May 27, 2013

The Bachelorette: Skeezer, Des, and Bentley

The Bachelorette - Week 1

A beat Honda drives up to a Malibu mansion because the show needs to remind us that this season's grew up without a lot of money. As a reminder, the guy usually shows up in some fly rented sportscar. Out of the Honda is gorgeous brunette Desiree, dumped by last season's Bachelor dud Sean. Along with a gorgeous pad Chris gives Des a mint green Bentley, a color reminiscent of a 1960s refridgerator, and cruises around in the physical representation of rags to riches. The Bentley takes her down to the beach to try out on outfits, chase seagulls, sketch palm trees, and ponder the soul-sucking journey of love ahead by the cascading waves. And then it's back up to the "top of the world" AKA her mansion to get interviewed by Chris Harrison, wearing one of Cam from Modern Family's shirts. Des is ready to give it all, ready to love, no rules to love, wants love- the same shit every lead says.

Chris Harrison shows up in front of the mansion to introduce Desiree and the skanky house to a new season. What kind of winners have they cast for our beloved lead? A military veteran, a banker that loves life and yoga ("A lot of black guys don't do yoga! HAHAHAHAHA" the show adds in so they don't look racist), and a dental student. There's a drilling fluid engineer who lives in the middle of nowhere but has a massive supply of hair gel, while another fella claims he invented the annoying driving distraction that is sign-spinning. Our two early sobstories include divorced parents, addiction, and a mentally handicapped sister. But sorry for the sad stuff, because there's a tailor/magician in the mix! I can't believe he made no puns about making the other guys disappear. So disappointing.

Des steps out of the mansion is a slinky silver dress, her diamond earrings hidden by her bouncy hair. With a final awkward hand gesture, Chris Harrison says, "Let the journey begin" as limo one pulls up. Much like Des, I'm here to judge their first limo impressions and some just saunter in boring and head into the house, but then there are some winners. The fallback intro is to do a callback to Desiree's first night last season with a wish penny. One fella breaks a wishbone with Des and she doesn't say, "Wait did you just eat a rotisserie chicken to get this?" Another tries to find her penny in the fountain but tosses a new one instead. An epic fail is one guy who gives a "fantasy suite"-esque letter to forgo the other guys and bang him; she declines as she's not that kind of girl on the first night. The drilling engineer arrives as the doucher that comes out shirtless and asks, "Will you accept these abs?" No, I will not. Bring some manners, sir.

A dance lesson gone awry nearly tears Desiree's gown and the suitor (Larry) immediately sees he screwed up, complete with an offscreen bleep. The magician OF COURSE does a trick: fire napkin to rose. Des smells the rose and I'm left wondering if it reeks of lighter fluid. And then there's the ding dong Diogo who takes it to the weird level, showing up in a full suitor of armor because he's her knight in shining armor. Ugh guy, couldn't you have made a more timely Game of Thrones play? Desiree fake laughs her hardest for a guy who gets down on one knee, fakes nerves, and then ask if he could tie his shoe. A law student shows up in a suit he designed himself that is a hot mess of epic proportions, but Des designed her dress last season and wanted to impress her (or humor her). A child comes out of the final limo, with his dad in tow, and it's cute but also night one. I truly wish Desiree the best of luck finding love this season because there's maybe five normals amongst this cast of duds desperate to be on TV.

There are nineteen roses on a tray in the house which means Desiree can give out roses as she pleases. OR if a bachelor gets drunk enough, there's nineteen snacks for the takin'. The magician decides to get seen as soon as possible, so he silences the room for an illusion... he's going to make Des disappear for five minutes and takes her off to talk. LAME. You're out of the Magician's Alliance. Brandon the adrenaline junkie contractor swoops in quickly after and gives Des his mom's sobriety coin which he used as a heads/tails decision of whether to audition. Let's hope Brandon does make hometown dates so his mom gets her sober coin back. Everyone gets their 90 seconds of chatting in before someone interrupts them, which is amusing as always. Des and single dad Ben hit it off immediately, with a lot of shared interests and he's not too shabby to look at. He gets the first rose of the night. All the bros hate him.

A shirtless entrance isn't enough to get Zak the attention he wants, so he removes the pants and jumps into the pool. The annoying guy in social media calls out, "Hashtag: shrinkage!" and my hashtag for him is "STFUlameo." Desiree gives him a rose for his effort and unfortunately she doesn't pin it through his flesh. Bryden the army guy gets a rose for his buddies-with-Iraqi-kid story and just being a nice guy. 

While many guys catch Des' eye, other guys continue to fail, like dancing Larry who is an awkward a talker as he is a dancer. The Fantasy Suite failure tries to outcreep them all, setting up a room with candles, doing one leg pushups, and trying to be the first guy to kiss her. She declines the suite, again, and insists he's different and less reserved than Sean. YA THINK? "My mom says I'm pretty good looking," Jonathan says as he retreats to hug himself in the faux-fantasy suite. But the relaxation is short-lived as he interrupts someone else's time to attempt to drag her to his rape den. Desiree is not having it and tells him he's making her uncomfortable, so she asks him to leave before the rose ceremony. A perfect exit is given when a white rapey van escorts him from the mansion.

Chris Harrison clinks a knife to the champagne glass to close out the cocktail party and commence the rose ceremony. Chris explains the rules of the rose ceremony in case you've lived under a rock and don't understand reality show eliminations.  The roses are handed out to the normal, nice guys and the really good looking ones.  Hopefully getting a limo ride out of the mansion and not a molester fan are several fellas.  This week we bid adieu to dancing Larry (who I guess practiced too much), magician Nick, and Diogo in shining armor (who ditched it for a regular suit).  The moral of the story: your corny intros will get you cut, fast.

May 13, 2013

Survivor Caramoan: Cochran Wins Fans vs. Favorites

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Finale! Survivor: Caramoan

After Tribal Council, Erik is super weak and disoriented. He has to sit from the dizziness, so Probst comes over and brings along a doctor. The doctor is concerned he's in a starvation state and his body has been pushing him hard. They give him some intravenous fluids to pump him back up. Eddie shows he's not totally useless and explains what's going on with his EMT knowledge. He might be terrible at the game, but he's wise at what he actually knows Erik wants to push through, but Doctor Joe insists: Erik must be pulled from the game. Everyone wishes Erik good luck and sends goodbye as he lays on the ground like a tired corpse. And then there were four.

Treemail announces a reward challenge which was probably an immunity challenge, but they've got a two hour finale to fill.  The challenge is to steady a balancing board with one hand while the other hand builds a house of cards.  The winner doesn't get food as expected, but instead a scroll with an advantage for the final immunity challenge.  Showing how fragile it is, a mere loss of balance makes Cochran drop his entire stack, with Sherri following after.  Dawn is getting close to the top, but her hand is really shaky and the entire stack falls.  Eddie takes the lead... then his stack falls.  Stacks are falling over and over which is nerve-racking but boring to recap.  Cochran wins his third immunity challenge and now heads into the last challenge with an advantage, something that helped him survive last time.

Cochran realizes the only person left he hasn't bonded with is Eddie so he needs to try to finagle that angle to guarantee a spot at the final Tribal.  Eddie and Cochran shake on keeping Sherri and eliminating Dawn.  Sherri agrees with getting Dawn out because of all her sympathy votes, like crying all the time and having a lot of adopted kids.  Dawn's having another one of her doubting freakouts to Cochran, whose getting pretty annoyed by her.

A boat picks up the final four for the final immunity challenge.  But first, fallen comrades!  This gives all us viewers to tilt our heads and go "Who?" when we see all these random fans who were eliminated early on.  The final challenge is a pretty epic setup, though I think it's rehabbed from the first challenge of the season.  They have to race up a flight of stairs, grab puzzle pieces, slide down a water slide, and build a fire puzzle.  Cochran's advantage is that he doesn't have to untie the bags of puzzle pieces like the others.  You'd think this is nothing much, but the bags are knotted pretty well which gets Cochran a pretty good lead.  But he's not so great at actually doing the puzzle, so the others catch up and start to pass him, but he gets into the swing of it.  Cochran wins immunity, again, and Dawn gets super excited and weepy about his victory.  Now Cochran has earned a last-name only status, being a challenge beast.

Cochran douches it up a little, wondering who he wants to take along to receive second place behind his impending victory.  Dawn fully trusts Cochran, but she's really neurotic.  Eddie makes his plea to come to the end, pointing out he's an idiot and wants to use his prize money to open a bar where you can bring your dog.  Cochran is definitely bringing Sherri to the end, an easy win, but he isn't so sure if it's easier to beat Dawn or Eddie.  And so in the comes the jury for Tribal Time!  There's talk about Cochran's victories and Eddie self-admits he didn't play super strategically, not involved with sending anyone in the jury home except Phillip.  Sherri says she might not say a lot, but takes it all in.  Eddie tells Cochran that he believes the best shot at a Cochran win is to take Eddie and Sherri.  Cochran's vote is secret but he says it's the only person he thinks could beat him.  Eddie is voted off, leaving Cochran, Sherri and Dawn as the final three.

The final three enjoy their day 39 feast, a good meal before heading off to be grilled by the bitter jury.  Sitting on their logs at the final Tribal Council, Cochran, Dawn and Sherri give their opening speech of why they deserve to win.  Dawn says she's humbled and had a lot of emotion over being duplicitous, but stuck to her plan to have one tight ally (Cochran) and play for herself.  Sherri admits being a successful businesswoman and her nerves get the best of her in her completely awful, unmoving speech.  Cochran finds his experience surreal, being a diehard fan that dreamt of this his whole life while being a calming leader who even won challenges.  Cochran says it's about beating people in timing, which is maybe the best statement I've heard.

And then comes the bitter jury.  Malcolm gets to question first, because he's the hottest.  Malcolm nixes Sherri immediately, tells Dawn that she has to own up to playing cold-hearted, and asks Cochran what quality he has over Malcolm that got him further.  Cochran said it was his insecurity which then led him to take out others with plans.  Eddie asks Sherri if she'll admit if she got carried to the final three and the jury laughs when she says she doesn't believe she was carried.  He calls Dawn weak and paranoid.  Eddie wants to know if Cochran would be bros after the game and he says yes, but there will be two women around him.  Phillip rescinds his invite for Sherri to be in Stealth R Us, mocks Dawn's paranoia and whining, and Cochran played a great, straightforward class-act game. 

Then comes Erik, who got a little food in him and found energy.  Erik felt betrayed by Dawn over her Brenda move and wonders if Sherri has any awareness over why she's in the finals.  Erik calls Sherri "a seashell on the beach" who was just there the entire time doing nothing.  Sherri tells him to sit down and she doesn't need his help.  Michael gives Dawn the opportunity to explain why Cochran is getting away with a devious game vs. her (it's because she betrayed best friends).  Cochran's cool with Dawn being the villain cause it's helping him for sure.  He insists that his role of pseudo-therapist is probably what kept Dawn in the game.  Reynold thinks Dawn has been a fraud since day one, but she didn't realize the way she acts came off as phony.  Reynold wants Dawn to describe him and after much ploying she says he's chauvinistic, a great sense of humor, and vulgar.  Basically Reynold wants Dawn to be a bit mean and admit it.  Andrea isn't bitter, asks Cochran what animal he played like (chameleon) and understands where Dawn is coming from. 

Last is Brenda, who felt betrayed by Cochran eliminating her after the family visit when she "gave" him that.  He says he admits the game from emotions and in real life, he doesn't do this.  He also explains he had to take her out before she took him out.  The ultimate betrayal was Dawn, which makes Brenda tear up, and brings up Dawn's teeth and would Dawn have quit if she didn't get her teeth back.  Brenda's request: TAKE OUT YOUR TEETH.  Dawn wonders if this is a humiliation thing and Brenda says it's a matter of not minimizing the action she took rescuing the dentures from the riverbed.  Dawn takes out her teeth.  This shit is ruthless.  Just a complete shocking WOW moment.  And for nothing cause gurl, you ain't winning.

With that shitshow over, the jurors vote and then Probst takes off with the jug of votes to magically appear with them at the reunion and high five the audience.  Cochran, Dawn and Sherri are all cleaned up and sitting on the Tribal Council set in front of a live audience.  Probst wastes a lot of time asking the final three questions and I just want him to STFU as I'd like to pause this reunion special and watch Game of Thrones.  The winner of Survivor: Fans vs. Favorites is... COCHRAN. Duh, guys.

The stage this time around only has the jury and finalists, no pre-jury contestants.  Probst points out that this time around Cochran had much more confidence.  He said it was liberating to embrace his weirdness and not care how he was being perceived by others.  It's such a great story to see a diehard fan like Cochran reach the top dream of any fan of this show and win.  The reunion transitions to Dawn and kicks it off with a Dawn freakout crying supercut.  Dawn defends her gameplay and how she had to play dirty and be crappy to try and win.  What comes up almost immediately is how horrible the internet has been to Dawn, forcing her to quit Twitter.  Listen, I know I'm snarky and rip on people but there's a line people cross online.  It's a game, people.  Threatening lives and being outright nasty to these people is just stupid.  Live via satellite is pregnant Brenda, who felt hugely betrayed by Dawn after the blindside.  Speaking for the first time, Dawn apologizes and it seems the friendship is on the mend.

Other reunion stuff. Phillip invites random Survivor fans to watch episodes at his house and gives Probst a Stealth R Us name: the Piercing Eagle.  Boston Rob gets audience focus time because he has a book called "The Boston Rob Rulebook."  Malcolm says he's learned humility from playing twice and because he went two times in a row his muscle is a mess (still hot).  Also he did a bit spot on a soap.  Andrea thinks it was smart to blindside her since she was a strong player.  Reynold thinks the returnees advantage is knowing how to shut off emotions and play a game; noobs take it personally.  Probst interviews season one's Rudy, now 85, and still as awesome as ever.  Malcolm defeats Brenda for the Sprint Player of the Season.  The night wraps up with a preview of the next season, Survivor: Blood vs. Water, which they don't say what it is but [SPOILER] is returning players vs. their family members.

NOW EVERYONE, the most important part of every season. The crowning of the Pre-Show Winner Prediction champions.  As usual, I lost.  I hedged my bet on Malcolm again and lost.  But many of you had faith in Cochran and it paid off.  Ladies and gents, behold your trophies! (which I'll also tweet to you).  Congratulations on a season well-predicted!

May 12, 2013

Reality Rundown: Bestie Betrayal

Finale! The Amazing RaceSurvivor: Caramoan

Finale! The Amazing Race - The teams take a train, then boat, to Northern Island to drive yet another Ford product placement car. The first clue is Roadblock is to bog snorkel through some murky, nasty water in under four minutes. The wetsuit and googles only block so much mud from getting all up in their biz. The teams drive back to Belfast for their Detour which is to serve a five course meal based on the Titanic menu or create graffiti art at a skateboard park. The Titanic dinner was weird to me, with the haunting violins and even getting some old dude who looked like the captain there. Creepfest. Everyone blunders at the dinner over the course menu (the seating chart has two courses, the other three come from a bigger board) and not knowing the color of chartreuse. Roller derby moms Mona/Beth really struggle, even after Bates/Anthony tip them off. Way behind because they had a hard time at the bog, the country singers do the graffiti task.

Max/Katie and Bates/Anthony check in at the same time, getting them a spot in the finale. Max/Katie also win a trip to the Dominican Republic with butler service- fancy! Mona and Beth check in as team number three, rounding out the final three. The country singers are eliminated from the race and will probably never look at a snorkel the same way again.

The final leg begins with a bit of mystery of where the actual final destination is.  To learn the answer, they must travel by ferry to Liverpool and grab a pint at a bar.  Cheers-ing their delicious pints, the clue reveals the final leg of the race will happen in Washington, DC.  Since the airline counters are closed until 5:15AM, all the teams are on even footing.

Lincoln Memorial is the location of the first clue, specifically the exact spot where Martin Luther King delivered his "I Have a Dream" speech.  From there they head to 1100 Pennsylvania Avenue to get a picture with the president, but the derby moms tell their cab driver the White House which is 1600.  The teams are pumped to meet the president... except duh, it's a greenscreen. Max is relieved he doesn't have to meet the democratic president in person because that's just horrendous.

After the bit of photo magic, teams head to the Tidal Basin to knock ominously on a marked car to receive a briefcase with their next clue.  It's a Switchback Roadblock to be a "spy master" by asking a bunch of paid extras being spies the secret password until they find someone who has the clue.  It's like Where's Waldo IRL except they're all dressed like Men in Black.  The spy gives them a locked briefcase which uses a combination based off their finish positions at various pit stops on the race.  Inside the briefcase is, of course, another clue that sends them to Nationals Park to catch balls being dropped by their teammate who is high-wired and flying above.  So cool, especially adding in the humiliation factor of wearing lame mascot costumes.

There's one last challenge before the finish line, which is the memory challenge with a bit of a twist.  There's a big bin full of globes with countries outlined. One teammate has to wade through the giant ball pit to find globes with the countries they visited on the race, while the other teammate puts them in order.  Bates and Anthony have a considerable lead over the other two teams but have a hard time finding Indonesia. It doesn't matter at all because they finish way before the other teams even arrive at the challenge.  The finish line is at George Washington's Mount Vernon and it's Bates and Anthony the hockey players who win the race and the million dollar prize.  Katie and Max arrive second, Mona and Beth third.  So I guess it's better than the Stanley Cup? IDK.

Survivor: Caramoan - With the numbers dwindling and the game getting competitive, a likely next target to take out is Cochran.  He's won challenges, a good gamer, and a nice guy AKA a shoo-in to win.  Erik is just bored to death, hungry, and miserable, comparing the experience to prison.  Then tries to shimmy up a high tree to reach the coconuts that taunt him from afar.  He's beaten down and could really use some motivation.  Hey editing, what might cheer Erik up??

A Sprint product placement phone shows up in tree mail with videos from home.  After a teaser the survivors get the in-person experience as their loved ones show up on the island.  Following the usual routine after a reunion of hugs, tears, and gawking at the skeletal frames of the contestants, the survivors compete in a reward challenge with their loved one to get time together offshore at a backyard barbeque.  The challenge is to unscrew rails, ala dizzy bat, and toss bolos onto the rails.  Burgers, beer, and apple pie on the line? Get your crap together, guys.  Brenda and her dad Raymond win reward and choose to bring Dawn and her husband along.  Twist alert!  Their second loved ones are all on the island too, which makes Sherri lose her shit crying on the ground.  Probst gives Brenda an awful choice to either bring another person with her/Dawn OR give up her/Dawn's loved ones so the other four can get family time.  It's audible sobs thanks to this asshole twist.  Brenda gives up her time/Dawn's time so the other four can chill with their family.  Anything for the prize I guess.

A boat brings Cochran, Sherri, Erik, and Eddie to their floating barbeque party.  There's crying and grilling, some just like your normal family function.  Cochran's dad works the grill while the others shovel food in their faces in the most repulsive ways.  Beats sucking peanut butter off each other's fingers.  Meanwhile, Dawn and Brenda can see the festivities from camp and Dawn cries a bunch more.  Brenda will get all the credit, but Dawn lost something too and won't get any votes for her sacrifice since she had no choice.  Plus she's hungry.  Brenda tries to lift her spirits but knows she definitely pissed Dawn off in the process of making good with the others.  Cochran tells us his mom whispered to him that Brenda's choice was a game-winning move and knows that it may be time to move in and take out the likable ones from the game (just like they're thinking about him).

Dawn wins immunity this week in an endurance challenge to lean over the water, gradually being lowered until they drop.  Her and Brenda really compete because Brenda doesn't want to give up which they'll say is a pride thing but should be a sign that Brenda ain't here to trust anyone and wants to win.  The assumption is tonight's vote will be simple elimination of Eddie.  Buuuuut there's stronger players.  Cochran would prefer to see Brenda gone as it's a better move for himself, Sherri, and even Dawn.  Cochran's concern is Brenda is a good competitor and could go on a sweep of the rest of the challenges.  Dawn is definitely torn about how to vote, concerned with taking out Brenda before Eddie (what if Eddie wins the final challenge? LOL RITE). Dawn wants to play her own game and not get swayed... what'll she do?

Tribal time!  Dawn is so happy she won immunity, calling it a Bucket List item.  Brenda's glad Dawn won it, Eddie knows his fate is possibly sealed by losing again.  Brenda says sending home her loved one was hard and easy at the same time.  Everyone says that Brenda making this move makes her a lovable saint.  Probst says this season hasn't been predictable which I'd agree with because this alliance refused to ever take a full stance and relied on split votes every single week until now.  1 vote Erik, 2 votes Eddie... but 3 votes Brenda.  "I was honest with you guys. I was genuine with you guys." Brenda says before getting her torch snuffed.  You're damned if you do, damned if you don't with stupid prizes.

May 5, 2013

Reality Rundown: Second-Time Blindside

The Amazing Race &bull Survivor: Caramoan

The Amazing Race - The race moves onto Edinburgh, Scotland to drive a different product placement Ford. "Caution, U-Turn Ahead," warns the clue. Katie/Max, hockey players, and country singers are aligned and plan to U-Turn Meghan/Joey and the roller derby moms. There's a moment of joy for Meghan/Joey and the derby moms when they get on the early flight, but the others are able to finagle their way onto an even earlier flight. So lots of excitement and hoopla editing for nada.

At a stunning estate named Gosford House (it looks like Scottish Downton Abbey!), the teams encounter their first clue: a Detour to play bagpipes while walking around. It hurts my ears but internally I laugh a lot at all the double entendre of country singer Caroline's inability to blow and tired mouth from blowing. Stop #2 on the race is another classy home, the Craig Miller castle, where they find their Detour clue. This week's Detour is to fill an ox's intestine with other gross organs, seasonings, and oats or roll whiskey barrels. The hockey players choose the barrels because, duh, jocks. They also show off their strength by carrying, not rolling, the barrels. The puddin' stuffing gets even more annoying by some dude in historical garb reciting a poem about haggis. Before the roller derby moms can indulge in their haggis making dreams, they have to play skittles (it's ten pin bowling with no holes in the ball) for the Speedbump for surviving non-elimination.

The U-Turn is finally crossed and the hockey players arrive first. They U-Turn Meghan/Joey, who are unable to U-Turn anyone as they U-Turned another team in a previous leg. Max/Katie then U-Turn Mona/Beth (derby moms), so double shitty tasks for them. I think it's unfair to have Speedbumps and U-Turns on the same leg as it allows a team to be doubly screwed. The Pit Stop is a cobblestone alleyway, which is a cool change of pace from monuments and giant estates. Max and Katie are able to better navigate and arrive minutes before the hockey players. Greeted by Jekyll and Hyde (and Phil), they win $10,000 each so looks like they'll be able to pay off that wedding real quickly. The bottom of the group complete the haggis Detour, then get kicked in the gut with the barrel rolling. Mona and Beth check in as team #4, which means entertaining Meghan and Joey are eliminated from the race.

Survivor: Caramoan - This week's immunity challenge is to straddle a floating triangle, balancing as they move up pegs until you're standing atop a bitty perch. Not only is this an immunity challenge, but Probst also has a little scroll of information for the winner. Eddie and Erik both leap off practically immediately when Probst offers donuts to quit. Eddie is a moron. The guys is in an alliance of two vs. six and on the chopping block. Please vote off this moron. Cochran quits shortly after for some hot dogs. As the survivors end up wearily balancing on their pedestals, the wind kicks in more and begins causing more of a struggle. Andrea and Brenda don't want to quit, promising to share the clue regardless of who won, so they make up their own rule to move to one foot. Brenda falls and Andrea wins immunity and information.

Realizing that Brenda might be a threat, Andrea regrets sharing the clue with her but shares it with her alliance. Erik finds the idol and hands it over to Andrea like a moron. Oh Erik, still so willing to give an immunity idol to a pretty girl. Even with the two obvious sacrifices of Eddie and Reynold around, Andrea brings up to Cochran the idea of blindsiding Brenda. It's quickly off to Tribal at the halfway point of the episode, so yay, two tribals! Probst asks why their tight alliance didn't make a deal at the challenge instead of battling it out. It's all about timing and now is too early to blindside of risk keeping physical competitors around. Reynold is voted off and heads over to the other side of the jury to join the jury.

Erik wins immunity in the second challenge of the week, an obstacle course and puzzle competition.  With the obvious move of Reynold out, it may finally be time for a blindside (because let's face it, Eddie's nothing).  Andrea begins her whispering to blindside Brenda out of the game at Tribal, confident she's got this lined up.  Andrea does have an immunity idol now and she'll play it if things seem wonky, but she's confident she's calling the shots.  Brenda's on the other side planning to vote for Andrea, blindsiding her instead.  Cochran's suggestion is to boringly split the vote AGAIN with Erik being the swing vote AGAIN.

Tribal Time... AGAIN!  Eddie relishes his position as being the odd man out and easily expendable any time, not necessarily tonight.  Everyone agrees with one thing: everyone is lying and everyone is making fake final three deals.  Andrea announces her hidden immunity idol, but everyone knows she has it and has only a couple more chances to play it.  The votes are cast and Andrea chooses to hold onto her idol.  The votes are read... and it's 2 for Brenda, 2 for Eddie, and 2 for Andrea.  "What?!" shrieks Andrea.  The last vote out of the barrel: Andrea.  Blindsided out of Survivor for a second time!