March 24, 2014

Survivor Cagayan: Drop Your Buffs, Lose Your Minds

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Survivor: Cagayan
Week 4

The Brain tribe acknowledges they're totally screwed and complete losers, but they can stick together to win.  Well that's of course not going to happen because the tribes are shuffling!  Brains, brawn, and beauty are jumbled into two tribes of seven - game ON! Aparri (orange) now consists of Sarah, Spencer, Morgan, Tass, Tasha, Jeremiah, and Alexis. Solana (purple) Woo, Trish, Cliff, Lindsay, Jefra, LJ, and Tony.  The Brains were able to stick together, and Brawns numbers allow them a big dominance on the new Solana (sorry Sarah).  Their first challenge as new tribes is for one person to hold onto a pole while two members of the other tribe rip, claw, and slap at them to make them let go and drag them through the sand.  Nothing like a little violence to bond!  But donuts, brownies, and cookies are on the line! Solana wins reward due to their amazing ability to rip people from poles and the fact that it is impossible to move a big ass dude like Cliff off a phone pole.

The new Solana gets to know each other while shoving sugary sweets into their mouths.  LJ and Jefra are outsiders, but Trish is happy to meet a fellow Massachusetts resident on the island, not to mention a hot one (LJ is happy to play this up).  Cliff expresses his relief to Woo that so much Brawn got to stick together, but worries about Trish.  His worries are correct as Trish is ready to stop being "bottom of the barrel," but doesn't seem to understand she was in the majority and going from four allies to two is dumb.  Meanwhile at Aparri, lone survivor Sarah shows everyone the camp and asks who went for the idol on day one.  Morgan is accidentally outed by this revelation in front of former beauties Alexis and Jeremiah, so she's pretty screwed.  Alexis jumps ship immediately and attempts to align with the Brain trio, and they're like yesssss desperate people will come to us (and more do).  Regardless of the Brain tribe being god awful, the Beauty tribe just hate each other too much to try and bond for the sake of numbers.

Probst calls in the tribes for this week's Immunity Challenge, which is to use a battering ram to bang some wooden walls.  That battering ram is dual purpose: it's a puzzle too!  There's really not much to say recap-wise, but Probst does dumps the smaller terrifying immunity idol and leaving us with one big creepy idol to stand for immunity, though it still remains unknown in tiki gender. The underdog Aparri tribe wins immunity, which includes the Brains who are like "Oh, so this is what winning is?"

Given Solana's numbers of five brawn vs. two beauty, it seems obvious that either LJ or Jefra will go home.  Especially with Tony, who has moved his focus from Cliff to LJ, since Tony refuses to allow another alpha around him.  LJ makes his plea that he's useful in challenges, but it's hard to argue that point when it's a tribe of strong, smart people who won all the prior challenges.  Lindsay is worried about Trish, but Woo tells her to brush it off because it's just how she is.  Trish tells LJ the game has changed and she wants to get out Cliff.  She tells Tony her plan for them to finally get rid of Cliff and even Tony is like, "Hellllll no, you idiot."  One thing: LJ has an idol and if it looks bad, he's going to play it.

Tribal time!  Probst brings up the obvious imbalance in numbers and LJ says him and Jefra are trying their hardest to get in.  Cliff brings up that numbers are important right now and you can't use your emotions just yet (Woo backs him up).  Jefra explains that of the five, someone is at the bottom and can always move to something else.  The brawn are experiencing their first tribal council yet, which is different for them and will really show allegiance.  After voting, Probst gives his idol prompt but LJ doesn't play it and we're like, are you kidding me? Everyone knows LJ is a goner... until the votes are read. In a 4-3 vote, Cliff is blindsided right out of this game. So Tony flipped, we don't 100% know why (personally I think LJ is more a threat to Tony but Tony is crazy). Daaaaaamn, this game is great!  And look, it shocks us all!