November 24, 2013

Survivor Blood vs. Water: Bye Mom

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Survivor: Blood vs. Water - Week 10

With three losers over at Redemption Island, it's time to bring back the truels to see who sticks around.  As usual, there's use grappling hooks to collect bags, remove balls, and then they have to navigate a ball through a table maze.  It's tense as the balls teeter around on edges and fall through holes, sending you back to the beginning.  Tina is the frontrunner until her ball falls right by the center.  Vytas wins the duel, then Tina catches up for second.  Aras is eliminated from the game, becoming the first jury member, but not before Probst can run a little therapy session for the brothers.  As winner of the truel, Vytas gives Katie the hidden immunity idol clue and FINALLY someone doesn't burn the clue.  The clue writer of the season is behind the scenes crying tears of joy.

Katie needed that immunity clue like whoa and heads into the jungle to read her clue.  Except there's nothing there cause Tyson's got it, yo!  The rest of the tribe wants to hide all the sharp tools so she can't dig, because they're eleven years old.  Meanwhile, Laura is riding high and not even considering the idea that people would want to take out the pair.  Ciera knows they're going to be a target so she pulls aside her mom for a straight-talk.  She's pretty honest and believes she has a better chance of winning (or getting to the end) than her mom.  Laura seems pretty cool with it because clearly she knows she's awful at this game.  But the show tortuously drags this on for ages.  So knowing she's possibly next, Laura follows Katie into the jungle to try and find the clue too. Tyson wants the guys to vote off Laura so Ciera doesn't have to do the dirty work off voting off her mom (and Ciera's totally cool with it).

For immunity this week, all the survivors have to stand on a bitty platform while holding a knotted rope, progressively losing rope length.  The same crap as any other season.  Along with a sweet immunity necklace, the winner gets burgers, hot dogs, french fries, and soda. You had me at french fries.  The men go quick, then some ladies.  Monica and Tyson are the final two, and Monica wins immunity again. It's the first of her all episode and her silence has been golden for me.  Monica forgoes all her grub and gives it to her tribe because "immunity means more to me" and they're her "family."  Politics or love, everyone shoves their faces with the most delicious looking burgers ever.

A snake slithers around the shelter while the tribe is actually there- it's not stock footage!  Ciera tells Katie about the plans for the night to eliminate her mom.  Katie claims she has the idol, Ciera says no cause I have it, so Katie folds.  Ciera uses this knowledge to her advantage, hoping this could be a way to save her mom.  Tyson realizes by telling Ciera the plan, he blew it.  Ciera's playing the game too and they got caught.  Katie is a safe option to get rid of, especially since she definitely doesn't have the idol, but Tyson still wants Laura gone.

Tribal Council time!  Katie was relieved to get the immunity idol clue this week.  Probst points out that there is still one pair remaining in the game, which could be a concern.  Caleb says they're less threatening as a pair because both would turn on each other to win.  Laura believes it's an asset to keep her, because they're two votes instead of one.  Her other lame argument is that the duos will fight for jury votes for their loved ones (eyeroll).  The votes are cast and no immunity idol is played, obvs.  Laura gets her second trip to Redemption Island as the tribe decides to eliminate the last of the pairs.

November 17, 2013

Survivor Blood vs. Water: Grubbin' On Grubs

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Survivor: Blood vs. Water - Week 9

Vytas praises the tribe as a fan of the show for an awesome blindside.  Tina doesn't take it as well, saying Monica and Tyson have lost five jury votes for flipping.  But everyone knows Aras had deals with everyone so he had to go.  And so begins the most obvious week of knowing that soon Vytas, Tina and Katie will get picked off.   Tina urges Katie to try to get herself further in the game because the Tina target is huge.

The tribe meets Probst at the beach but there's not a puzzle to be seen (hallelu!)  It's a gross eating challenge, a true Survivor classic!  Competing in elimination rounds, there's some nasty shizz.  You can tell it's gross because everyone's jumping up and down and gagging on their delicacies.  Meal worms, pig intestines, and grubs.  Monica and Gervase are the final two competitors and 13 years later, Gervase has to confront grubs a second time.  The wheezing and heaving noises as the two attempt to swallow the grubs.  Monica wins immunity and Gervase is left with grub residue in his teeth.

The plan is to split the votes between Vytas and Katie in case there's an idol.  Tyson knows it's a waste to split it since he has the idol.  Vytas tries to get with the guys on his side, begging to be the 3 in a 4/3 split vote.  He even uses his jury vote as leverage.  Tyson sees some positive in keeping Vytas as a way to squash a girl's alliance.  And for some reason, Monica is worried about the scrambling eventhough she's immune.

Tribal Council time!  Probst asks about life post-blindside, and Vytas does express his anger at losing his brother.  But he also knows it's a game and Aras was playing it.  Vytas even calls out Monica for being a doormat, flipping on him and the bond they had.  He brings up the girls being tight and you might need to get one of them out over him.  Oh Vytas, you're running your mouth too damn much but it's so awesome.  It's Vytas going out in a blaze of glory, torch snuffed out, and heading to bro out and bicker about who ruined the game with Aras on Redemption Island.

Back at camp, Monica brags about how she switched her vote last minute to get revenge on Vytas.  Gervase isn't pleased but what if something went wrong?  He's right. Also, Monica is beyond annoying.  But it's double Tribal Council night so enough of this BS, let's compete in another challenge.  The challenge is to hold onto a sword while balancing coins on the handle.  You know, what any reasonable person does with a sword.  The coins start scattering like a klutz buying lunch.  Katie wins individual immunity in a final showdown with Hayden and Tyson. So basically, she sealed her mom's fate.

Tina's fate is obvious but she tries to make headway by searching for the idol.  The entire tribe follows her because Tyson can't admit he has the idol.  Yet again, everyone wants to split votes because what if Tina found an idol?  Monica's on the bottom because she's paranoid about everything, so if they did split votes it would have to be her.  So come Tribal Council time, Tina explains how she had babysitters following her every move but escaped twice for some alone time.  Oh and tells Monica she's on the bottom, who denies and claims she's working with others within the seven yet acknowledges she has no partner like the others.  Monica talks too much and it's her biggest flaw, which she continues to run on during Tribal.  Tina tells it like it is, because she's awesome, and even jokes about finding the idol.  It's no use and we're stuck with Monica another week as Tina is the 10th person voted out.

November 10, 2013

Survivor Blood vs. Water: Merge Time Madness

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Survivivor: Blood vs. Water - Week 8

Laura B. goes to Redemption Island, and John and Laura M. feign interest from their sleep to be surprised it's not Vytas.  But there's a sunnyside here: this week is the final truel and the winner will return to the game.  The duel is a battle of endurance, climbing to the top of a pole and hanging on for dear life.  There's footholes but it's narrow and painful.  John ditches his sneakers for his socks, Laura B. uses no feet, and Laura M. calm as can be.  John drops first which blows since he fought for a long time to stay in the game.  Laura B. starts sliiiiiding down the pole, just a few feet from the bottom.  Laura M. perseveres and re-enters the game to be with her daughter, burns another immunity clue, and joins the newly merged tribe. Yes, it's merge time!

A trunk feast is awaiting the merged tribe, who start snacking and secretly thinking about their next move.  Hayden is just doing anything to be in the numbers.  Laura M. thinks the remaining pairs should join up for a guaranteed six, but Ciera explains she's in an alliance with her tribemates.  "Don't play hard," warns Ciera as she advises her mother on the ways of the game.  Tyson goes hunting for the Hidden Immunity Idol since the other turds didn't care for it, and sure enough digs around a tree and finds it.  Aras and Vytas reunite and make a bro plan of seven, hoping to get Laura M. out again.  Tyson and Monica whisper in the dark, but she's repetitive and talking nonstop which annoys Tyson.  So much strategic whispering by everyone!

Probst corrals everyone into the first individual Immunity Challenge to show off the new immunity idol necklace.  The challenge is memory, repeating symbols patterns back to Jeff with big dice.  Nearly half of the survivors fail out before round one is over.  It all comes down to the dreamboat brothers, Aras and Vytas.  Vytas wins the first individual immunity because he's awesome.

Vytas confidently believes him and Aras will run shit, and they think Laura M. should go because she's a threat. Laura and Ciera wonder if Aras has the Hidden Immunity Idol since he's confident.  Laura suggests splitting the vote between Tina and Aras, but Ciera is like ughhhhh mooooooom you're annoying.  Gervase and Tyson would still like to get rid of "King Aras" but everyone's talking in circles. Hell, I'm confused with all the scrambling in a three minute edit.

Tribal time!  Probst brings up that theirs original tribal bonds, merged tribal bonds, and family bonds in the mix.  Aras is very open about him and his brother needing four others to trust, really showing their playing as a tight pair.  There's a potentially split of individuals vs. pairs, but Tyson says in the end it's about who you trust regardless of pairs.  And so with lots of people doubting their stance in the tribe, the votes are cast in all different directions.  Laura and Ciera get two votes, but it's Aras who takes the hit.  A big blindside for a guy who thought he was riding high.  "Well played guys, well played," Aras says on the way out and into another round of Redemption Island.  GAME ON.

November 3, 2013

Survivor Blood vs. Water: Reformed Bad Boy 4 Lyf

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Survivor: Blood vs. Water - Week 7

Kat joins the Redemption Island crew to give all the details about her downfall.  She's really worried Hayden will be disappointed in her.  "No one wants to date someone who doesn't make it to the merge." Then Kat cries the next day before heading to this week's truel, where she cries when she gets there and demands a hug from her boyfriend.  When Hayden says his relationship is more important than the game, ol' Probst gives Hayden the lecturing chance to stand up and prove that point.  A real meeting of the minds as Kat and Hayden decide if they should switch, but it's obvious he's the good player and she's a clunker.  And ain't that the truth because Kat stinks at the puzzle and gets eliminated.  John gives his immunity idol clue to Monica, who throws it into the fire again.  Some poor clue writer wasted SO much time on riddles this season.

Now that Kat's gone, Hayden laments the choice he made for his kinda-dumb girlfriend.  But now he can play his own game with all the bros, and Aras is sure Vytas will be back with them come merge.  Tyson is sure the merge is happening soon and knowing Aras wants to pair up with Vytas, Tyson suggests getting out Aras (or Vytas) stat.  A deal of Tyson, Gervase, Ciera, Caleb and Hayden is solidified.  Over at Galang, the ladies are warming up to Vytas.  Tina's even swooning over the idea of Katie dating Vytas.  Vytas plays up his "newly reformed bad boy" status to show he's a trustworthy guy.  But he's still a guy and the women are all "Girl power without any physical power!"

In this week's immunity challenge, the tribemembers are chained together, then maneuver obstacles as an eight-legged team to retrieve baggies.  The baggies are ball and chain bolos which they have to toss.  Plus, they'll win fried chicken, biscuits, corn-on-the-cob, mashed potatos, iced tea, lemonade.  It's not a giant KFC ploy which shocks the product placement lover in us all.  "Immunity, fried chicken on the line!" shouts Probst in the neck-in-neck battle between Tina and Tyson.  Tyson wins it for Tadhana and it's going to be a big bro feast (plus Ciera).

Tadhana eats the most delicious feast that makes my mouth water, while Galang basks in their loss.  Immediately Laura B. opens her big mouth and tells Vytas, in front of the tribe, that he's going home and doesn't deserve to be blindsided.  He's not happy and doesn't find knowing a relief either.  Monica can't believe Laura B. ran her mouth without counseling her alliance.  Tina tells Vytas it's not him, so he decides to trust her and the other women.

Tribal Council time!  Laura B. lets Jeff know
how she so wonderfully gave Vytas the bad news already that he's going home.  Monica and the others wish their cover wasn't blown.  Vytas points out it doesn't matter how many girls are in the alliance, but trustworthy people.  Vytas would like to move forward, especially to bond more with Aras who he's had a fractured relationship with.  Well reminding people you have a super powerful brother on the other side isn't helpful.  Laura B. talks about how she's come out of Rupert's giant, irritating, tie-dyed shadow.  In a moment where I literally throw my hands up in praise, Laura B. is voted off and Vytas is safe. WAHOO!