April 21, 2014

Survivor Cagayan: Chillax Tony

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Survivor: Cagayan
Week 8

Tony has a little tantrum at Spencer when they return to camp, wondering why he's been their target the second week in a row.  Tony thinks there are bigger targets in his alliance, because god forbid anyone see through his BS.  His alliance is noticing his cracking, worrying about Tony's paranoia.  Tony would like to get the target off of him, planning to shift the target to LJ by making the alliance think LJ wanted to turn on Woo (who Tony suggests found the idol).  It's clever but dangerous because people talk, y'all.

Tree mail brings news of the reward challenge, which sets Tony off on more paranoia who fears people will bond and make alliances while celebrating victory.  Solarrion splits into three teams of three to throw sandbags through net tunnels, then bounce the sandbags off the trampolines into baskets.  Everyone melts at the prospect of the reward which is a Survivor spa day with a warm shower, massage, food (wraps, spring rolls, cocktails).  Tony, Jeremiah, and Spencer win the spa day and I feel like this won't be relaxing at all.  Tony is the exact opposite of chill right now.

While Tony is off, his alliance trusts he's doing some sleuthing to keep the band together.  LJ tells Trish and Jefra that Tony's super paranoid and brought up voting off Woo.  Trish takes on the role of getting Tony to relax and stay to their plan before he royally screws it all up.  Maybe a bro spa day will relax Tony?  Greeted with tropical cocktails and a weak food spread, the guys have a little talk in the midst of showering down and wearing sweet robes.  Jeremiah and Spencer realize they're outnumbered and recommend that they can be pawns to advance Tony's game, but also aren't stupid and don't trust this nutso.  Tony is so into talking game he's really a foot massage buzzkill.  No one's going to get offered a happy ending if Tony keeps being such a loudmouth.

This week for the Immunity Challenge, the survivors play memory with recalling a Probst-announced sequence of color tiles.  Trish is first out on the most basic level and it's "Seriously, gurl???" moment.  A big knockout leaves a final three fight of Tasha, Tony, and LJ and they all drop different color blocks.  Tasha wins individual immunity which, if a plan went smoothly, would send him either Spencer or Jeremiah but Tony's crazy so we'll see what happens.

With Tasha's immunity, LJ's suggestion is the obvious wise choice: split the votes 3-3 between Spencer and Jeremiah in case of idols.  Tony's still not satisfied, worrying that LJ is trying to one-up him (He's not. He's pretty complacent with keeping the group together).  However Woo wasn't part of the earlier paranoia talk and now he's blown away by this "betrayal."  Spencer and Tony will basically take whatever Tony offers to keep them along, though Spencer worries it might be a ploy to make him not play his idol.  Tony tries to convince Trish that LJ was lying earlier and LJ started the Woo talks, not him.  It's a bro said, bro said situation.

Tribal Council time!  The outsiders know there is a tight six and they're probably screwed.  Kass reminds them you can't play the game without playing a little dirty.  Tony says he brought his "bag of tricks," implying he is holding an idol (he's not).  LJ talks about loyalty and that they're a good group that needs to stick together.  Tony lies about being in construction, which raises a few eyebrows since he came clean to a bunch of folks about his cop status.  It's known that eventually loyalty means nothing and you've gotta play the game, but for now the six should ride it out and fight for the win later.  Three votes come out for LJ, three for Jeremiah, one for Spencer... but then two more for LJ. Blindsideeeeeee!  Loyalty, schmoyalty!