March 3, 2014

The Bachelor: The Women Rage On

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The Bachelor: Juan Pablo
Week 9 - The Women Tell All

Guys, the women from Juan Pablo's season are reunited and ready to tell all. But first, let Sean and Catherine regale you with the post-wedding bless.  And to let Chris Harrison creepily ask about their sex life. Appetite for night-time snack gone. But hey, a stingray latched onto Sean's weiner on the honeymoon so he got some extra play.

Screw happiness, let's get to the bitter ladies!  The first impression of Juan Pablo is that he was hotter in person.  Of course no one admits their second impression is "dumb as rocks." But it does come up that the conversation was severely lacking and he didn't care to ask about the women as much as talk about himself.  Some claim he wasn't there for the right reason, but even Andi disagrees: she believes he came to date, not find a wife (the opposite of their goals).  His hypocritical actions are discussed too because he'll kiss everyone, then say "I can't cause I'm a dad," or not kissing Renee to be respectful but kissing single mom Cassandra.  In terms of Puerto Rico, the women were more upset about the hot tub action instead of the ocean fondling.  Unanimous group agreement: it's not cool to slut-shame Clare.  S'OK to express yourself ladies, let the rage flow.

First to the hot seat is our beloved, awkward Sharleen.  She explains that he'd be fun to date but come the end of the season, there was no mental connection to establish a real relationship (but lots o' chemistry).  She was surprised to find out upon viewing that she was one of his favorites.  "Fan favorite" Renee says there was a connection between her and Juan Pablo given their single parent bond.  Their relationship slowly progressed since he was "respecting" her as a single mom but she was pretty open about wanting to kiss.  But who cares because Renee is engaged and over this dud.  Then there's Andi, who honestly thought going into the fantasy suite she could officially fall in love with Juan Pablo.  It started fun with laughs, but progressed into only stories about him and negative about this experience of the show.  After being told she barely made it there and blabbing about his overnight with Clare, Andi checked out officially and was like "Later loser!"  Girl was so desperate to escape she faked sleep. New hero!  But I'm sure this isn't the last of Andi, who actually thought this process can work to find true love.  Wiiiiiiiiiiink to casting!

Time to fuel the fire: bring out Juan Pablo! His denseness believes post-After the Final Rose him and the women will all be friends. LOLZ.  Juan Pablo is all about honesty even if it hurts people, because S'OK to be truthful.  His tone gets defensive real quick after a question about the Camilla defense (she's not watching, but others kids or parents might and tell her).  Cassandra thinks it's wrong that he met Renee's son at hometown dates only to dump her days later - despite his insistence that he was holding back to not hurt Ben down the line. There's definitely a disconnect between how Juan Pablo connected with the women, as some felt he did try and many felt he didn't.  Kelly brings up his "gays being more pervert" comment because she has a gay parent and was very hurt.  Juan Pablo wants to talk to her off-camera because he insists it was taken out of context. "Tell me that in Spanish!" Kelly says.  That drunk girl asks him to stop using the English-as-a-second-language excuse. The voice raises as he asks to speak later about it because even his gay friends know he isn't a homophobe. Quick, roll the bloopers - ease the tension!

Next week: it's the finale! Clare vs. Nikki! Tears! Solo walks in the jungle!