March 11, 2014

Survivor Cagayan: Dot, Dot, Dot, Hmph!

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Survivor: Cagayan
Week 2
Cagayen is a stormy disaster and everyone is completely miserable. Cold, windy, rainy, pruny hands.  It's getting to everyone, but some more than others (like the Beauty gals).  While everyone is moping in the rain, LJ makes a correct assumption that last week Morgan was snooping for an immunity idol in the ocean.  Sure 'nuff, he finds the idol.  Post-tribal council, Spencer knows he's kinda screwed as last man standing and Kass is worried the women will turn on her.  Biggest problem is a lack of water and rice, leaving them hungry and cranky.  Desperate to avoid being Pagonged, this goof troop of a tribe practices tossing water in buckets to prepare for the challenge.  Over at the Brawn camp, Tony decides to come clean to Sarah that he is a cop to which she's like "No shit."  Apparently there's a super cop bond and they're going to stick together.  Best way to bond: lie. Tony lies that Cliff and Lindsey were talking about Sarah, and she totally buys it because cop bond is for life.  I have a feeling one day Sarah is gonna be preeeeeetty pissed at Tony.

This week's Immunity Challenge is similar to tree mail's hint, which is to collect water from the ocean and toss the bucket along to their tribemates, so expect lots of spills and drops.  The water will be collected to raise a ball up that will then have to be navigated through a maze.  It's all worth it with tarp and shelter supplies for the winning tribe and just a tarp for second place, which is worth everything in the torturous stormy weather.  And if it doesn't rain, might I suggest a toga fashioned from the tarp?  Surprise: the Brain tribe is god awful at the physical part, in part to Tasha and J'Tia dropping their buckets, but allowing Kass to do the puzzle is great.  The Brawns win immunity and full reward, and the Brains pull ahead to defeat the Beauty.  "I'll miss you at Tribal Council," Probst jokes to the Brains as they collect their tarp.

The Beauty tribe gets to play the actual game of Survivor now since the Brains finally won something.  LJ's concern now is Brice, who he sees as a threat down the line.  And we all know how thinking about the end of the game panned out before.  LJ believes he has Jeremiah, but Jeremiah is also kinda with Brice and Morgan.  Brice wants to vote out Alexis, so if they have Jeremiah they just need to flip Jefra, who receives mind boggling news that people are actually trying to have strategies to advance in the game.  No shit, it's Survivor - play the game, ding dong.  Alexis and Jefra, the real geniuses, want to split the votes between Morgan and Brice in case there's an idol.  Except Jeremiah is in the middle and showing his cards right away.

Tribal time!  The Beauty tribe light their torches cause fire represents life (!) and it begins.  Probst asks how everyone felt about being considered a beauty and I'm going to hold back the shade here.  Brice knows that Morgan and him are on the outs, but points out how some people (specifically Alexis) have never approached him to talk strategy.  In terms of idols, there's been "talk on the town" (said three times by Brice, and once awesomely by Probst) that there could be one out there.  Come voting, the tribe is forced into a three-way tie between Morgan, Brice, and Alexis.  Those three sit out the vote and LJ, Jefra, and Jeremiah will re-vote.  The tie-breaker eliminates Brice and his wonderful purple pants.  This will surely be the talk of the town.