February 19, 2014

Survivor: Cagayan Pre-Show Winner Prediction

2/19/2014 Posted by Mel Got Served , , 1 comment
T-minus one week until a new season of Survivor!  The 28th season of Survivor splits the castaways into three tribes: Brains, Beauty, and Brawn.  It's an interesting twist which makes predicting a winner a little bit harder.  The dominance of Cochran in past seasons make brains a target moreso than the past, but Brawn will be picked off come merge for their physical dominance. And beauties will float to the end and lose.  Based on the bios and videos, there really weren't any true standouts - just people I know will get eliminated.  So with that said....


Woo will win Survivor: Cagayan

Guys, this was the toughest one ever.  I found a lot of people likable but not winners, you know?  On the beauty tribe, I found myself liking Jefra, who isn't using the cute girl flirting approach to win.  She cites Kim as the castmember she's most like and Kim is awesome. I wanted to route for Trish, but my concern is her being a Brawn tribe and the men immediately aligning to take out the women - starting with the oldest.  Brains have had a big resurgence in the game lately, but I think people might see though Spencer really quickly with his gameplay.  He wants to keep it on the downlow and be a puppetmaster, but I think he'll get caught sooner rather than later.  My history would point me right to Garrett, and I agree he's awesome yet douchey.  He's physical yet a mega brain who studied the game intensely.  But he's bound to be a quick target come merge.  And that's when Woo came in.

As my pal Haley points out, I have a history of picking a good head of hair (Malcolm, twice).  But here's my logic, which I'm sure will backfire and I'll lose quickly.  He's on the Brawn Tribe but not the strongest or the weakest.  Attractive but not someone who's playing that up to win.  Understands the game without being too obsessed.  He cites Ozzy as the player he's most like which is a classic rookie answer, but I feel like if you overknown Survivor it's not always going to get you far.  In his video, I get a really chill vibe, the kind of guy you'd want in your alliance.  He gives me Fabio vibes, which is a good sign.  And really, I'm terrible at pre-show predictions so I'm going guns blazing this time.

So it's time for you to vote!  This year I've made a handy entry form for pre-show winner predictions. Drop in your Twitter name and bloop the bubble for the person you believe will win Survivor: Cagayan


Les said...

I don't think Spencer will be "caught", I just think he will rub people the wrong way and eventually people won't have a problem voting him out.