June 24, 2013

The Bachelorette: Hot Tub Boats and Igloo Makeout Sessions

The Bachelorette - Week 5
Goodbye America, helloooo Germany.  Des is so excited to travel romantic Munich with all her men.  This week there is a one-on-one date, a group date, and a Thunderdome 2-on-1 dates. YES!  I love a good date battle.

Chris receives his date card in German and he's so excited despite not knowing what in god's name was written on the card.  Desiree and Chris just walk around and explore Munich like tourists being followed around by a television crew.  So they eat local junk food and dance around in lederhosen.  "I don't think anything could go wrong," says Chris.  CUE THE DRAMA!  Bryden, who despite choosing to stay last week, decides again he wants to leave.  He hunts Des down in Munich to tell her by asking random Germans if they've seen television cameras (and no one replied, "Behind you, arschloch.")  Bryden leers on the sidelines as the pair dance and does a quick interruption when they stop.  Chris is surprised, yet a little too reluctant to let this guy snag time on his date until he realizes that a few minutes too late.  He pretty much reiterates what he said last rose ceremony which is his feelings aren't progressing, so he's leaving.  Desiree isn't super surprised and while not that upset, it makes her question all the other guys.  After a little beer chugging, Desiree and Chris get gussied up for a romantic dinner in a palace.  They talk about relationships and Chris reads another poem he wrote about her (and gets a kiss).  Chris gets the date rose, obvs, and he's surprised with... ANOTHER PRIVATE CONCERT.  Enough.  E-freakin-nuff'.

The group date bros meet Des at Zugspitze, the highest peak in Germany, taking a scenic gondola ride up the top.  It's as close to a helicopter we're getting this week, huh?  Well the view is pretty stunning as you can see Germany and Austria from the top.  But they're interrupted by an awesome yodeling old man who deserves a rose.  They unleash their childish side, sledding down the ridiculous mountain (with Drew nearly takes Des out) and having a snowball fight.  

At the top of the hill is this secret igloo ice hotel complete with snow carvings, slaughtered animal pelt blankets, and a date rose on a pile of snow.  Everyone wants said rose, with Brooks getting his smooch first and Mikey suggesting making a family of snowpeople (sexy).  Zak lurks and interrupts with shouting/poor yodeling on a mountain and I wish an avalanche would take him alive.  Revelation: Zak almost became a priest but a climb up a mountain made him realize that wasn't his path (his path: being annoying on a dating show).  James doesn't appreciate being on a group date and thinks he's better than all; he's becoming the guy who's different around the guys and they want to tattle.  The rose ends up going to Brooks for bringing out the best in Des and making her laugh.

The 2-on-1 date is Michael and Ben, which is no surprise at all since they've been set up as this season's adversaries.  Michael reminds us over and over how much Ben sucks, but Michael's the doof who doesn't realize he's the obvious elimination guy that gets sent on the Thunderdome date.  The awkward date starts with coffee from a thermos on a bench, with both guys competing to keep Desiree's interest.  Des "pranks" the guys with a polar bear plunge but it's actually a wood-fired hot tub you can navigate in the lake.  Much better option.  Ben talks about being away from his son, so Michael talks about how his own dad abandoned him.  Well this is a fun hot tub date.  

The awkwardness doesn't stop at their candlelit cabin dinner for three.  Michael calls out Ben for not being friendly with the guys, religion stuff, his kid.  SO awkward and Ben's pissed.  Desiree kinda chastises Michael for bringing all this up.  Ben tries to explain himself to Des and she thinks he has feelings, just odd ways to express it.  Michael gives his side, which is the comments he makes, publicity for his bar, etc.  Shocking us all, Desiree gives the rose to Michael. Whaaaat!  I think Ben is less bummed about Desiree and more pissed about her picking Michael who was being a jerk.  Though Ben's true colors are revealed when he asks how long until he can be seen out in public with somehow.  However, his wise words about careful who gets to the end cause they're the next Bachelor was oh so true in this season of duds.

Back at the hotel, the guys speculate about the 2-on-1 date.  Drew tells the guys he overhead Mikey and James talking in the limo, talking about the life they'll be living in Chicago after the show.  James says after this show everyone will know who he is, he'll run Chicago, and meet hot rich chicks and take them on boats.  He also dreams of being the next Bachelor.  Drew wants to tell her everything.  But they all take time to rejoice in Ben's elimination.

It's time for another rose ceremony, this week at a beautiful castle in Munich.  In her interview with Chris Harrison, she admits to falling for a couple guys and given a choice, she'd kiss Brooks first (Zak for a pure physically good kiss- gross).  Des wants to make sure her and her guys are on a two-way street of love, but feels she can trust the remaining guys.  As her mind is made up, Des declines having a cocktail party.  Well that throws off the plan to confess all to Des.  Des apologizes for cancelling the party but she's just ready to hand out some damn roses, knowing she's bored us enough this week.  The last rose comes down to Mikey and James and, duhhhhhh, James gets the rose and all the guys are fuming.

Next week: let's all bicker about James.

Big Brother 15 Pre-Show Winner Prediction

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Summer is here and while the majority of the world is thinking beaches and barbeque, anyone reading this looks forward to summer for one reason: Big Brother!  Season 15 of Big Brother starts this Wednesday (the 26th- set your DVRs) and is lasting even longer this summer.  And because it's a favorite game of mine, as I love failing, it's time to make my god-awful Pre-Show Winner Prediction for Big Brother 15.  You may recall last year my pick Frank should've gone home week 3, keeping my curse alive, but some lame-ass twist ruined in.  In my mind though, I succeeded.

And with that, ladies and gentlemen, non-houseguests, Chenbots....

Melissa predicts....

McCrae will win Big Brother 15

As it always happens, I hate most cast pre-season.  Having St. Jeff Schroeder didn't help their case, but as usual it's a bunch of attractive people who just want to bang on closed circuit TV.  There are a fair amount of actual BB fans this time, people who would actually understand the game.  Someone like Spencer could do well, but when he described himself as "polarizing" it's a red flag in a game about sorta making friends.  Helen seems like the best female candidate to go far and that's just because I didn't watch her video (it didn't work) and therefore she didn't irk me like the other women.  David's picture is the ultimate derp face and I won't be surprised if he lasts a long time.  Truth be told I was really considering Jeremy who is one of the better looking guys (not great male eye candy this season) and strong enough to last, but I also actually wanted a person to route for.  

That's why I picked McCrae.  Some thing he'll go fast because of the Ian effect, but some of these dummies won't even consider that.  I see the true fans maybe getting together to protect each other because the hotties they cast definitely never watched this show.  McCrae seems like a fun, laid back guy who knows the game well enough to play under the radar.  And his job as pizza delivery guy will have everyone thinking he's a non-entity.  And given he's a huge BB fan and this season is going to ask for fan interaction, I feel like the BB boards will throw him their support.  I've got my metaphorical money on you McCrae so let's bring home a victory!

...or week 3 elimination.

Who do you predict will win Big Brother 15? Tweet me @melgotserved with your pick to hopefully claim the glory others have felt before.

June 23, 2013

Reality Rundown: Let the Dancing Begin!

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New! So You Think You Can Dance - Another summer of dancing, people!  I for one am very excited given this season's top 20.  I wasn't that into last season overall, but this season they've cast some great diversity in genres that should make for entertaining personalities and dancing.  As usual, I skipped recapping auditions because that's boring to cover.  But this week is the wrap-up of Vegas week and the introduction of the Top 20 dancing in their specialty.  Everybody let's daaaaaaaance!

The night starts with hip hop, featuring krumper Mariah and lovable personality Fik-shun.  Mariah was one I wish made it last season but is on now and will be kickass (I know it).  Fik-Shun has an amazing smile and captures your eye, but his dancing skills will definitely be tested.  There are three tappers this season, Alexis, Curtis, and Aaron (who is an alternate who took over an injured hip hoppers spot).  Their tap routine is the best this show's ever had and made me enjoy tap, a style of dance that admittedly ain't mah fave.  The first four contemporary dancers perform a beautiful routine and Makenzie stands out as an early frontrunner (also in this number is Jasmine H, Nico, and Tucker).  There's a contemporary trio of battling 50s housewives choreographed by returnee Mia Michaels and I loved the dancing by Carlos, Hayley, and Malece but the emotions weren't fully there yet.  Amy and Jasmine M round out contemporary, though the show avoids naming their specialty since it's a shitload of female contemporary (as usual).

The ballroom number is fun, even after having to see two brothers compete for the final spot on the show.  The ballroom dancers of the season are Brittany, Alan, Jenna, and Paul.  Louis van Amstel from Dancing with the Stars did the choreography and I need to say the best thing Lisa Rinna ever did was convince that man to cut his hair.  And the biggest "risk" of the season, as Nigel reminds us over and over, is having two animators in their cast: BluPrint and Jade (he's tiny, adorable, and my early favorite).  Their routine of mannequins come to life kicks ass.  I'd much rather seeing two unique dancers who might struggle learning choreography than an overload of contemporary dancers doing the same leaps and hands-in-the-air-to-the-lord move.

Once the top 20 are announced, the girls all dance together in a mediocre routine set to "Let's Have a Kiki."  I found the moves unchallenging and the routine uninspired.  It felt like a cheerleading routine without stunting.  However it's hard to watch the girls after the boys routine blows the fucking roof off.  Choreographed by Christopher Scott, the boys used sand as props.  It's like a Bellagio Hotel water show with dance.  It's awe-inspiring, one of the best routines in recent memory.  And then the top 20 come to together for one big ol' Sonja Tayeh routine with this sort of futuristic boys vs. girls battle.  After this top 20 introduction, I have a feeling we're in for a great season of dance.

June 17, 2013

The Bachelorette: Ultimate Grand Supreme of Duds

The Bachelorette - Week 4

The bros say goodbye to the mansion and begin their first stop in a tour around the world: Atlantic City.  "It's basically like Las Vegas on the ocean," says that ding dong Kasey.  Everyone is so excited for Des to grace their seaside city and stare aimlessly all around the boardwalk.

Single dad Brad receives the first date card of the week, surprising everyone since he's the quiet, boring guy in the group.  The pair have fun horsing around on the boardwalk, playing games, going on rides, and noshing on saltwater taffy and chocolate.  And somehow the guys can see them on the carousel eventhough it's like not visible and super tiny.  Lies!  After sitting in front of this extravagant sandcastle for two minutes, the pair head to a romantic dinner.  The dinner conversation is beyond dull, so Desiree changes the scenery for the lighthouse.  They ascend to the top, just to have Desiree dump him with a scenic view.  Heartbreaker!

All the fellas meet Desiree on the boardwalk for the group date for one random date.  Standing inside with Chris Harrison is Miss America: they're having a pageant, y'all.  Ultimate Grand Supreme Bachelor, please.  The guys start their training with selecting their talents (Juan Pablo is a master of the baton) and being tools.  Miss America gives the guys some lessons on interview questions, but sadly this was filmed months before Miss Utah USA bombed in front of the country.  And to humiliate them a skotch more, there's a swimsuit portion with teeny Speedos.  Balls out, fellas... again.

The pageant takes place in front of a live audience of what I'll assume are elderly people who gambled their daily allowance and are now just waiting for the bus that takes them back to their old folks home.  And teens who can't stand on the casino floor while their parents chainsmoke and play Blackjack.  Chris Harrison comes on stage to present the contenders vying to become Mr. America.  The interview is the first portion of the evening which allows the guys to give cheesy answers to impress Des.  The pageant proceeds to talent and here's what we discover: they have no talent.  Best talent is Brooks who creepily sings with a ukelele and then smashes it.  Bryden brings exactly what I wanted: Magic Mike pelvic thrusting realness.  Zak W sings and even if he's good, he's so annoying I'll never route for him.  The competition wraps with the swimsuit portion which fails to bring the Magic Mike bodyrolls.  Brooks is second runner-up up, Zak W first runner-up, and the winner is... Kasey. WHAT?  The awesome never win.

The guys keep on their pageant swimmies for a hotel pool party.  Chris shows his serious time by revealing he writes poetry (Des does too) and shares a poem he wrote for her.  The guys continue to hate Ben, pointing out that he talks more about his bar than his child and always makes his one-on-one in front of the guys to rub it in.  Zak plays more of his stupid song; you are no "They Say Love Don't Come Easy" sir.  Desiree gives the date rose to Zak W for his constant overtures to show his feelings.  My god, Des has odd choice in men this season.  But for now: cannonball!

Desiree and James have a super hot one-on-one date helicoptering over the destruction Hurricane Sandy did to the Jersey Shore. Ugh, total panty dropping date.  A shame a helicopter must be intro'd into the season is such a grim way.  It's an eye-opening date for them, and even for us viewers seeing more of the devastation.  From the overhead view the helicopter lands to walk the streets of a desolate Seaside Heights, including speaking to an older couple who calls meeting Des "an honor."  Des gives up their amazing date to give it to this couple whose lives suck right now.  It's sweet.  So this couple has a romantic date reading their wedding album replica by the show and feeding each other (we see this hotness), and Des and James grab a casual dinner at a local Seaside bar.  Des knows what life without money and hardship is like, so she just wants love.  James continues this date of laughter by admitting he cheated on his longtime ex ages ago (Des was cheated on too).  While Des doesn't like the idea he could be tempted, she admires his honesty.  They can't resist luxury too long, so Des and James hone in on Manny and Jan's fancy date to bring them to ANOTHER private concert date with Darius Rucker (Hootie).  Holy shit this season is unoriginal.  And James gets a rose.

It's time for another cocktail party to kiss Des' ass before the rose ceremony.  Bryden admits he's not sure his feelings for Desiree are advancing as fast as they should be (or you mean head-over-heels in love after two dates?)  He's considering leaving.  Lame-o Michael makes an acrostic to spell out what he likes about Des.  He gets a kiss because seriously, she'll smooch them all.  Desiree and Chris talk about her family sadness AKA they're poor again.  He jokes friendzone but then they kiss.  Goddamn I hope no one in that house has a cold (or herpes).  Bryden finally gets his time with Des and explains how hard this process has been, especially with their momentum slowing down.  Desiree assures him she feels a connection and he doesn't need to rush things just because that's what this entire show is about.

Chris Harrison clinks the champagne glass to bring the cocktail party to a close.  Desiree thanks the guys for being open and willing (willing to get sloppy seconds, thirds, and fourths).  Bryden does indeed accept a rose from Des.  Some random guy we've never heard from named Zack K. goes home, leaving no one shocked or even interested.

Next week: James might be a doucher! Ben's a fraud! Fights in Germany!

June 10, 2013

The Bachelorette: Shocker- Someone Has A Girlfriend Back Home

The Bachelorette - Week 3

The first date of the week is a big ol' group date to learn how to play dodgeball like a pro. If four guys don't get concussions, this date is a waste. The pros whip the guys until Chris Harrison interrupts the massacre to split the guys into two teams. Winning team gets to continue the date with Des while the losers go home to drink heavily in the mansion. And instead of the gym, the guys get into short shorts and tanks to play outside a mall. Balls everywhere, indeed. Desiree loves seeing her men get smacked in the head and groin, the weirdest turn-on ever. Brooks breaks his finger because sports are terrible. In a best of three battle, the blue team is named champions but Desiree breaks the rules, the only reason to compete, and brings both teams to the after party.

So while Brooks gets his finger re-aligned in the emergency room, all the other guys get into their fancy clothes for drinks with Des. Cheers to Brooks, high on vicodin! Some rando named Brad lets Des is on his secret: he has a three year old son that he takes care of fulltime. Chris escorts Desiree to a secret spot he "found on his own" (the rooftop), which impresses her. Brooks shows up in his red dodgeball uniform to make sure he gets Des time. He also sounds a little high which is great, then they kiss. Des gives Chris the rose and they head off to ANOTHER private concert to slow dance and kiss.

Des is really looking forward to her one-on-one date with Kasey, but she receives a random phone call with some "bizarre news" about one of the guys. Desiree is offended, finding this crime against the show "rude." Brian, who viewers might remember last week as claiming to have ended a relationship, is lying. He has a girlfriend back home and he insists it was over a long time ago, but then the girlfriend shows up at the house escorted by Chris Harrison.  Apparently the girlfriend tried to dump him the night before leaving, he said no let's just take a break.  Her son is in the equation too, so she doesn't appreciate it.  The girlfriend (Stephanie) claims to have photo evidence they were hanging out right before the show, plus he was seeing tons of girls.  "He's not an honest person, Desiree," she explains.  He eventually admits he slept with Stephanie right before coming to the show.  Des said there's not a chance he's staying (no shit).  All the guys whine about Brian not here for the right reasons.  Personally, I don't really buy it.  I hate the contrived boyfriend/girlfriend back home storyline that they play out every season.  This show goes through an extensive interview and personality test for casting.  They know if you're dating someone or not, and they don't care.  It's all for TV.

Drama over, Kasey gets his date with Desiree which shockingly does not include a private concert.  Instead they get the extreme date to dance on the side of the building while hoisted up by wires.  I can't believe how much dancing they've made a girl with no rhythm do on this show.  It's pretty cool leaping into the air, doing cartwheels against windows, and stuntin'.  After leaving shoe prints all over the windows, the two share dinner and drinks on the hotel rooftop.  But then the winds start blowing like whoa, ruining an already lame date.  It's a sign.  They jump into the freezing pool, towels on their heads to block the wind, and Kasey kisses her.  Because she trusts him, and maybe as mercy for internally shitting on the date all day, Kasey gets the rose.

A stagecoach picks the second group date guys up where Des greets them in full Scarlett O'Hara garb.  She fends off an actor playing a cowboy, throwing him off the balcony.  He dies (just kidding).  The guys work with the stunt team for The Lone Ranger to shoot fake guns, fake fight, and lasso a barrel of hay.  Buncha tough guys!  To impress Desiree and win more time, each guy does a fight scene to rescue the damsel in distress.  Juan Pablo's Spanish delights Des, plus who doesn't love a guy kicking dirt into the eyes of some guy getting as an under five extra?  Their romantic evening is a private screening of The Lone Ranger in a barn.  "It's THE best date I've had in forever," Des lies.  Eventually the pair share a slurpy kiss.

The guys get some sloppy seconds, ending the night with cocktails in mason jars by the campfire and more chances for alone with Des.  After worrying that coming on this show maybe was a waste and he should be home with his sick dad, Desiree gives James the rose to show it's not a waste and she's interested.  And he gives her a daisy.  For the record: three dudes kissed on this date... out of five. SCORE!

Chris Harrison shows up at the house to announce the stuffy cocktail party is cancelled and instead they're have a chill pool party.  Dumb. Should've had a pizza party.  Ben snakes his way into alone time, requesting a fifteen minute date cruising around in the Bentley.  "Shh it's our secret," Ben says after a bunch of dudes already saw them kissing in the car.  Desiree finally shows up to the party and it's cannonballs, pool volleyball and splashing.  Dan brings Desiree a pizza and I immediately fall in love.  Ben lies about sneaking off and kissing Des, and the lying makes the guys madder.  "It's called The Bachelorette for a reason. It's not called Let's Make Friends," Ben tells us while insisting he's 100% there for her.  Brandon tells Desiree another one of his sad childhood stories, says he's falling in love with her, and kisses her.  Guy, it is WEEK THREE.  Early contender for next season's boring lead.

The guys shower and suit up after their day-drinking for the rose ceremony.  This week Desiree eliminates Brandon and Dan.  Brandon for being absurdly way too into her too soon and Dan because I guess she hates pizza.  Brandon is upset to Desiree chases after him outside to explain.  She doesn't feel a romantic chemistry while he continues to insist to the viewers he's in love with her.  He laments being abandoned again. Oh brother, there's other fish in the Bachelor cesspool universe.

Next week: everyone hates Ben in Atlantic City.

June 3, 2013

The Bachelorette: The Bachelorette Kills Rap Music

The Bachelorette - Week 2
The guys bro out around the mansion until Chris Harrison calls them into the living room. In an uncharastically untucked shirt, Chris Harrison explains the "rules" (group dates and solo dates).  He leaves behind the first date card and the quest for love begins.

Brooks, a marketing consultant from Salt Lake City with longer hair, is the first solo date.  Des picks him up in her rented fridge-colored Bentley and they drive off.  Desiree is going to show Brooks her daily life, which is her job as a wedding dress designer.  She tries on dresses while he puts on horrible tuxs (serving leprechaun realness) until they get some legit wedding gear.  After grabbing cupcakes while being mobbed, the date leads to a romantic snugglefest high in the hills beneath the iconic Hollywood sign.  And so they chat about hopes, dreams, past relationships, life, and they share the first kiss of the season.  When they drive home that night, Des "gets lost" and drives through the hood.  Because she's a TV star, she suggests moving the blocked road posts and driving through... to a secluded dinner for two on a closed off bridge.  They talk more about love and their parents relationship (which we all talk about constantly), though it sort of pushes Brooks past his comfort level but he still opens up.  This sensitivity and willingness to be open moves Des, and she gives him a rose.  And just when it seems like it's ending, singer Andy Grammer ("You gotta keep your head up- ooo ooo") performs just for the two of them to poorly dance to.  Way to use up all the cliche dates in one night.

"Who's here for the right reasons?" asks the group date card.  In what I've been waiting for all night, Des and her suitors are teaming up with Soulja Boy to film a rap video.  At a winery.  It's official everyone: hip hop is dead.  The track is called "For the Right Reasons" and I can't decide which is sadder: the guys "freestyling" for Des or Soulja Boy having to team with these people.  The lyrics reference past seasons of the show, and Twitter Kasey knows WAY too much about this show.  Brandon gets weird since he has to dance and thrust in tiny undies.  This may be the most embarrassing thing I've seen on a dating show and I saw that girl poop herself on the Flavor of Love stairs.  But it's all fun and laughs despite the horrible humiliation airing across the country.

After destroying a genre of music, there's a nighttime cocktail party.  Shirtless Zak shows his sensitive side with an empty antique journal that has just an inscription from a father to his daughter.  Ben swoops in to steal time, rubbing the guys the wrong way and setting off the "not here for the right reasons" flag.  Turns out last week's sweet dad might be a season douche.  Ben gets a kiss in and it's sounds a little saliva-y.  Michael G. vows to be the guy who tells everything AKA house snitch.  Mikey T doesn't appreciate Ben's interruptions and pulls him aside man-to-man to say he feels he's a little fake and only playing up being bros when the cameras are on.  Ben says he's not and compliments Mikey's shoes. Bro-tiff over. Brandon, who's already in love despite three hours of time together, spills his sad family secrets and poorness to Des to show her who he is.  Desiree gives the group date rose to is Ben for "using him time wisely" which means making out.  And then the guys bust out the chorus to "Right Reasons" one more time and it's so cringey.

Bryden the military guy gets the other one-on-one date which is a roadtrip. She doesn't even pick him up inside; she honks the horn like a carpool.  After stocking up on snacks they arrive at their first stop, El Matador Beach, where they run in the waves, fail at flying kites, and take their own videos.  They stop to pick oranges and eat brie in Orange Grove, then wrap up their drive at an Ojai resort for a private romantic dinner under a big ol' tree.  Desiree talks about how she hasn't laughed this much in ages, which is a perfect segway for Bryden to talk about a nearly life-ending car accident.  He even brought pics!  While he previously used the military as a scapecoat to avoid a relationship, he's ready now.  Des gives Bryden the rose, then they head to the pool for some swimsuit chit chat and awkward not-kissing eventhough she's giving the signals.  "Just kiss me already!" Des says and they kiss.

Time for another pre-rose ceremony cocktail party where the dynamic has already changed.  Michael G uses his alone time not to snitch but to reveal his shocking secret: he's diabetic.  And in the midst of this story, Ben (who has a rose) makes the dick move to interrupt.  The house is fuming at Ben's turd behavior so they confront him.  After a little group discussion, Michael G (now diabetic Michael) takes Ben outside for a man-to-man talk.  Diabetic Michael says he knows they aren't there to be BFFs but he find Ben arrogant and not a cool dude like the other guys.  "I didn't know how long the night was going to last," Ben defends but wasn't this like way early in the night?  Nice try.  It's brought up that in the house he never discusses his son but always talks about the bar he owns.  The guys all believe Desiree will figure it out on her own... it like four more weeks in some international locale.  And then some rando guy Brian talks about his recent breakup which he explains was more like six months ago (AKA they're still dating), the dissolving of the relationship, and he hopes to talk more to Des.  Oh setup...

Chris Harrison clinks the champagne glass to end the cocktail party.  Desiree comes back out with her tray of roses in his beautiful sparkly dress, ready to make some guys happy and crush a couple drunk souls.  The search for love ends for three guys including black guy banker Will, advertising entrepreneur Robert, and investment advisor Nick who I honestly had never seen on this show until he was eliminated.  The night ends with a toast "to the right reasons" and if you've been using that catchphrase as a drinking game please head to the hospital immediately.

Next week: someone's girlfriend is pissssssssssssssssssssed.

And now, "Right Reasons"....