggestion is to ask Tyson if they are getting blindsided, then try to play it off like Ciera set this all up to turn the alliance against each other.  Tyson buys into it, but still doesn't trust the guys.  Tyson wonders if maybe tonight's the night to play the infamous idol so he doesn't get hosed.  Scrambling galore!

Tribal council time!  Compete vs. eat is the first topic of discussion, showing who is comfortable in this game and who isn't.  Many are nervous at their state in the game.  Ciera says she ate because she knew she'd lose, so why try?  Tyson said if everyone trusted the alliance then more would've sat out.  Probst points out that Gervase looks at Hayden about trusting and keeping their word, which makes Ciera nervous.  A blindside is coming, but who shall it be?  Tyson does decide to play his idol in his comical way, digging through his bag to empty it out.  For a hot, exciting second it looks like Ciera will be blindsided but alas, it's Caleb.