April 28, 2014

Survivor Cagayan: Spy Shack 2.0

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Survivor: Cagayan
Week 9

Jefra is surprised by what went down at Tribal.  Trish still trusts him regardless since she kinda knew.  Tony says it was a one-time deal to take out LJ and the brains are very aware that Tony is a threat to take out.  They just need a straggler.  Continuing his paranoia, Tony constructs Spy Shack 2.0 in the ideal strategy talking hot spot.  Right away he overhears Jefra and Trish, who mentions Tony could win an Academy Award for his acting skills (not a Tony Award??)  However Tony trusts Trish and the rest of his alliance except Jefra.  Hello new Tony Target!

This week's Reward Challenge has the teams divided into two tribes of four to construct a word puzzle out of paddles they retrieved.  The winners get a barbeque lunch with "riiiiiiibs" in a cave.  I want Probst saying "Riiiiiibs" as my ringtone for any time I receive a text.  In total coincidence, scorned Jefra is teamed with the Brains alliance which is the perfect opportunity to schmooze her for a vote should they win.  And they do.  RIIIIIIIIIBS for Jefra, Spencer, Tasha, and Jeremiah who win a reward "Worth Fighting For."

The four winners get their reward in an awesome cave and it's about 50 candles short of a Bachelor one-on-one date.  Jefra opens right up that she's questioning her position in her alliance and wonders with them if she should take out Tony.  Letters from home arrive briefly interrupt strategy before a final four deal is made.  A fateful letter from home is all it takes for Jefra to jump ship.  With Jefra off becoming besties with the other side, Tony wants to talk strategy while Trish wants to pick limes and papayas (which Trish realizes are a dead ringer for Morgan's bazooms).  No one wants to talk, so Tony heads out to try to find the immunity idol with special powers since there's a good chance the other side found the idol in the massive hunt.  Papaya-quest becomes a terrifying excusion when my beloved Woo falls from a tree. PRAY FOR WOO.  Thanksfully he's A-OK and not as much of the swinging monkey he dreams to be.

This week's Immunity Challenge is to balance a ball on a pole while balancing on a beam, a test of endurance, strength, balance, and the ability to not convulsively shake when you need to pee but have to hold it.  Another balance challenge?  Meh.  Lots of jokes about balls and holding balls by ol' Probst.  Tasha wins immunity again, bumping up that resume of hers for the final Tribal Council.  Watch out y'all!

The plan this evening is to blindside Tony, which would likely end in a 4-4 tie and drawing rocks.  We love the random chaos of drawing rocks!  Knowing he's the obvious target, Tony isn't there to pacify here because he's hunting besides a mega-tree to find an idol.  Sure enough, the ol' tree hole digging works and he finds the absurdly powerful Hidden Immunity Idol.  This idol is complete bullshit because this idol can be play after the votes are read, which completely nulls everything and gives a person way too much power.  Tony re-joins his alliance in the water, where he swears up and down loyalty to his group (before this Jefra was admitting she is worrisome of Tony to Trish, who accurately read Jefra's weird vibe).  After some bonding and peeing in the ocean, Jefra tells Jeremiah she won't vote with them tonight despite her earlier promise.  Jeremiah comes clean about his big secret to Spencer and Tasha: he's a fashion model.  WHO CARES.  However, this gets Spencer to open up that he has a hidden immunity idol and thinks they should play the idol tonight and take out Woo.

Tribal Council time!  Spencer tells Probst how he feels they're the outsider three.  Jefra says she has considered her options, knowing that Tony kept her and others in the alliance out of the loop.  Spencer calls out Tony for breaking all promises which begins a little tiff, and the three confirm they'd vote for Tony in the end.  Woo says a big consideration is who might have the immunity idol, which is a factor of who to vote for.  The votes are cast and Spencer plays his immunity idol, but Tony holds his out (even though it's non-transferable) and claims it's fake.  I'm about to puke up my dinner at the idea of my pre-show winner prediction going home, but Tony and crew didn't vote Spencer.... they voted Jeremiah!  My beloved Woo and his on-pair hair are safe and Jeremiah is gone.